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Why Pursuing Impeachment Is Necessary

For better or worse

The public hearings for the impeachment proceedings against Donald J. Trump have come to an end. There was no doubt that this process had to be initiated. And after weeks of testimonies from high-ranking government officials, who appeared before the House Intelligence Committee to dutifully provide much-needed ammunition against a thuggish president, we can’t possibly ignore the glaring evidence.

The cultish allegiance to a seasoned criminal, who has distorted the image of a traditionally illustrious station is the deadly virus that’s making the “great divide” dangerously wider.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff, oversaw both the private and televised deliberations, and his uncanny ability to publicly shame his bullish Republican colleagues by stoically allowing their disgraceful dramatics to play out to their own detriment, has been quite impressive to behold.

But did we really need the Q&A sessions that the whole world was glued to, in order for the crimes of this toxic administration to register in our consciousness?

Glorified errand boys; Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Matt Gaetz, Lindsay Graham, House Minor Leader, Kevin McCarthy & Co., repeatedly replay nonsensical talking points of how the “witch hunt” began back in 2016, when Candidate Trump became President Trump to the horror of onlookers both at home and abroad.

Indeed, Trump’s ascension to the highest office in the land was the foreboding event that never should’ve happened.

We now know that Russian interference during the last election cycle that wasn’t supposed to end in bitter defeat of Hillary Clinton, was the successful act of violence that was secured to undermine the epicenter of operations, on a scale that would produce irrevocable damage to our assaulted democracy.

But a Trump’s street cred as a New York business tycoon and reality TV star, who didn’t remotely possess the basic qualifications required for the position of a well-respected and competent world leader, was embedded in the adulation from the hotspot of White America.

The audacity of a super-powered White nationalist, publicly embodying the statutes of White evangelism, that’s deeply cloaked in the supremacy of Whiteness was an irresistible delight for rowdy revelers, who showed their immense gratitude by attacking the city of Charlottesville in the name of White power.

So, maybe the “witch hunt” did commence as soon as the nightmare of President Trump and his equally devious cabinet of gangsters was traitorously unleashed.

Trump’s presidential run was the punchline that very quickly evolved into the potential threat to the foundations of an already fragile nation, still reeling from the national crisis of gun violence, the rapid rise of hate crimes, including the ongoing incidents of police brutality, and the irreparable dents from global cyberwars.

Right after pompously taking the oath of office to the chagrin of attending predecessors, who all boasted fixed grins that gave the Joker a run for his money, the President-Elect, was off an running with his infamous and ungracious inaugural address. The uncouthness of his tirade was laced with the same batch of poison that continues to permeate the corridors of functionality, that are sadly yielding to this corrosive climate.

It was at that very moment, while soberly listening to the theatrical rants of a newly-appointed Commander-in-Chief, that most of us became acquainted with what it means to forcibly remove a rogue president, who is unfit to adequately and lawfully manage his station, due to addictive tendencies that are criminally-inclined.

The only thing that unites us all, as wearied citizens of this war-torn country, is the acute realization and acceptance of how Donald Trump was going to eventually demonstrate exactly why he will go down in history as the worst American president of the modern era.

Even his legions of pathetic supporters on the sidelines of KKK-themed rallies, and deposited in influential positions of our government, are all well-aware of the severe limitations of their supreme leader, but their steadfast loyalty is motivated by desperation to uphold the viable currency of White supremacy, in its most potent form.

Trump’s power trip comes from the toddler-like mentality that basks in the glow of being able to flex those muscles, as far as they aren’t meant to go, for the glory of being reassured of how he can literally get away with murder.

It’s abominable to recognize how Whiteness in America bequeaths those who apply with a rulebook that doesn’t contain adherence to the rules and regulations, that darker counterparts are mandated to follow without the privilege of endless fuckups.

The simple truth is that Donald Trump poses a high-risk to our national security, and that was evident back in Helsinki, when his own intelligence agencies were demoted in full view of the world.

It was the terrifying bow to Vladimir Putin, and how Russia’s tormentor was being publicly endorsed by the American president who owed him that much.

The impeachment hearings are done, and what’s left is the gathering and sorting of information that will be used to draft the articles of impeachment against this toxic administration, and the crooked oaf, who is adamant about his optimistic predictions when it comes to his future in the soiled White House.

Trump is almost certain that there will be no vote on his pending impeachment, and has even gregariously touted out the need for a trial, based on the insistence that “there’s nothing there.”

But that’s not even close to the truth. There’s a lot there, and everywhere!

Trump only has his best interests as his guiding light, and his strategically-placed enablers, willingly carry out those directives with misguided belief that the end result won’t implicate those actions.

The nefariousness running rampant in the White House has been shockingly normalized by the agents of destruction, also know as Fox News, outfitted with the armor of propagandized narratives, that serve at the pleasure of the supreme leader, who berates the anchors who dare to veer away from the script of errors that inexplicably praise his very bad behavior.

As we contemplate the stretch of days left in 2019, while bracing for the fresh beginning of a new decade, the polarizing presence of an embattled president, who is on the verge of sheer madness, as he relentlessly tweets out threatening jargon to main targets, who are valiantly tying to end his reign of terror — the scary prospect of Trump’s extended good luck streak is hard to discard.

And even as we weigh the facts against the tragic nonchalance of devilish Republicans, who will most likely reject the grand opportunity to do the right thing, by honoring the restoration of law and order with the swift demise of this menacing lawlessness — it’s hard to drown out the alarms, signaling the worst times ahead.

Regardless of the heightened outcome, pursuing impeachment against the 45th President of the United States is a necessary endeavor.

This is a matter of our national security, that currently remains under duress from the shameless traitor in the Oval Office, who is running this country into the ground with his propelled willfulness.

Donald Trump is seasoned criminal, who isn’t beyond making the rash decisions that could get all of us killed in an instant. It just takes a series of tweets and the gross negligence of ultra-wealthy tech founders, who aren’t interested in joining forces to save what’s left of mankind.

His impeachment won’t solve our problems, but it will at the very least ensure that we can attempt the formidable task of recoverability in whatever shape or form that can be amassed.

America is on lock down, and that means the world is also suffering from the mammoth storm of our discontent.

This isn’t a win or lose because we’ve lost already.

And since it has to get unbearably harsh before the going gets good, we must examine what it will mean when Trump remains in office, and how we can be consoled by how we at least tried to put our best foot forward.

We did what we had to do — for better or worse.

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