Why Quoting The Bible Is History’s Most Disgusting Habit

If you want to irk someone like me beyond reason — all you have to do is spew out bible verses like the idiot who resorts to cowardly tactics for the pleasure of reducing your foe to a pillar of salt.

I have a complicated relationship with Christianity — and it’s not because I hate the idea of placing my faith in a supreme being who sees all things and knows what will happen before we do — and so He’s able to take care of us — if we only agree to surrender all.

In fact — it would be ideal if I could just chill and leave all the stressing about police brutality — systemic racism and all the other shit that Black women in America have to contend with — in the hands of the Lord — who is more than capable of shouldering most of the burden.

I tried to do exactly that — and my motives were born out of my upbringing as a Presbyterian — who attended St. Saviors Church —with noted Anglicans — and then became “born again” right after my first communion.

I was the “born again” who watched in awe as the others thrashed around while speaking a language that sounded freaky — but was really attributed to the blessing of the Holy Spirit.

In adulthood — I faced tough times like anybody who moves to New York City without a trust fund — armed with blatant naïveté. And I truly believed that God would rescue me and hopefully sign me up for a job at Vogue or The New York Times.

I ended up saving myself and my sanity while I was at it.

I figured out that religion can be used in many ways that are sometimes honorable and often times weaponized.

I mean — look at what happened to my country for Christ’s sake!

The British came bearing gifts that came in the form of bible verses and hymns — and all the while they were planning our imminent destruction. They used Christianity to con us into believing that what we had going on — which was a great thing — wasn’t the civilized way of existing.

We needed to be dressed appropriately. We needed to reverse our “brutish” customs that didn’t include The Holy Trinity. We needed to make our native tongue instinct — by internalizing the language of our oppressors. We needed to yield to the orders of White men who looked like Jesus Christ — and therefore had the authority to make us kneel in submission as we watched the methodical draining of our resources.

The bible was the instrument of choice when it came to reducing colonial territories to a lesser version of what they were before the invasion of Whiteness. And those quoted verses are still in business and remarkably the blessings that were to come are still pending.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders are in hot water for using the oldest trick in the book as the tired argument to support the criminal activities currently playing out at the border.

On Thursday — Sessions spoke out about how parents are to blame for the pain of separating from their kids and then he added this:

In response to the statement from Sessions — Sanders didn’t avoid the trap of also using the bible to defend the indefensible:

“It’s very biblical to enforce the law. That is repeated a number of times in the Bible.”

Yes — it’s accurate that there are plenty of examples in the bible when shit had to happen — even when the results were less than ideal — but there was always a very good reason why the world had to be wiped out — except for the chosen family and their animals — who stored themselves in the ark they were ordered to build.

And then when humans took ownership of the Holy Book — it became the cheat sheet for restless monarchs — who used it as the reasoning behind departing their birth church to form their own specialized institution — that will allow them the unholy honor of marrying their mistresses.

The strength of the bible has exacted so much evil — including my inability to speak my own language fluidly because I was too busy perfecting the Queen’s English.

All this to say that quoting the bible is absolutely history’s most disgusting habit because when you examine the facts — you can’t deny the guilt of those who only believe in God when it suits their thuggish agendas.

It’s so 1882 — to suddenly switch it up to biblical mode and expect to be taken seriously.

It’s time to get down with the remix of present times.

Also — the beat is so much better because God finally found his rhythm — and in this newfound world — everyone applies.

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