This is how White people treat Brown people

Why President’s Trump’s Migrant Agenda Will Destroy The GOP For Good

When Donald Trump pompously made his presidential candidacy official back in June 2015, the reality TV star and trust fund man-baby had already displayed his penchant for relentlessly demonizing the Black and Brown population.

His tweeting game didn’t just develop after he took the oath of office. Trump never hid his racist tendencies, and that boldness to be outrightly uncouth proved to be the winning ticket.

This habitual practice extended to the first-ever Black president of America; as the now self-professed White nationalist publicly harassed the thorn in his side by claiming that the impossibly handsome and incredibly charismatic Black man with all the credentials for success, was actually harboring strong ties to Islamic militant groups.

Trump relied on Obama’s middle name “Hussein,” which he hyped up with the incentive of boosting the ridiculous birther conspiracy, which his foreign-born wife ironically championed, despite a heavy accent, and the now ill-fated #BeBest initiative that is supposedly geared towards ending cyberbullying.

While Trump was vilifying the President of the United States, he gained assistance from other bigoted Republicans like Congressman Steve King, and disgraced businessman and politician Carl Paladino, who are notably and vividly repulsive when it comes to racially-offensive insults that were ceremoniously aimed at the former First Couple.

The GOP seems to have perfected the art of turning a blind eye when it comes to the blatancy of how the Whiteness that defines their mission statement, also manages to endorse the dehumanization of non-Whites.

Nobody wanted to visualize the prospect of Donald Trump’s presidency, but it didn’t take very long for his popularity to soar, as media outlets evoked the climate of fascination, that readily embraced a thug, who was unlike anything we had ever seen during a presidential campaign.

This explains why CNN infamously captured the imagery that was meant to propel the Trump brand, because the hope was that if he were to win, the news cycle would never be the same.

Candidate Trump wasted no time feeding into the frenzy of a divisive nation that was polarized beyond measure by an increasing level of dysfunction, that permitted the ascension of the unleashed antidote to the law and order, that President Obama had tried and apparently failed to permanently secure.

America was more than ready for a drastic shift towards unruliness that breeds the unconventional tactics of a woefully misbehaved White man, who has become the shocking savior of a desperate party; filled with White people who are willing to support the rise of a White supremacist — to the highest office in the land.

Trump infused the logic of systemized racism before and during his campaign, and the currency of his rhetoric resonated with his growing White worshippers who felt validated and celebrated; as well as the media, who couldn’t believe the luck of never-ending coverage.

We knew the GOP was the party for proud racists when Trump’s disgusting rant against Mexicans didn’t evoke the push back response from Republicans, who cowardly allowed a presidential candidate to freely express his disdain for Black and Brown people in the most vile manner.

Aside from this gem about Mexican immigrants:

Trump also has a vast collection of tweets that are dedicated to his quest to build the “beautiful wall,” that will once and for all thwart the entry of “rapist”and “drug dealers,” that are hell bent on destroying the purity and sovereignty of White America.

Donald Trump’s victorious lap wasn’t necessarily unexpected when you consider the vomit-inducing climate of the 2016 elections, and how the embarrassing array of contentious elements, that would’ve been taboo back when we didn’t exist for clicks and traffic numbers — seemed to enhance the visibility of a candidate who saw the national event as the competition of a lifetime.

The moment the GOP gave Trump the keys to The White House, all bets were off.

The sinking feeling of what was to come was swiftly delivered with the deadly riots in Charlottesville, and how the newly-minted Commander-in-Chief vehemently insisted on cleansing the soiled reputation of White supremacists, who he deemed as “very fine people.”

We have invested two years in this toxic administration that has diligently labored to enforce the bigoted themes that have led to a sharp rise in hate crimes — resulting in the season of hell for non-Whites.

From the utter embarrassment of the European tour that grossly featured the leader of the free world rejecting the responsibilities of his station in favor of deplorably shaming the allyship that used to be sustained under dignified agreements; to the bromance with Russia’s murderous dictator at the expense of U.S. intelligence — Trump triumphantly returned home and was greeted by defeated party members who cautiously avoided condemnation.

But the worst of it was the global outcry that followed the inhumane treatment of migrants that extended to Brown children being savagely tossed in cages after forced separation from their helpless parents.

Trump was successfully keeping his promise of #MakingAmericaWhiteAgain — at all costs.

The crucial component was to continue the signature delivery that purposely renders Black and Brown as products of shithole legacies, that can’t be allowed to infect the ambitious agenda of diminishing the threats of extinction — facing White America.

The GOP has never bothered to collectively step up in the name of decency and humanity, during the sickening playbook of an administration that was spearheaded by the damaging characteristics that are forever embedded in its blueprint.

We know beyond any doubt, that Republicans are racist bastards, who aren’t interested in convincing us otherwise. Trump is the dangerous mastermind holding his party hostage, and that ceaseless power will wreak havoc in ways that will be tragically irrevocable.

The president’s euphoria dictates his allegiance to spreading the virus of hate whenever he’s at the stained pulpit, pleading to his idiotic base to maintain and stroke the biased motives, that will inevitably get him re-elected in 2020.

That explains why he returned to that over-rehearsed rhetoric during the mid-term elections by intensifying his hateful messaging with buzzwords about the approaching “caravan,” overflowing with “criminals” and how the U.S. of A was about to be overrun by an avalanche of Brown-skinned rejects with rap sheets as documents for entry.

Trump misuses his authority by distorting the office of the presidency with weaponry of falsehoods as the surefire way to galvanize the mood of White voters, who truly believed in the impending assault of diseased maniacs furiously approaching the border with brutish intentions.

Weeks later, and we are now accommodating the evidence of how America the Beautiful is capable of unfiltered ugliness in the form of deadly attacks against migrants at the US-Mexico border.

U.S. authorities have resorted to extreme measures with the backing of the president and his henchmen, who have all conspired to elevate the conspiracy theory that reiterates the sub-human qualities of the lawless and ultra-violent Brown species, who are attempting to bring chaos and mayhem into the landscape of blissful civilization.

The reasoning behind the tear gassing allegedly stems from testimonies that insinuate attacks from herds of Brown-skinned rebels, who tossed stones at positioned agents — according to the US Customs and Border Protection.

And since the president clearly stated that lethal force should be used in retaliation to stone-throwing by the “criminals” at the border — it appears the U.S. authorities took him seriously.

Trump once casually stated to the fact that he would gladly accept immigrants from Norway, and he never had to explain why.

The almost 7,500 Brown migrants that have arrived at the border can’t be lazily categorized in the generic footage that Fox News staples, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Wicked Witch of America, Laura Ingraham, energetically shared in the days leading to the mid-terms.

And even the president’s tweet, a week before the midterms, that contained an old video of a migrant defiantly bragging about his murderous exploits in court, can’t be fairly hailed as the commonality that targeted migrants share.

Most have escaped precarious situations that present unlivable circumstances, that inspire the option to seek a better way of life for the sake of sanity, and the mental and physical health of their children. A lot of them are running away from the violence in Honduras, while a good amount are exiting the perilous environments of El Salvador and Guatemala — and the goal is to end up in a much-better scenario.

But they have instead been met with deadly resistance from a country that has now been logged as guilty in the realm of extreme violence against innocent women and children, who had to flee for cover once the tear gas from militant border agents overwhelmed the air.

The uproar from the humans amongst us didn’t remotely incite regret from the heathens of this criminally-inclined administration, as the soldiers for Trump defend the unfathomable and illogical mandate from a heartless and incompetent monster.

The spineless Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, quickly issued a series of tweets that echoed how the “lawlessness” of the migrants led to the ill-advised decision to resort to tear gassing.

Ron Colburn, the current president of the Border Patrol Foundation, recently appeared on Fox News to offer his expertise on the unfolding disaster, and his contribution was markedly revolting.

Trump apparently got the memo about this special brand of “all-natural” tear gas that’s so “safe” that the migrants could use it to replace the hearty cheese in a platter of “nachos.”

We’ve also been fed the lies of how migrants are using kids as body shields, which is absolutely ludicrous. And the best has to be the unfailing narrative of how these “criminals” are willing to risk the lives of children in an effort to unlawfully invade a country that refuses to let them in based on where they’re from and what they look like.

In the midst of strong voices from critics that have proven their flesh and blood features, Trump remains steadfast in his convictions, and obstinately unapologetic when challenged with the notion that women and children at the border weren’t able to escape the ghastly consequences from the potent exposure to a substance that is generally described as:

A chemical weapon that causes severe eye and respiratory pain, skin irritation, bleeding, and even blindness. In the eye, it stimulates the nerves of the lacrimal gland to produce tears.

This agent is anything but “safe” or “natural,” and it contains a lot more than just plain water, pepper, and and a small dose of alcohol. There’s no such thing as a “reduced-level tear gas” or the “all-natural” option that migrant children can breathe in without experiencing serious symptoms that accompany such exposure.

And Trump’s deflection that returns us to the rhetoric that justifies the gassing of “stone cold criminals” who are storming infrastructures at the border with human shields, and propped up migrant children — inhaling the bulk of the gassing — is the never-ending fictional offering that seals the bloody legacy of the GOP.

There’s no doubt Trump’s migrant agenda will destroy the GOP for good.

The criminalization of our governmental epicenter may be rescued once the Democrats seize back the House, but the ominous presence of a White supremacist with authoritarian preferences will still ignite future disorganization that won’t be rectified.

Republicans have direly submitted to the weakness that will finally bury them into a merciless pulp of destabilized relics, that assemble to spend eternity mopping a smelly mess — that can’t ever be efficiently sterilized or deodorized — no matter the slathering of solutions.

The GOP is done, and the crisis of our lifetime will forever mark this deplorable party with the nationalized symbol of our discontent.

The mere fact that the United States can comfortably weather the imagery of migrant women running with their children as the blast of tear gas chase them to the corners where refuge isn’t enough — is the ultimate crime and punishment exacted on those who are cruelly paying the price that systemized bigotry affords them.

The racist Republicans have blood on their hands, and their president will surely endure what history levies on villainous figures, who got exactly what they deserved when Whiteness wasn’t White enough to rehabilitate them.

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