She’s not sorry. She’s a racist.

Why Roseanne Is The Perfect Example of Why Racists Never Stop Being Racist

Disgraced comedian Roseanne Barr is still capitalizing on her scandalous episode from almost two months ago. The former star of the newly rebooted Roseanne, was booted off her own show, after a series of venom-laced tweets that compared a notable Black woman to a primate, drew instant ire across social media platforms.

The woman who amassed a massive following with her sitcom that centered around a White blue-collar family in Middle America — was poised to repeat her enduring success as ratings for the reboot proved that ABC had invested in the right gold mine.

Trumps America, with all the damning rhetoric directed at non-White Americans, who are accused of punishing White America with the “almost-perfect” Black president — couldn’t contain the joy that stemmed from the validation of a show, that accurately depicted their bigoted disposition in a justifiable way.

It appears that when it comes to the arena of entertainment, all bets are off, especially when a hostile climate insists that the only way to cash in is to sell out to the greed of ignorance, that permits TV executives to shamelessly celebrate the virus that attaches itself to marginalized people in America. Regardless of how we’re being systematically battered and bruised by the antics of White supremacy — that has been publicly endorsed by the President of the United States.

Unfortunately, racists typically don’t know how to be quietly hateful as evident in the outdoor activities of White people harassing Black and Brown people out of public spaces — with the assistance of those who swore to uphold law and order.

And in Roseanne’s case — her “Ambien-induced” tweets about former Obama advisor, Valerie Jarrett ended up being her ceremonious undoing. The network hosting her hate-filled platform was forced to swiftly pull the brakes on the money train — in order to exorcise the evidence of bad judgment.

Weeks later, When the reboot of Roseanne was officially announced — there was an outcry from those who saw the ill-fated move as ABC’s shitty contribution to the normalized season of hate, that’s currently assaulting the lives that don’t fit into Trump’s #MAGA slogan.

There’s a very good reason why the notion of reviving of Roseanne during the Obama years, wouldn’t have been an appealing venture. This explains why the Trump era was a suitable incentive for a show that spotlights a foul-mouthed White matriarch, who freaks out when she realizes that her new neighbors could potentially be Muslim terrorists.

Roseanne Barr didn’t make her shameful exit without a fight. She threatened to quit Twitter multiple times, only to end up being more active than ever as she spilled her guts to those who cared, by claiming that her late-night tweets were motivated by political pursuits that were enhanced by a drug-fueled state.

There was also the inexplicable explanation for the primate comparison, which has been historically used by White people as a form of demeaning the physical attributes as well as the dignity of Black women.

Former first lady, Michelle Obama fell prey to this hateful tradition all through her eight years of service — without any support from White feminists who never miss the opportunity to defend their fallen — even when it features the deplorable Sarah Sanders.

Roseanne kicked off her “comeback tour” days after it was confirmed that a second reboot of her embattled show was in the works with the remaining cast and crew. It was infuriating to witness how she was being feted by mainstream outlets who are always committed to the mantra of “White tears,” and “White victimhood,” especially when the subject dramatically complies.

And so it’s no shocker that the tearful tour is still in session, except this time, the staged apology has evolved into a bitter tirade that brilliantly illustrates why racists never stop being racists.

Roseanne’s uncouthness was her greatest asset, and she’s indulging in that quality as if her life depends on it. Her recent interviews reveal a woman who is essentially the classic example of the bitch who can’t just shut the fuck up.

Her appearance on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox, has produced her most disastrous outing yet, as she mumbled another half-assed apology that took a vengeful detour, that included insults about Jarret’s grooming regimen. Her appalling behavior was potent enough to make her host blush with embarrassment as he tried in vain to regain control of the ship that was drifting into the abyss.

At this point, there’s no way to avoid the glaring privilege that has armed Roseanne Barr with the authority to repeatedly attack her victim, by labeling her a “bitch,” while actively trying to sanitize her own reputation with excuses of how she wasn’t racially motivated when she compared a Black woman to an ape.

Roseanne is a racist, and that’s not a temperament that magically vanishes after a bogus apology is issued. It’s a state of mind that almost never succumbs to a “change of heart.” The inhibitors don’t ever want to be tasked with the assignment of relinquishing the shield of mandated ignorance — that empowers their bigotry.

It’s so much easier to believe your supremacy without considering or examining the real source of those insecurities, and how they’re summoned as a self-defense mechanism against those who’ve never posed a real threat in the first damn place.

Roseanne has obviously resigned herself to the role of the White woman who’s currently using her Whiteness as the launching pad for future projects. And they will surely come her way since timing is everything, and based on the reception to her erratic interviews — there seems to be a level of fandom that will sustain her imminent return.

Racist America will always have a soft spot for anyone who battles back from the brink of extinction for reasons that are acutely relatable. And when you peep how seamlessly those mechanisms function — that’s when you truly appreciate the disease of White supremacy and why it remains suffocatingly addictive.

It’s also why racists are never sorry — not really.

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