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This is what “tremendous” looks like for the sacrificed

Why President Trump’s Charred Speech to The African Union, Is Deplorably Privileged

He applauses the burning flames grazing the continent’s finest

Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America. When you quit tweeting and just let the words formulate your anguish — you may catch yourself embodying emotions that seem oddly familiar.

All the worlds a stage and the players are working overtime for our benefit.

Trump’s entertainingly shitty debut at the UN General Assembly 2017 — has been outlandishly satirized, scrutinized and paralyzed with the markings of online scholars — who have once again brilliantly exhausted every analysis possible — for why a privileged White man with too much power — mocks the awesome responsibility of it.

Elton John’s beloved hit Rocket Man has aggressively skyrocketed into the passion of the moment. It’s still trending — and the meaning behind Trump’s bestowed label on the kid that’s holding North Korea hostage — can be summed up in any way you prefer — but the fact remains that instead of a globally-revered leader with the temperance of a pro — we have the best that show business can muster.

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He’s got the look

Honestly, I wouldn’t even bother entering the territory of wordplay — in a bid to continue the ceremony of Trump’s Greatest Hits. But his latest assault hits too close to home.

Africa. Nigeria, to be specific. I come from a country that has been torn asunder by bribery and corruption — a byproduct of the attacks from White men who taught us how to maim ourselves with the spirit of betrayal.

The Federal and local Government in developing countries — give their salivating officials access to the pipelines of resources — as the trading continues with external forces that always pay enough to retain power over the weaklings — both at home and abroad.

There is also the matter of colonialism — that is still shrouded in the maddening narrative that the Westerners were merely seeking to instruct the natives on the proper way of existing. The only way was to wipe off built-in customs and replace languages with the Queen’s tongue.

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Africa was raped

The brutal cleansing of traditions that were sprung from the primal branches of earth and sky — is still a haunting reminder of how the White man attacks — when there is imminent threat of culture and gods. The notion that scurried indigenes were forced to surrender in order to allow their invaders — the privilege of dominating what was stolen — is still a practiced rule.

In parts of Nigeria — particularly the Niger Delta — where the oil is sleek and the stakes are high — the bidders from industrialized nations are grotesquely expanding poisonous cesspools in villages that are paying the highest price imaginable for their unfortunate proximity to acute greed.

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Massacred regions, at the hands of the privileged and the leaders who kill their own

In other parts of the world — the war rages on as the Leaders of the Free World continue to support the charred evidence of funding wells that swell the pockets of the ultra-wealthy — stationed at skyscrapers — that maintain that height by vastly dismissing the vulnerable.

These are the moneybags that Trump refers to in his speech to the African Union during a luncheon that turned into shit show — as he attempted to acknowledge the “economic progress the continent has made.”

Trump the businessman — who always registers the code of dollars and cents as the preferred default — proceeded to praise “Africa’s tremendous business potential,” by inferring how the robustness of riches is consistently attracting the privileged — who like him — seek ventures that keep them safely immune to the virus that impales un-Americans.

“Africa has tremendous business potential. I have so many friends going to your countries, trying to get rich. I congratulate you. They’re spending a lot of money. But it does — it has a tremendous business potential and representing huge amounts of different markets. And for American firms it’s really become a place that they have to go — that they want to go.”

Aside from the countless number of times the word “tremendous” was exercised and the snafu of Namibia being renamed — “Nambia” — Trump’s speech was a potent transcript of cluelessness at the pleasure of a high-earning performer — who gave the thumbs-up to African leaders who’ve shamelessly sacrificed their population for the sake of keeping the rich — richer.

It’s not like I’ve never succumbed to the hilarity that ensues whenever our Commander-in-Chief is comically-rendered — but, for me — the buck ends here.

There will be no more SNL engagements or the like. I’m currently honing in my adherence to the seriousness of the years we still have to weather — under the unnerving regime of a very poorly constructed character that has become the currency for newsworthy fare.

He performs and we marvel at his audacity — they perform — and we’re dazzled by the brilliance of those that eagerly recreate our hell for ratings and Emmys.

The normalization of an extreme personality — who refuses to dutifully challenge the deadly motives of White supremacists — thereby endorsing their beliefs — and willfully widening the gap of racial divide — is no laughing matter.

Neither was the President’s disgraceful speech to the African Union — that was deplorably privileged — as he used the once dignified platform to encourage the ongoing pledge — to keep the status quo active in the fields where the penniless are abused for their weariness.

How can it be that we’re entertained by the buffoonery of a stylized buffoon — who earned his stripes by robbing the poor to feed the rich — as a roaring audience of revelers who hate him enough to love him — keep track of how many clicks certify another profitable cycle.

The showmanship of Trump will be a never-ending parade — headed by the mothership — monitoring the privilege of the White guy in The White House — that is currently subbing as the most prestigious location yet for the reality show of the century.

But, for me — the jokes end when nothing refutes the fact that Donald Trump is indeed the President of the United States of America.

That kills it for me. What about you?

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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