Why Republicans Are Relying on White Supremacy For The Win

As the national crisis stemming from the thuggish climate of the “House of Horrors” continues to unfold, it has become quite apparent that the ultimate goal for the few who are publicly hanging themselves with unyielding support for President Trump, is to rely on the currency of White supremacy for the win.

You basically have a bunch of GOP leaders and lawmakers defiantly taking the stance of how being White will always be right.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to any American, who is witnessing this sobering period in our history, when you consider how the founding fathers wrongly assumed that the bigoted violence that set the foundation for poached land and defaced deities, would magically settle into communal vibes of races with the generous distribution of funds and equality.

Each year that brings the celebration of Nigeria’s independence from the traitorous grasp of British invaders on October 1st, 1960, also boasts the residue of bereavement for what was lost that fateful day when our primal blueprint was pulverized for the sake of White supremacy by armed soldiers, wielding bibles as the weaponry of coercion.

The trickery of Whiteness worked, and the irrevocable ramifications are enduringly devastating.

Nigeria never recovered from the systemic dysfunction that was implemented by the devised invasion of White people, and how the British knowingly abandoned ship after completion of the ambitious assignment, guaranteeing the indefinite enslavement of their Black captors.

And this tradition of White supremacy dictating the lifespan of non-Whites, is courtesy of a notably thriving organization, that is proudly claiming ownership under the tutelage of a bullish renegade, who is the woefully pathetic version of “The Great White Hope.”

It’s quite fitting that former President Ronald Reagan’s campaign slogan, “Let’s make America great again,” was righteously resurrected for splashy usage by another White nationalist Republican president, whose arrival was absolutely vital to counteract the blackout of the Obama years.

It’s also not shocking to be presented with transcripts of a private call between President Richard Nixon and Reagan, where both men joyfully indulged in an in depth analysis that confirmed the inferiority of Africans, and why it was beneath a US president to hold court with leaders overseeing “shithole” territories.

When you examine the normalized offensiveness of Nixon and Reagan, two esteemed White men, who are prominent and revered pillars of the embattled “Grand Old Party,” it’s not hard to figure out why a human waste like Donald Trump was able to swindle his way into the highest office of the land.

Trump’s signature move earlier on his campaign, before he accepted the prized nomination from his bigoted party members, was to dishonorably disrupt the managed structure of basic humanness. He boldly rejected the disciplined tightrope of being mature enough to maintain public decorum without hinting at the unsightly characteristics that should be reserved for behind-the-scenes antics.

Both Nixon and Reagan were racists assholes, who shared the same pompousness and frustrations as Trump when it came to regulatory dealings with global intergovernmental agencies like the United Nations, that actively monitors the welfare of territories, that are hampered by the wrath of systemic unrest.

Reagan once likened attending UN sponsored events to the scene of a “kangaroo court,” and even considered withdrawing the US from full participation. And Nixon wasn’t very fond of representatives from African nations, and that hatred was borne out of his belief that African leaders attending the 1971 UN assembly, had betrayed him by going against his pick of Taiwan for the “vote to seat a delegation.”

That loss prompted Nixon to lash out in the same fashion that recalls the legendary inappropriateness of our current Commander-in-Chief, with the bitter mandate to national security adviser Al Haig, to cancel all future meetings with African leaders who had taken the stance that didn’t match the desires of the American president.

And even though it was later verified that the damning votes didn’t affect the disappointing outcome for the US, and that it was actually the silent but deadly mechanisms of the British and French, Nixon was still adamant to place all the blame on “The Africans.”

Fast forward to 2019, and America is barely surviving the hostility of relations that has been exacerbated by the unprecedented privileged of a White male.

President Trump’s only deviation from the filthy rulebook of the GOP’s religion of White nationalism is his frightful adherence to graphic displays of orneriness, that generates mass appeal from White folks who are addicted to the freedom of being loudly racist.

The Trump administration is the White revolt that had to be orchestrated as the major “fuck you” to those who received Barack Obama, the first-ever Black president, with open arms that grew lovingly wider after the second term was a reality.

Donald Trump, the failing New York businessman, and former reality TV star, who can’t serve on the board of a New York-based charitable foundation because of proven illegal activity that forced the abrupt shutdown of the Donald J. Trump Foundation — has vigorously personalized the villainous role of the evil architect, who is fueling our nationalized disorder and lawlessness.

As the impeachment process plays out, we are bombarded with refreshed news bulletins that contain indisputable facts, that validate the criminalized organization, comprising of Trump and his roster of burly henchmen, including glorified errand boys, who are in no shape to navigate the rocky road ahead.

It all boils down to White supremacy, and the invaluable currency of Whiteness, and how that formidable armor reinvigorates the temperament of traitorous Republicans, who refuse to abandon their “White Savior” in his hour of need because of how it will desecrate the sovereignty of White America.

The racists who support the president’s uncouthness, un-Americanness, civil disobedience, utter lack of basic competency, and religious ties to the ungodliness of White evangelism, are only doing so in order to obstinately vouch for the durability of Whiteness, in the form of an out-of-control renegade, who will never be deplorable enough to patriotically denounce.

President Trump has succeeded in the seamless transition of the nefariousness of his business negotiations that were powered by self-interests to the once dignified corridors of the White House.

The crime-ridden transcripts of his ill-advised call with the president of Ukraine was “perfect,” mainly because of how the transcripts perfectly capture the inherent seediness of the American president, with the familiarly toxic disposition of the roaring monster that was perfectly created with the tools of White supremacy.

Trump has famously survived some of the worst episodes of his blighted presidency without the scarring that should’ve prevented the evolution of what we are presently tolerating.

His hate-filled rhetoric directed at Brown migrants, Muslim-Americans, Mexicans, Black and Brown shithole countries, and Congresswomen of color who valiantly fought for the activation of impeachment, back when skeptics could afford casual mulling — have been consistently endorsed by the GOP with additional praises by scumbags like Steve King.

And even when the newly-minted Commander-in-Chief ungraciously cursed the early months of his presidency by bad-mouthing long-standing allies, while expressing love and admiration for murderous dictators like Kim Jong-Un, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and the greatest love of them all, Vladimir Putin — hapless Republicans stayed united in their quest to supply Trump with countless opportunities to behave badly.

The punishment for devaluing the efforts of his own intelligence community while standing alongside Putin in Helsinki, was the incoherent news conference, where Trump blabbered his way through a scripted speech, that was meant to downplay the seriousness of publicly siding with the leader of a country that almost destroyed America’s democracy.

This track record of nationalized coddling by both Democrats and Republicans, has lethally presented the blinding falsehood to Donald Trump, that will prove to be his undoing, as he tries in vain to contemplate the inevitable conclusion that the good luck streak he earned based on his Whiteness is slowly but surely fading away.

His waning authority is inadvertently weakening the power valves of an ailing party, that can’t escape or accept the visuals of a future that will not showcase the almighty presence of White America, in the ways that have inspired misguided investments in the celebrated scoundrel, who was never not going to make Republicans painfully suffer for that gamble.

You don’t have to be a scholar to comprehend why it’s illegal for a sitting president, dutifully preparing for the upcoming 2020 elections to solicit favors from foreign leaders with the intent of profiting from those associations at the expense of a targeted political rival.

Trump’s unlawful interactions were guided by Attorney General William Barr, as they both requested the assistance of foreign officials in the matter of uncovering the genesis of the Mueller investigation with the tracking of the US Department of Justice.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was evidently part of Trump’s problematic call with the president of Ukraine, and the partially released transcripts reveal how the president bluntly encouraged cooperation between a foreign county and his in-house co-conspirators, including former New York City mayor and personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

The motivation for the incriminating phone call was to maneuver relations with Ukraine to solidify the mutually beneficial contract that would implicate former Vice President Joe Biden, and his son Hunter Biden, following an illicit investigation, that would result in another dishonest victory for Trump.

The case against the president is just about as bad as it gets, and things are only going to get muddier as the House Committee moves with lightening speed to accomplish the task of restoring law and order, with the obligatory banishment and persecution of a poisonous snake who was able to unleash chaos and mayhem without issue, simply because of his Whiteness.

And if we are curious to know what it looks to be in the unenviable position of defending the indefensible, all we have to do is sit back and gag at the revolting reflexes of Trump’s loyalists, who are upholding the statutes of White power, according to the die-hard mentality of the supremacy, that no longer has to rot in decades-old taped conversations between bigoted Republican leaders.

Check out the collage of disgruntled White males, who are depositing their brand of fake news at the studios of notable media outfits, with the mission to enter the fiery gauntlet that is primed to devour the remaining shred of patriotism, that they’ve sacrificed for the glory of Trumpism.

It’s not even worth sharing the volatile interviews that Giuliani, who was recently subpoenaed by the House Committee, has been fostering to the dismay of White House advisers, who have to bear the unbearable because of Trump’s reluctance to distance himself from a ticking time bomb.

And when you visit the mine field of the president’s Twitter page in the aftermath of the announcement of the impeachment proceedings against him, you will be instantly pummeled by the littered trash that provides the horrifying summation of the president’s extreme mood swings, that are now fully loaded, without the supervision that’s urgently warranted.

Those are the prime examples of the unhinged mindset of Donald Trump, who is rapidly descending into the dark hole of disillusionment, at the audacity of being held accountable for the unforgivable sin of thoroughly misusing his omnipotency, as a White American male, who was always able to buy his way in and out of situations based on shifting favorability.

The die is cast for the debris-laden White House and its battered demolisher, who is crazy enough to tweet out his affirmation about the bogus threat of a “civil war,” that will commence from the forced ousting of a White Republican president by the radical and racially diverse Democrats, who dare to persecute the “White Messiah” who was ordained by the fury of White evangelicals.

Donald Trump wasn’t built to shoulder the immense responsibilities that come with the distinguished position that he’s being ordered to give back to the American people.

He’s an idiotic future felon who has been heavily sedated by the tangible threats to his super power, and his preferred method of fighting back is still regulated to the harmful tweets that flawlessly exaggerate his guilt.

The GOP secured the presidency for Donald Trump because it was apparent that he was the best man for the assignment of menacingly retaining the viability of White supremacy, as the dependable weaponry that would keep the Obama years deeply buried in the bitter past.

So, we are now bracing for the formalized race war that will delegate the expectations of the 2020 elections.

Trump’s America wants him back for more, and they don’t give a damn about the dangerous exploits that have continuously abused the status of our national security; not to mention the reckless provoking of notorious detractors who are waiting for the right moment to strike back.

And regardless of how the blows hit or the totality of destruction on both sides of the aisle, there will be no assessment of winners and losers.

This is due to the incurable disease that summoned the ascension of a White nationalist, who was allowed to do very bad things, until the other half of the White establishment had no choice but to stop him.

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