Why Replacing Stephanie Grisham Will Not Improve White House Communications

Donald Trump’s chaotic presidency has dismantled the once-revered institutions that were built for the purpose of keeping law-abiding Americans duly informed.

We no longer have direct access to the facts when it comes to current affairs. We are in the dark about matters directly affecting our national security, particularly during unprecedented seasons of national emergencies.

When it comes to White House communications under this toxic administration, we can conclude that like everything else mandated by Trump and his affinity for lawlessness, the only admissible characteristics have to align with the constant flow of misinformation.

Those flawed mechanism are spearheaded by sworn allegiance to the culprit of white supremacy.

During the harrowing campaign season of 2016 that featured rowdy gatherings to host the rally cry of #MAGA, it was clear that future employees taking up residence in The White House would have to cheer on the bigoted initiatives of their endorsed master with gusto.

And to the lead the charge of strategically-placed minions being awarded high-profile positions were none other than the newly-minted president’s favorite daughter Ivanka Trump, and her equally ambitious/unqualified hubby, Jared Kushner.

The combativeness stemming from key players embodying Trump’s trusted circle was glaringly off-putting for curious and panicked observers, who never had the chance to warm up to the idea of having a pompous, impossibly shallow, and nefarious cretin as Commander-in-Chief.

The bulk of the strife that initiated Trump vs. Oppressed Americans, began almost immediately after the graceless swearing-in-ceremony, when the ill-equipped joker, Sean Spicer became a national sensation for all the wrong reasons with his laughable, emphatic argument that embarrassingly propelled the introduction to “alternative facts.”

The moment press briefings became a lethal parody

His replacement Anthony Scaramucci who has since become a recovering Trump-aholic after spending a whopping total of 10 days as the White House Director of Communications, wasn’t able to perform his duties without controversy. Apart from blatantly lying to the press about any and everything, he also granted an eye-popping interview to The New Yorker where he randomly blasted his colleagues, thereby orchestrating the abrupt departure ordered by former Chief of Staff — John Kelly.

Desperate for a much-needed makeover, Trump’s goonies began the search for a more compatible fit, who could boldly and confidently represent the practiced messaging of secrets and lies. It didn’t take long to find the hidden gem, who was more than up to the formidable and dishonorable assignment of tirelessly fighting off truth-tellers in her midst.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders proudly served her Lord and Master and shamelessly discarded the basic requirements of her once-illustrious station. She opted for the cowardly stance of insulting badged reporters, who were committed to firmly holding her accountable for gross negligence.

History will condemn Sanders as the perpetual liar who disgracefully rejected patriotism by demonstrating problematic allegiance to the heathen she once declared as God’s chosen one. And the memorable offense of willfully providing coerced testimony involving the FBI, and ousted FBI director James Comey in an effort to uphold the falsities emanating from a notorious administration will be her haunting legacy.

That being said, as much as we resented the acute smugness and unprofessionalism that Sanders was revered for, we can’t deny the somewhat consistent schedule of White House press briefings, staged by the on duty press secretary, who was anything but gracious during her tenure, but at least she managed to show up.

The woman who took over the position of Trump’s compromised mouthpiece when Sanders decided to hang it up after a scandalous season of normalized infamy, Stephanie Grisham, who was the former feisty communications director for Melania Trump, basically spent her months in service attacking mainstream media on social media platforms.

And whenever she craved a change in scenery, Grisham would convene with her like-minded Trumpsters, who are suited for war when it comes to evoking problematic sentiments of an unhinged man-baby, who relies count on Fox News to faithfully advance his dubious agenda.

Grisham never hosted a single press briefing during her entire run, and that was mostly due to the fact that she woefully lacked the skill set and charisma for such a high-profile maneuver.

Truth be told, Grisham enjoyed a rather endurable reception to her nagging inconsistencies and unforgivable mockery of her office, which she seemed to relish with each “fuck you” to those who vocally challenged the diseased administration she righteously defended.

But even with the societal fondling that’s typically assigned to white women in high and low places, who display bad behavior, there were the occasional instances when Grisham had to explain herself.

Her ceremonial visits to the studios at Fox News were for the most part partial to the injustice of Grisham’s presence as the extension of the madness at The White House, but there were times when she was queried about her outright refusal to do her fucking job.

As expected she seized those opportunities as the prime invitation to bludgeon non-conservative media. She classified those organizations as the “enemy of the people.”

Grisham shamelessly positioned herself as the staunch loyalist, who was under strict orders not to entertain the sham known as press briefings, because of how it’s used as the tool to undermine Trump’s ultimate goal of disabling the functionality of our republic.

In all honesty it wasn’t a shocker that White House communications was under siege after Sanders vacated her post. The signs were quite apparent from the very start of Trump’s presidency.

As Sanders began to wind down her job duties, she was also outrightly eluding the press in the weeks leading up to the rumored announcement. The outgoing press secretary was undoubtedly polishing the groundwork for what was to come.

Nobody is in a better position to lie on command than the liar-in-chief, and so it made sense for Donald Trump to hijack the national narrative after Sanders unceremoniously dropped the mic. And her compromised and clueless successor clumsily stepped into the spotlight that she wasn’t prepared to navigate.

Grisham settled into trolling duties by routinely cursing out targeted high-profile detractors like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She often resorted to pettiness, as evident in her outlandish accusations about how exiting staffers from the Obama administration purposely left mean messages for incoming replacements.

And while Grisham was getting paid a ton of money to refrain from doing what those before her performed for the sake of our democracy, her insufferable boss was busy defacing the once-sturdy bond between the White House press corps and the daily briefings that set the compass for domestic and foreign affairs.

Trump has been his preferred mouthpiece for long enough, with daily episodes of senseless rants taking place on the expansive South Lawn, where he holds court with the embattled press crops, who sometimes can’t hear shit because of the rotating blades of a nearby chopper.


White house communications has been on permanent hold since the day that Obama’s forthright representative, Josh Earnest graciously held his final briefing with a heavy heart for what was about to come.

Unfortunately for Stephanie Grisham who was recently shuttled back to the East Wing to serve as the first lady’s bull dog and “chief of staff,” the news of her reassignment wasn’t received with the same level of fanfare that Sarah Sanders garnered publicly and privately from friends and enemies.

Grisham’s final note confirming what many could give less than a damn about reiterates the tone-deafness of Trump’s cult followers, who believe the falsehood of their relevance, while denying how their noted complicity during this era of historic lawlessness will result in stained legacies.

The bad news is that Grisham will continue to enjoy a robust salary for the hard work of trolling those who won’t stop shaming the destructive antics of the president and his complacent wife.

But things get even uglier with the arrival of Grisham’s controversial successor, Kayleigh McEnany, who possesses the pedigree and splashy education and professional background that her predecessor didn’t amass, which is both impressive and problematic when you examine how McEnamy weaponizes her smarts.

As Trump’s former campaign spokeswoman, the new press secretary’s longtime allegiance to the anointed leader of the GOP, whose messaging is an open love letter to the statutes of white supremacy, has been widely documented.

Based on that information we can assume that White House communications won’t improve with another combative entry who lives and breathes #MAGA.

We can’t dispute or downplay the ravaged landscape of our national messaging, and how those consequences have led to unwavering distrust by tax-paying citizens, who are even more at risk of misinformation during this unprecedented global emergency.

Trump’s presidency is committed to the dangerous playbook of Fox News and the reckless anchors who heighten the currency of white power, and this will remain in effect through the communication system that Kayleigh McEnany will undoubtedly personalize with her traitorous branding.

Goodbye Stephanie Grisham, and hello to more shit in a different package.

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