White People are scary too…

Why “Roseanne’s” Muslim Terrorist Episode Is Trash

I don’t care that Roseanne is enjoying a much-heralded return to must-see TV since the warm reception isn’t all that shocking. Trump’s electoral victory may have been a surprise to many — but the truth is that most White Americans were ready to make The White House — White again.

The latest poll proves that despite the abhorrent antics of a man that the world views with utter disdain — and a level of high alert that is reserved for mad men with access to the end of civilization — most of White America still considers Trump worthy of the office of the presidency.

So — of course Roseanne Barr feels entitled to produce provocative storylines that are supposed to reflect the authentic nature of “working-class” citizens — who spent far too long under the regime of a Black muslim leader — who didn’t give a damn about their existence — and now that’s he’s gone — the residue of his presence still echoes in the form of neighbors who practice the religion of death.

In the latest episode of the hit sitcom — The Conners aren’t too thrilled about the Muslim family that are too close for comfort — especially since there are signs that they may be up to no good. The loud-mouthed matriarch is naturally stalking the suspects — and in the process she notices piles of fertilizer in the backyard — which leads her to believe that they’re running a bomb-making factory out of their home.

As always sister — Jackie and hubby — Dan — dismiss Roseanne’s paranoia — but inevitably end up catching the virus of Islamphobia — and of course the laughs won’t be complete without an ode to the worn-out narrative of how “illegals” are stealing all the jobs from American-born citizens who are being oppressed by the caravans of desperados from shithole countries.

The episode ends with the lovely sentiment that makes the family from Yemen surprisingly relatable to their White neighbors who possess very little aptitude about the world-at-large — which is the ammunition that comes in handy for those sessions of raging bigotry.

Roseanne Barr was clearly happy with her recent offering and tweeted her reasons why:

It’s easy to see how no-nonsense comedian with blue collar roots would imagine that a storyline about how living next door to a family from Yemen doesn’t have to be terrifying experience — if you just cautiously allow your mind to expand beyond the state line — but in actuality such offerings tend to validate the fears of those who are relying on the success of Trump’s war on immigration.

There’s also the reality of domestic terrorism at the hands of White male terrorists who are working overtime to fulfill the expectations of White supremacy under an administration that endorses these horrific attacks.

Trump’s response to the Charlottesville tragedy was more than enough proof of where his interests lie — and that explains why he remains far removed from the breaking news that covers the bomb packages blowing up Black bodies in Austin and the American hero that is James Shaw Jr. — who single-handedly thwarted the murderous efforts of a White man — after he killed four Black diners.

Barr might like to believe that she’s giving “real people” the satisfaction of being represented in ways that are relatable— but she has to also accept her responsibility for fueling the ongoing parade of trash TV.

Heaven forbid that there would be a show about a Black or Muslim family that have White neighbors — giving them cause to be scared shitless about their overly-nice temperament — which makes them suspect the worst. Are they compensating for the activities taking place in the basement with a window that lets out fumes in the dead of night?

It’s easy to pick on the mandated targets — for the sake of entertainment — especially when you’re White creatives with nothing to lose.

Trump’s ascension has given the industry a boost as once struggling iconic staples like Saturday Night Live and news magazine shows on major cable networks are experiencing a resurgence that’s nothing short of epic.

And now — Roseanne is reaping the benefits of relevancy at a time when Making America White Again has been re-activated with a vengeance — and enough steam to keep viewers who subscribe to that movement — enchantingly riveted.

But — this climate of “hate and be hated” isn’t serving anyone well and as much as Trump’s America would like to believe in their right to claim a country that’s rapidly slipping through their fingers due to the sex habits of the adventurous — the truth is that the biggest threat to all our lives comes in the form of White men and even White women — who will stop at nothing to exert their superiority.

Yes — being a White person is a safe bet against the deadly consequences of White supremacy — but gun violence is still a thing and the victims sadly reflect our varied backgrounds.

If “realness” is what showrunners are aiming for — it’s going to take a lot more than the crippling effects of Islamophobia to get that point across.

The only thing Barr and her team of writers were able to do with the “Go Cubs” episode was to further spread an infection that will successfully pollute more carriers — who still buy the logic of how people of color and Muslims are selfishly keeping this great nation from greatness.

But — who gets to produce the show about the White neighbors with the basement that sometimes stinks of acetyl nitrate — but because they’re White — nobody cares — until…

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