White People are scary too…

Why “Roseanne’s” Muslim Terrorist Episode Is Trash

Ezinne Ukoha


I don’t care that Roseanne is enjoying a much-heralded return to must-see TV since the warm reception isn’t all that shocking. Trump’s electoral victory may have been a surprise to many — but the truth is that most White Americans were ready to make The White House — White again.

The latest poll proves that despite the abhorrent antics of a man that the world views with utter disdain — and a level of high alert that is reserved for mad men with access to the end of civilization — most of White America still considers Trump worthy of the office of the presidency.

So — of course Roseanne Barr feels entitled to produce provocative storylines that are supposed to reflect the authentic nature of “working-class” citizens — who spent far too long under the regime of a Black muslim leader — who didn’t give a damn about their existence — and now that’s he’s gone — the residue of his presence still echoes in the form of neighbors who practice the religion of death.

In the latest episode of the hit sitcom — The Conners aren’t too thrilled about the Muslim family that are too close for comfort — especially since there are signs that they may be up to no good. The loud-mouthed matriarch is naturally stalking the suspects — and in the process she notices piles of fertilizer in the backyard — which leads her to believe that they’re running a bomb-making factory out of their home.

As always sister — Jackie and hubby — Dan — dismiss Roseanne’s paranoia — but inevitably end up catching the virus of Islamphobia — and of course the laughs won’t be complete without an ode to the worn-out narrative of how “illegals” are stealing all the jobs from American-born citizens who are being oppressed by the caravans of desperados from shithole countries.

The episode ends with the lovely sentiment that makes the family from Yemen surprisingly relatable to their White neighbors who possess very little aptitude about the world-at-large — which is the ammunition that comes in handy for those sessions of raging bigotry.

Roseanne Barr was clearly happy with her recent offering and tweeted her reasons why: