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Why Racist Americans Prefer and Validate “American-Born” and “White”

The country is gripped by impeachment proceedings that are currently underway, and the most fascinating aspect has to be the stark difference between the line of questioning from fiery Republicans and spirited Democrats, as members of both parties, stick to the task of trying to uncover exactly what’s required from summoned witnesses.

Take for instance the Tuesday session that began with testimonies from Jennifer Williams, the foreign service aide assigned to Vice President Mike Pence, and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who was recruited as the “top Ukraine expert on National Security Council.”

Vindman, appeared before the House Intelligence Committee, and elaborated on his personal mission to continue the privilege of serving his country, as a true patriot, who will be forever grateful for the decision his father made when he wisely uprooted his family from the grasp of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, and headed to the United States of America.

The breathtaking opening statement from a visibly proud son and decorated army officer, who is a recipient of the Purple Heart in recognition of his near-death encounter during the Iraq War in 2004, was the stunning display of affection for the country, that was created for the reward of how the American Dream is meant to be manifested for those who dare to seek it.

At this very moment, the US Supreme Court is holding the fate of hundreds of thousands of undocumented young “dreamers” in torturous limbo, as a result of the Trump administration’s almost two-year quest to revoke the immigration policy that was created by the Obama administration.

DACA or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an initiative that was activated to secure the protection of “dreamers” from mostly Mexico and Latin America, who arrived in the States as children, without proper documentation, in an effort to eliminate the threat of deportation.

President Trump has deemed the statutes of DACA, “unconstitutional,” and as the Supreme Court weighs in with the carryover from the lower court tsystem, that has expressed suspicions about this toxic administration’s unreasonable requests regarding the now precarious situation facing targeted “dreamers,” it’s been predicted that the president will most likely get his wish.

This isn’t surprising when you consider how Candidate Trump evilly fashioned his campaign mantra on the promise that White America will be paid back in full for the unbearable 8 years under the tutelage of the historic presidency of the first-ever Black president.

As the New York thuggish businessman and reality TV star, was being groomed by sinister characters like future felon Roger Stone, and the slithering Steve Bannon, for the presidential run that would ruin our lives. Trump was already weaponizing his Twitter account for the sake of undermining the station of President Barack Obama.

Notably in 2011, and even before then, Trump was pushing the birther conspiracy, as a way to attack the blackness of the Black Commander-in-Chief, with the weird name and murky background that could be easily threaded to Islamic affiliations.

Even Melania Trump, who wasn’t even born in the United States, got in on the action, by making random TV appearances for the purpose of urging a sitting president to present his birth certificate as proof of the citizenship that she herself didn’t earn.

That period of utter madness that culminated into the racist attacks against The Obamas, was later documented in former First Lady Michelle Obama’s bestselling memoir, Becoming, where she detailed the after-effects that the controversy unleashed on her family, particularly their daughters, Malia and Sasha, and why she won’t forgive Trump for his recklessness.

But regardless of how we feel about how the most disrespected American president in history was callously degraded into providing the documentation of his heritage, we can’t deny the fact that Trump succeeded in normalizing the brutalization of Americans, who committed the sin of not fitting the outfit of #MAGA.

Obama’s public shaming, helped to create the pathway to the KKK-themed rallies that came later, when Candidate Trump triumphantly honed in on his year-long practiced rhetoric, that was primed to seduce the wiles of White supremacists, who were finally being feted in their preferred language of hate.

The crux of the messaging was curated to vilify Mexicans, Brown and Black migrants, and Muslims. It was and still is immersed in the narrative of how White America is on the brink of extinction, thanks to the influx of brutish “hardened criminals,” who are either forcing their way through the borders in mighty caravans or attempting to legally gain permanent residence.

The Muslim ban elevated the life-threatening existence of already terrorized Muslim-Americans, who’ve been consistently omitted from the national conversations about equality, due to America’s longstanding adherence to Islamophobia.

The tragic consequences stemming from Trump’s bigoted descriptions of Mexicans and migrants as “rapists,” “murderers” and “drug dealers” has resulted in the radicalization of White males, who share their supreme leaders ideology and are motivated to demonstrate their allegiance through the mechanisms of White terrorism.

The architect of the Muslim ban, Stephen Miller, who is also a White nationalist, and the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, are both hard at work, drafting their separate revised immigration policies that will make it almost impossible for “dreamers” from “shithole” countries to access the American Dream in the way that the forefathers designed.

The Trump administration is convinced that non-Whites coming from countries that have been ironically destabilized by the crimes of White supremacy, aren’t civilized enough to be granted entry into a country that was formulated to obey the inscription on the pedestal of Lady Liberty.

It wasn’t that long ago when Ken Cuccinelli, the Principal Deputy Director of the U.S. Citizenship, infamously rewrote the inspirational poem by Emma Lazarus, that dictated the well-known verse associated with the mission statement of immigration laws in America.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Cuccinelli, who is obviously a lucky beneficiary of what this country set out to be when it comes to admitting seekers of refuge in places that were built to sustain those dreams — shamefully released his remix of the stellar poem, that we’re quite sure Emma Lazarus would reject.

“Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge.”

That is in essence what the Trump administration has been relying on when arguing about the substantive value of immigrants of color hailing from countries that are barely survivable.

The only way to ensure the successful implementation of ethnic cleansing, is to hit at all the areas that apply, with the assurance that even green card and visa applicants will be turned away if they happen to possess he proof of how they could be crippling liabilities.

And so this year, a new legislation was introduced, and the bullet points target legal immigrants who are hoping to make America their permanent abode.

This new law affects me personally, because of relatives and friends from Nigeria, who are following the rules and regulations that used to lead to citizenship.

These updates will derail the optimism and hard work of green card and visa applicants, who won’t be allowed to pursue their dreams if there is a slight hint that they aren’t independently wealthy or educated enough to be American citizens.

And things get considerably worse if there is paperwork that depicts dependency on welfare programs, like food stamps, Medicaid, etc.

It’s back to the stereotypical jargon that White supremacists retain in their rulebook as ammunition to justify the argument that hails their supremacy.

Funny how White evangelicals conveniently sift through the bible, and highlight the information that best suits their nefarious agendas.

Racist Americans prefer their Americans “American-born” and “White.”

That’s why Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who literally made the ultimate sacrifice to defend the constitution of the United States against threats to our democracy and national security, has been disgracefully demonized by the gangster mentality of Republicans for Trump.

It’s absolutely unacceptable for anyone to step up and speak the truth about how Donald Trump’s woeful incompetence poses a real and present threat.

Jim Jordan & Co., would rather turn a blind eye to our national crisis by refuting the valiant efforts of selfless patriots, who would rather testify about the tangible fear of what could transpire if this criminalized administration is allowed to remain in power.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was privy to the damning call that implicates the devious motives of President Trump, who purposely withheld ear-marked aid to Ukraine until he was assured that his stipulations would be met. It was all about the paranoia around the presidential run of former Vice President Joe Biden, and the urgency to gather evidence against his political opponent.

Almost immediately after Vindman’s imminent testimony was confirmed, conservative media and poisoned Republicans began the smear campaign that was implemented to discredit the Kiev-born war hero, who was simply living up to the expectations of the numerous badges he accumulated during his career in the army.

CNN ill-advisedly hired former Congressman from Wisconsin, Sean Duffy as a contributor, and it didn’t take long for the former Real World: Boston cast mate to fuck the shit up when he tried and failed to classify Vindman as a traitor, who is still faithful to his native roots in a way that compromises his Americanness.

Duffy’s disgusting segment on CNN caused an uproar, but it sadly didn’t get him fired from his newly-minted gig. And of course Fox News jumped on the opportunity to indulge in the slanderous narrative, that permits staples like Laura Ingraham to invite idiotic talking heads to perform the audacity of labeling Vindman “a double agent,” who is guilty of “espionage,” based solely on the fact that he was born abroad.

It’s vital to become familiar with the blueprint of the Trump administration as it pertains to immigration, and how the president is empowered to terrorize four Congresswomen of color, utilizing his tool of choice, Twitter, where he tweets out offensive content that suggests that three American-born citizens, and a naturalized citizen, need to swiftly return to their “crime-infested” homelands.

It’s the tried and true method of criminalizing vulnerable communities that don’t fit the category of Whiteness that Donald Trump was elected to uphold, with the armory of venomous rhetoric, that the “very fine people” who bloodied Charlottesville, pranced around for with unsightly cowardice.

Lt. Col. Vindman isn’t trustworthy, because despite leaving his homeland for the shores of America when he was a toddler, his refusal to abide by the rules of engagement that the GOP demands from White males, who claim to be Americans, is enough proof to condemn his status.

It’s not enough to be born here, and it certainly doesn’t matter if you put your life on the line to demonstrate your abiding loyalty to the country that received you with open arms.

White nationalism prefers their homegrown congregation to have pronounceable names of European persuasion, and the track record of evangelical tidings that indicate how the love for Christ can deposit a bullish oaf with the mentality of a mafioso in the Oval Office.

If we want to save America, we have agree on what it means to be an American, and why that can’t be distorted for the benefit of Whiteness, and the active danger that’s posed.

Are we ready to define it?

That’s the only way we can make “America,” America again.

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