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She’s the worst

Why Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Is The Prime Example Of The Worst Kind Of Racism

Dangerously normalized

White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders publicly admitted that she couldn’t guarantee that her boss will never be caught using the N-word on tape. She was also sure to point out that he’s vehemently “denied” ever using it while adding:

“I can certainly say I’ve never heard him use that term or anything similar.”

But Sanders’ latest faux pas basically discredits anything she will spew out in the future and everything she’s uttered in the past. It definitely proves what we’ve always known, which is how this administration is loyal to the code of White supremacy in ways that normalize the practice of viewing non-Whites through demeaning lenses.

Trump has been touting his victory when it comes to how he’s secured the “greatest” job outlook for “The Blacks,” and this trumpeting of achievements for a community that he consistently dishonors with his allegiance to White supremacists, the domestic terrorists that he calls “very fine people” — took a bad turn as it has been revealed that the bloated numbers don’t add up.

Way before this breaking news, right after the new year, Trump began his triumphant announcement about how his “policies” have provided the long-awaited answers when it comes to Black unemployment. Jay Z was one of the critics who spoke out against the president, by criticizing his penchant for throwing out outlandish claims in an effort to hide his bigotry, while also relying on his gross superficiality.

“Money doesn’t equate to happiness. It doesn’t. That’s missing the whole point.”

Of course Trump’s persistent trolling of CNN caused him to immediately react with a notice to the New York rapper to wake up and smell the coffee!

Months later, and the same rhetoric about how “The Blacks” owe the White dude in The White House praise and gratitude for finally achieving the unachievable is still resounding, and this time he’s crediting an unlikely ally for supporting his bullshit. It’s ironic that his supporter used to be Jay’s running buddy, back when shit made sense. But presently things are suspended in the realm of wackiness, as the passionate guy who rightly assessed how George Bush clearly doesn’t like Black people, is now championing a president who really doesn’t like Black people — particularly the ones from “shithole” countries.

Trump couldn’t resist tweeting about his endorsement from the rapper who once produced this lyrical gem — “Balding Donald Trump taking dollars from y’all.”

Oh how times have changed!

But what remains the same is how Trump is still taking dollars to foot the bill for extracurricular activities while he pretends to be doing the job that he’s woefully unqualified to perform.

And even with the latest snafu that joins the roster of an over-crowded portfolio of damning evidence against this toxic administration, there’s the validation of how the code of White supremacy is supremely implemented in every facet of government.

Sarah Sanders had to confess her mistake when it came to the job numbers, and how they were boosted to give the false impression that her liar of a boss created more jobs than his predecessor, who he’s distractingly obsessed with because of the awareness that he will never measure up to the brilliance and charisma of the Black man he once tried but failed to destroy.

Sanders inaccurately claimed that former president Obama’s eight years in office only produced 195,000 jobs for African-Americans when in actuality the number is “close to 3 million.”

Apparently her source was gathered from a damning tweet that the White House Council of Economic Advisors posted, that didn’t contain adequate information that should’ve included the time frame in which the “195,000” jobs were created.

That missing link was what invalidated the statement Sanders provided, and of course after the half-assed apology, she went for the desperate save by adding the serve of the “700,000 jobs for African-Americans created under President Trump.”

But this isn’t so much about the accuracy of job numbers as it is the president’s urgent need to deface the legacy of the first-ever Black president of the United States. This mission is evidently shared by all who represent this administration — especially the woman who is dedicated to the job of delivering outright lies each time she appears before the press.

The epicenter of the infection that is crippling Trump’s toxic administration is centered around Sanders and how she willingly packages the messaging that is embedded in the falsehood of what we’ve become.

The fact that the White House press secretary is unable to unequivocally vouch that the Commander-in-Chief isn’t a bigot basically illustrates that she’s the worst kind of racist.

She’s the mascot for White people like the managing director that I reported to back when I was a corporate slave, stationed at one of the top financial institutions in the world, who was professionally restrained, but there was an underlining symptom of his inherent prejudice that couldn’t stay hidden.

It’s like the White women who outnumbered me at the Harlem Academy where I tutored reading comprehension, who volunteered their time to Black kids, because it looks good on paper, but they could barely hide their boredom as they listened to the pupil trudge through the words in the book. And they never failed to glare at my willingness to bond with the person who was more than just a means to an end.

It’s the way that genuine interest is presented when it’s really mocking curiosity, that’s aimed to keep the beliefs of superiority activated in order to protect the insecurities that arise when those trashy assumptions are threatened by the relentless wave of uprising, that will change the game for White America — sooner rather than later.

It should freak us out that Sanders who is supposed to be the pillar of decorum from the pulpit, publicly refuses to earnestly convince us that she’s not reporting to a White man, who has a tendency to use the N-word when he’s feeling adventurously hateful.

This is the same woman that White feminists were falling over themselves to defend for reasons that had more to do with the non-transferable attributes of White feminism, and how it manifests in ways that leave non-White women alone in the dark — flailing for support that never arrives.

Sanders is the example of the worst kind of racism because of how dangerously normalized those actions are in an eerily seamless way.

The terrifying ease with which she opted not to guarantee the stellar character of Donald Trump, and how that echoes the tarnished office of the presidency is paralyzingly abhorrent.

America was never a flawless nation, but the stakes are getting higher by the minute, as we host a climate that’s clouded by the diseased presence of a privileged White male, who is entertaining himself with the thoroughness of purposed hostility.

And employees like Sanders are co-conspirators in a deadly game that is currently assaulting the existence of members of the press, and those of us who are #LivingWhileBlack, as we navigate the storminess of what that means under the rule of a White supremacist and his army of helpers.

The lies that Sarah Sanders uttered about the job formation for Black America was an act of racism on behalf of a president, who doesn’t give a fuck about Black people, except when we’re used to make him look like the hero he could never be, because assholes are generally too egocentric for that role.

Her matter-of-fact delivery that confirmed the made-up job numbers, right after not being able to fulfill a simple query about her boss’ temperament when it comes to the subject of race isn’t shocking, but it does infuriate those of us who don’t need these potent instances as proof of what has been obvious from the very beginning.

The elaborate reaction by the media and beyond each time the gems of guilt are dropped, only illustrate how reluctant White America is when it comes to truly grasping the destructiveness of this administration.

And the racial divide will continue to widen, as the cracks get deeper, and Trump’s henchmen get even more blatant with their freedom to express the fundamental themes that make White supremacy the currency of value, that will continue dominate the corridors of justice for worse and worser.

Only a White woman can admit that the White man she works for could potentially be racist, and still be able to retain the dignified fiber of a position that she doesn’t remotely deserve.

That’s the state of affairs in a country with a soundtrack that Black athletes refuse to acknowledge and are cursed out for it, while the true American hero who took a knee remains unemployed and shamed for fighting the injustice of his community.

Donald Trump isn’t just taking our dollars, he’s taking out Black and Brown lives, with the assistance of complicit workers and weak-minded observers— and the consequences will re-define what it really means to be American in an America that is no longer.

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