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Why President Trump Is The Murderer-In-Chief

The last day of Passover ended in gun violence. The shooting massacre at the Chabad of Poway Synagogue, in Poway, CA, that killed 1 and injured 4 others, occurred within hours after the president attended an NRA convention in Indianapolis. Trump displayed his signature moves by issuing threats to those who challenge his questionable antic, while pleading allegiance to an organization that maintains wealth and power with the guaranteed blood flow from the children of America.

Donald Trump was elected Commander-in-Chief, but in reality he plays the role of Murderer-in-Chief with more passion and zeal.

In early April of this year, it was confirmed that the House Judiciary Committee, headed by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, plans to delve into the national crisis that has turned the nation into a hotbed for homegrown domestic terrorism; ever since the 2016 elections birthed the ascension of a White nationalist, who evidently swore to Make America Great Again, by championing hate-filled rhetoric as our mother tongue.


“There was 17 percent increase in reported hate crimes nationwide from 2016 to 2017.” “And according to FBI hate crime statistics from 2017, there were over 900 incidents of alleged anti-Jewish hate crimes that year, as well as 273 incidents of alleged anti-Muslim hate crimes, over 1,000 incidents of anti-LGBTQ hate crimes, and over 2,000 incidents of anti-black hate crimes.”

We can flaunt the damning statistics and colorful graphs for added measure, but the truth is that we don’t need to see any of that to be convinced of the gravity of this intensely troubling trend, that Trump and the GOP are helping to foster, with the demonic influence of false prophets, also known as evangelicals.

At least once every couple of weeks, there’s another quote from a member of this trifling administration that emphatically declares Trump’s presidency as the immaculate work of God.

We heard it from Mike Pence, Sarah Sanders, and even Mike Pompeo, and there will be more of those garbage testimonies to come from the blinded flock, as we get closer to hellfire of the 2020 elections.

Aside from the obviousness of how Trump’s victory revealed the busted sores of discontent that had been festering for a lot longer than most of us realized; there’s also the irony of how Christianity can be nefariously utilized as the weapon of choice for hate-mongers, who willfully transform the Lord, our God into a menacing figure of doom, who is faithful only to those who devalue his name in vain.

There is no doubt that Trump’s presence in The White House has excited the deadliness of White nationalism, and given White supremacists the empowerment to legitimize the presence of hate groups on the web, with rapid expansion of global networks that create the intricate outreach, that’s necessary to execute terrorist attacks at specific venues of worship.

Or the attacks can take place on the streets of America, under the tutelage of armed bandits, who are on standby when it comes to pummeling bullets into the bodies of Black teenagers. We also have White males roaming around with knives, in search of young Black women to slice open. There’s also the gang of White teenagers, who planned to blow up a Muslim enclave in Islamberg, NY.

We could go on and one about the incidences that feature two upstanding members of a community being shot at point blank range near a grocery store in Louisville, Kentucky by a White supremacist, killing in the name of #MAGA.

The murders of Maurice Stallard and Vicki Lee Jones, was barely reported, due to the urgency of the shooting massacre at the Pittsburgh synagogue, that transpired a couple of days later, taking the lives of 11 people.

These horrific crimes are tragically commonplace, which makes it difficult to keep up with the school shootings that have occurred since Sandy Hook became the blueprint of how America devours its young without leaving any crumbs.

Days after the Valentines Day massacre of 2018 at Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 dead, and 17 others injured, the Murderer-in-Chief met with shell-shocked students who had survived the unimaginable, as well as the still victimized survivors and bereaved parents, representing the notable Columbine (1999) and Sandy Hook (2012) shootings.

The televised event was a heartbreaking testimony of how gun violence has become the primary mode of communication for White terrorists, who are able to swiftly gather firearms that should never be accessible with that level of ease, and without the thorough vetting process that would efficiently weed out the deranged pile from responsible buyers.

Trump’s robotic responds to the unfiltered pain and frustration on display was the warning sign that nothing tangible was going to result from the meeting between a desperate crowd of broken hearts, and a cold-hearted killing machine, who lovingly breaks bread with the likes of Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and Saudi’s Crown Prince.

A little over a year after the Parkland massacre, the headlines blared with the stunning confirmation that 2 of the high schoolers who miraculously escaped the fate of their dead classmates, had taken their own lives, after battling the crippling effects of emotional duress in the aftermath of an incident that no American child should have to entertain — under any circumstances.

There was also another noteworthy demise that recalled the blasphemous shooting inside a classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School, that housed the precious lives that were mercilessly slaughtered by a high-powered rifle.

Jeremy Richman, who spent the years after his little girl’s murder, immersed in activism by advocating on behalf of mental health initiatives, while managing a foundation in his daughter’s name, was sadly found dead by suicide, almost a month ago.

Trump only recognizes the national tragedies that he can’t afford to ignore because of the promise to his base about keeping out Black and Brown thugs from Whiteness.

His son-in-law and favorite daughter are both Jewish, and so he releases half-assed statements each time a synagogue is hit by domestic terrorism.

The Murderer-in-Chief rejects the responsibility of acknowledging the horrors that hit other communities who’ve been targeted with the same bullets of hate, because of their expendability, and how those losses are a win for his base of White nationalists, who voted for him on the basis that Muslim-Americans, and the Black and Brown population would be vanquished — accordingly.

This is why the burning of the 3 historically Black churches in St. Landry Parish in Louisiana by a White male terrorist was never mentioned by Trump or his cabinet of co-conspirators. Even the breathy-voiced “Mother Teresa” replica of White feminism, Ivanka Trump, who was recently the vibrant subject of a sprawling essay by The Atlantic, where she was praised for being White enough to stay White despite the filthiness of her station — remained dutifully silent about the terrorism that scorched a Black community.

Of course when Notre-Dame de Paris was on fire, there wasn’t a dry eye in the House of Horrors that used to be The White House, as statements of prayer and sympathy chimed with dedication to the supremacy of a symbolic object that indisputably demands humanness.

As Europe and other parts of the world come to terms with the rampant spread of hate crimes that are exacerbated by the traitorous mechanics of social media platforms; there’s the general acceptance that as long as Trump is free to commandeer the messaging of a poisonous rhetoric, that offers the potency of punishing those who don’t fit the requirements of #MAGA, the season of high-risk status will continue indefinitely.

The President of the United States of America is a murderer, who doesn’t need to be the on the run because his crimes against humanity are performed in full view of the world.

Just the other day, a tweet containing graphic content, depicting the terrorist attacks of 9/11, in the form of the burning towers, with the mandated inclusion of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar as the mascot of Islamic extremist groups, was deposited by Trump as a “pinned tweet.”

The nauseating material that was not only an inappropriate act by someone who shits all over his titles as “leader of the free world,” but also a life-threatening assault on a Muslim-American Black woman, who was is already fielding calls for her immediate death by #MAGA minions — drew ire from Twitter users and cautious disapproval from cowardly Democrats (excluding the radicals, Tliab, Pressley, Ocasio-Cortez.

The best of the bunch was the end result from the phone call that Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey had with Ilhan Omar to briefly discuss her nightmarish brush with death at the hands of the Murderer-in-Chief, who also met with the Silicon Valley titan around the same time.

Dorsey delivered the mind-blowing assessment of how Trump’s terrorizing of Omar didn’t at all break the codes of conduct. Apparently, there’s nothing remotely criminal about blatantly violent attacks being levied on a Twitter user by a verified White supremacist because if the grossly negligent company were to take dangerous activities of White people who abuse non-White people seriously — a lot of very important White guys will lose their privileges.

The lives of #MAGA rejects aren’t worth the hassle.

And so we have to just take it. We have to contend with this hate-absorbent climate, and expect that the GOP and weak-minded Democrats will continue to downplay the weekly imagery that tally the added lives that are succumbing to America’s preferred pastime.

While bulldozing his way though the campaign trail back in 2016, Trump proudly told his crowd of haters that he could shoot someone in broad daylight, and calmly walk away unscathed.

We are now witnessing the glorification of the currency of Whiteness, that permits a White man to gleefully observe the bloodied landscape of his creation get bloodier, while those who have the power to choke away his authority are content with irresponsibility of ignoring this national emergency.

Hate crimes will remain the assigned staple that will never be denounced because #MAGA country won’t stand for their Supreme leader’s misplaced priorities. He must fuel the desires of White males who are willing to carry out his murderous directives.

America has spoken. The Murderer-in-Chief is unstoppable. Period.

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