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Why Ralph Northam Is The Epitome of What White Privilege Means To White Men

I grew up Lagos, Nigeria, after moving away from Kansas City, Missouri at the age of 8. But even that brief spell as an American living in America, paired with the infrequent visits to my birthplace throughout childhood, was more than enough to inform of the harsh realities of White people not being very nice to Black people.

There were also the stories of how my dad was almost shot dead by White policemen who were recruited by White neighbors, who noticed a dark-skinned Black man lurking around the front porch. As it turns out, my father had accepted the invitation to spend Thanksgiving with his White college friend, who grew up in a wealthy enclave of the Bay Area, and while his friend’s family attended a wedding — my father was left to his own devices.

His ill-fated decision to step outside for some fresh air alerted the nervous White people, who were nosey enough to feel threatened by the mere sight of Black skin in the midst of opulence.

That decision to call the cops was a privilege that they gladly utilized with the full awareness of what that could mean in the year — 1968.

When the door was pushed open and the gang of men in uniform stormed the living area, my dad was smart enough to stay put and obey orders, instead of risking a bullet in his back.

He survived that harrowing encounter, and many others during his time in the States, which was one of the reasons why he thought it best to return back to Nigeria with his young family. He and my mother figured that their kids needed to grow up in a society that wouldn’t rattle our inferiority complex based on our skin color.

But then White supremacy is a cunning disease that presents in various forms.

There was really no way to be thoroughly removed from the menacing symptoms that are activated from the traitorous bowels of self-hate, and how the British invaders left the lasting legacy of ensuring that schemed natives will spend a lifetime eating each other alive.

Nigeria’s flamboyant display of freedom when independence was granted back in 1960 was a complete joke. Our unyielding allegiance to skin bleaching creams that has bloated to a million-dollar empire for European traitors/traders — renders us direly incapacitated — while our oppressors continue to thrive in the mandated misfortune that was designed to entrap palatable cultures.

White people really excel in the duties of claiming victimhood while also exacting real danger on the lives of those they claim are a serious threat to their station.

We saw it with the “summer of hate” that ruled 2018, and how the daily fest of viral videos depicting White men and White women publicly harassing the civil rights of Black people — including children — provided a sick form of entertainment, that seemed to enhance the scathingly vile narrative of how Black pain evolves into a very trafficked avenue of lucrative clicks and ratings — that depend heavily on the nightmarish tales of society’s rejects.

We see it with the brutality of police officers, and how the value of Black lives that don’t matter permits the injustice of knowing that a White male can terrorize young Black women exiting a train, by knifing them to death and getting the benefit of the doubt based on his mental state, and how his murderous rage can’t be assessed unfairly.

But a Black man harboring a mental illness isn’t bestowed the dignity of being handled with care because getting Tasered to death is deemed the logical response for responding officers.

We see it with how White males are forever young.

That youthful zeal permeates the justice system, and guarantees that a reckless White teen can be drunk enough to endanger his life, and others, as he storms the streets for an ill-advised joyride, that ends with senseless deaths and a paralyzed passenger.

And yet the White privileged teen who escaped death and life-altering injuries was able to be a fugitive for a time, before he was captured and put away for an extended vacation that lasted until he turned 21.

Black teens are systematically tossed in the slammer and forgotten, over alleged petty crimes, that don’t even come close to what their White counterparts amass, but society has been conditioned to view Whiteness through the lenses of humanness.

White men are considered human enough to make mistakes, and since they never grow old, thanks to the ever-trusting “The Peter Pan Syndrome,” nothing can be held against them for too long — regardless of the severity of their actions.

When disgraced Olympian swimmer, Ryan Lochte, turned Rio 2016 into a global soap opera after concocting the nasty tale of being held at gunpoint at a local gas station, his White male supporters resoundingly attacked the crowd of naysayers with the argument of how Lochte’s gross miscalculation was a natural tendency for youthful White men.

Despite Lochte being 32 at the time, we were meant to excuse the appalling behavior that led to demonizing the natives of his host country, in an effort to dodge the accountability of what he had done, when he outright lied about being attacked, when in fact he was to blame for vandalizing the bathroom of the gas station.

Lochte and his gang of misfits were readily labeled as “32-year-old kids,” and this is the same argument that former Access Hollywood and Today host Billy Bush clung to for survival during the sex tape scandal that fired up the 2016 elections and cost him his job.

Bush’s behavior during the segment with talkative guest Donald Trump, back when our current president boasted about “grabbing pussies” was scrutinized to his disadvantage, as it was determined that the boyish host appeared to endorse the damning actions of his high-profile visitor by being the cowardly enabler.

The only defense for Bush was to blame his missteps on his fumbling youth, as he reminded critics that the incriminating episode was a little over a decade ago, which would place him at the tender age of 33.

And so the defensive mechanisms continue to swell in favor of White men and the White privilege that grants countless chances to keep fucking up without consequences.

Societal coddling breeds the audacity of grown adults to dismiss bad behavior as the learning curve for those who never have to learn those necessary lessons that furnish the eventual stage of maturity.

During the chaos of the Kavanaugh hearings, White men and the women who love them, were panicking under the duress of a season that was threatening the fragile disposition of White males in America — who couldn’t reconcile with the horrors of being held accountable in the same ways that Black men in America are forced to do — under the worst circumstances.

Black men are guilty before their innocence can be proven in time to save them from the cold shell of prison cells or the death sentence of a one-sided gun battle with rogue cops.

But when a privileged White male becomes a prominent member of the justice system, and is stopped in his tracks by a graphic blast from the past, all hell breaks loose, as his White counterparts rally to his defense, to urgently preserve the tradition of White supremacy — that systematically ensures the best possible outcome for the worst possible offenses.

Trump’s deadly quest to destroy the lives of five young men of color, who were accused of a crime they didn’t commit, based on irrefutable evidence, is an ironic backdrop to his response to Kavanaugh’s accusers, and how he turned that active case into the classic dramatization of White victimhood — that secures the innocence of White males based on Whiteness and wealth.

We are battling the never-ending epidemic of White privilege with another contender, who has spent the last 48 hours avoiding the responsibilities that are allotted to those who perform the unfathomable — under the tutelage of very bad judgment and the breathtaking pompousness that creates the falsehood of invincibility.

Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, made headlines recently for his participation in a grotesque year book photo that dates back to his days in Medical school in the year 1984.

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America’s son

Northam was quick to admit that he was indeed one of the two men in the outrageously offensive image, but he refused to confess whether he was the one in blackface or the charming fella in the KKK costume.

The televised apology was a pathetic plea to horrified viewers, that drew from the same playbook of past White male offenders, who can’t see past their overwhelming woes long enough to assess the damage that has been done; and how their immense contribution to the lethal functionality of bigotry is an unforgivably criminal act of violence.

After the televised episode of White victimhood, it was later established that Northam was revising his original statement with the shocking admission that he misspoke when he wrongfully identified himself in the disgusting photo — featuring two White men draped in racially-offensive gear.

His truth seems to be seeped in the believe that it was his guilt for participating in another derogatory-themed photo, where he lightly rubbed black makeup on his face, in an effort to evoke the likeness of Michael Jackson — that tricked him into owning up to something that was apparently way worse than what he actually did.

Here’s the thing, Governor Ralph Northam isn’t at all sorry for what he did or what he mistakenly thought he did, but discovered he did somewhere else in the exact same way.

If he was honestly remorseful for his documented allegiance to White supremacy with all the abominable regalia and makeup to boot, the heartfelt apology would’ve featured the part where he soberly announces his resignation.

Instead, as Black History Month unfolds, we are feted with not only the triggering images of historical fodder, but also the poor acting skills of a verified “coonman,” who is working really hard to escape the fury of those who are rightfully screaming for his departure.

He must realize that his illustrious position is forever tainted by his privileged audacity as the oppressor — paying homage to the traditions of degrading, demeaning and demonizing the oppressed.

This is why Ralph Northam is the epitome of what White privilege means to White men, who can’t ever do the right thing, if it means being held accountable for deplorable behavior that exposes major character flaws.

Whiteness means never having to be sorry, and being able to say the words with the expectation that it won’t cost a dime.

Why are White males able to operate as domestic terrorists without the weightiness of the description, that they prefer to splatter on Muslim-Americans? Why are White males able to stage mass shootings, and then enjoy takeout from a burger joint — on the way to booking — without a scratch or bullet holes to heal? Why are White males able to ride the wave of controversy that casts them in the role of perpetrator, and somehow the end result demonizes the helpless accuser?

Why are White men seen as vulnerable humans, who understandably stumble with the bad judgment of donning blackface or the the striking uniform of the KKK, at an age when they are legally fit to do anything — including being the worst form of humans without a conscience?

Why isn’t Ralph Northam resigning — and if he it does after spending days in denial — why won’t it matter?

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