Why President Trump Calling Omarosa “A Dog” Is Bothersome

Omarosa Manigault-Newman is probably the most hated Black woman in America. And while that distinction might be warranted, due to questionable behavior that runs the gamut from betraying her own people to work for a president who was elected based on his allegiance to White supremacy — to purposely breaking protocol by taping incriminating conversations after signing a confidentiality agreement — we have much bigger issues to dissect here.

President Trump seems to take immense pleasure utilizing social media platforms as a tool to perfect the hobby of being the designated societal bully. As the Commander-in-Chief, we would rightfully assume that the enormous weight of his station would keep him pre-occupied with matters of national security as well as global emergencies that are currently vibrating the foundation of our existence.

It’s breathtakingly frightening to fathom how a man who barely glances at daily briefs, and spends virtually all of his time tweeting a barrage of nonsensical jargon, can be bequeathed with the duty of making life-altering decisions on behalf of a nation, that he’s torn apart with his mere presence.

Despite the recent tragedy of the airstrike in Yemen, that was implemented by the Saudis with the backing of the U.S., that took the lives of over 40 children under the age of 10, after the missiles struck a school bus — Trump’s administration is hell bent on remaining silent by opting not to address the deadly attack.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, had a lengthy and in depth conversation with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and while they spoke about mutually beneficial topics, there was no official mention or statement by Pompeo, about the bombings that massacred young lives — caught in the crossfire of political interests.

This basically illustrates the toxicity of the American government, under the tutelage of a divisive and hateful leader, who cares only about the health of his ego and how that dictates the narrative of his leadership.

This leaves us leaderless, and at the mercy of a privileged and over-pampered White male, who had no intentions of fulfilling the dignity of the office of the presidency, because his ambitious agenda was only meant to prove how he could buy his title and keep it, without exerting the level of intelligence and dignity that is required.

Trump hired Omarosa because she was loyal, and said “great things” about him. It’s vital for him to be surrounded by idiotic puppets, with mannerisms like Mike Pence, because that’s the only way the cowardly lion can garner enough energy to roar his way through his daily schedule.

And now that the president is getting a bitter taste of his own medicine in the form of a former employee, who’s accusing me of shit we already knew, a new war has been initiated, and this new captain of the ship isn’t standing down. There’s a collection of evidence in the form of books, audio, and witnesses, that suggest the very worst about a man who curses out Black athletes, because they refuse to yield to an anthem that doesn’t include how Black lives matter.

Trump’s counterattack has been expectedly swift and direct, as he rambles on about the latest form of betrayal and how the “wackiness” of the “lowlife” that he mistakenly trusted, aptly explains her present state of mind.

Again, we’re all unimpressed with Omarosa’s quest to destroy the man that she swore wasn’t racist, but simply “racial” in his approach to Black people. She energetically used her platform to praise the antics of a White supremacist, at the expense of her ailing community, and her contribution to his validity can’t ever be glazed over or even forgiven.

However, when the President of the United States is allowed to call a Black woman a dog on Twitter, that’s when we have to pause and wonder how and why this is acceptable behavior by the leader of the free world.

This is certainly not the first time that Trump has been precise in his insults and threats against Black women. He executed those actions with California Congresswoman, Maxine Waters, who has been committed to the mission of shaming him for his brutality against people of color, even when he’s aware of how his words exacerbate the racial tension that results in casualties.

Waters is fearless in her presentation, and this resistance to follow other liberals in “playing nice” or exhibiting the lackluster approach of being neutral resulted in Trump’s full on assault. This includes mocking the “low IQ” and “craziness” of the Black woman who better “watch herself,” because she might get what she’s asking for if she continues to “call for harm of supporters of #MAGA movement” — the very “movement” that hosts Unite The Right rallies and terrorizes Black people under the legal banner of White supremacy.

Trump calling Omarosa a dog is the epitome of overt racism that once again draws from the playbook of likening Black women to animals as a way to dehumanize us. When disgraced comedian Roseanne Barr posted the tweet that ended her career by comparing Valerie Jarret to a primate, there was a very good reason why ABC did the only thing that could be done in response to something vile.

Outlets are tackling the president’s supremely offensive remarks with the notification that Omarosa isn’t the only woman whose been identified as “a dog,” because of how actress Kristen Stewart also suffered the same humiliation when he weirdly inserted himself in the relationship woes of two young movie stars.

“She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again — just watch. He can do much better!”

Yes, Trump did mention “dog” in his inappropriate tweet, but the difference is that he didn’t actually call the actress “a dog,” but instead stated that her actions as a cheater made her the aggressor and instigator of the demise of her relationship — the way we say, “he’s a dog!” whenever we talk about guys who repeatedly stray.

In the case of Omarosa, he purposely referred to her as a dog. He didn’t insinuate that her displayed behavior was “doggish,” he hit below the belt in the way that arouses the strong suspicion that this was racially-motivated.

Here’s the thing, I’m not a fan of Omarosa, but I do find it interesting that White pundits, particularly women, are enthusiastically demonizing her, especially when someone as deplorable as Hope Hicks seems to escape that avalanche of venomous criticism.

Hicks worked for this toxic administration as the communications craftswoman, and while she was active, she had a handful of very impressive write ups, that were curated to heighten her value as a young woman with model-looks, who comes from a privileged background and uncannily managed to woo her way into the heart of a beast.

She was recently in the news for her participation in one of Trump’s rallies, and those events have become a battleground as his supporters outrightly attack representatives of targeted outlets like CNN, that have been labeled as Fake News by their “Fuhrer” — who is relentless in his assignment of systematically demeaning the mainstream media, despite the potentially deadly consequences.

Hicks manages to seamlessly dwell under the radar, as a co-conspirator of Trump’s poisonous mission statement — but Omarosa is effectively caught in the storm of disapproval — across the board.

I’m not absolving her from the reckless role she’s played in the same administration, but I can’t ignore how once again White women who are guilty beyond reason, are still able to remain sanitized from the soot that should weigh them down.

We see this with Melania Trump and her step-daughter Ivanka Trump — as mainstream outlets like The New York Times — find creative ways to humanize their stations.

Omarosa isn’t an innocent woman caught in the storm of her discontent, but she also doesn’t deserve to be feted by historical renderings, that aim to publicly draw attention to how Black women are vulnerable, when it comes to having our physicality contemptuously ridiculed by White men.

Calling her a dog is unacceptable and angers me as a Black woman, who takes that insult very personally.

Some Black men are quick to point out their disdain for Omarosa, and flat out refuse to defend her in light of this latest scandal, but I disagree with their willingness to ignore this blatantly derogatory comment.

You can be angry as fuck at someone who did a lot of shit to undermine the efforts of her own people, and still stand up for what’s right, regardless of the crime that was committed, because at the end of the day, you’re not just sticking up for her, you’re also fighting for the dignity and respect of Black women.

As a Black woman, I’m appalled that the president of a country that I call home is allowed to use hateful language on a social media platform — without consequences.

He’s demonstrated his bigotry by firing shots at people of color, and this was a ritual even before his presidency.

When he called Mexicans “rapists” and “murderers” and then promised to use immigration as the preferred weapon against people from “shithole” countries — pundits of color were readily assembled by CNN, MSNBC, etc to break down the filthy mouth of the man who eventually became president.

But that’s where the punishment ends.

Trump is still free to be a celebrated bigot, and while it’s become a normalized practice, I will never get used to his ability to publicly devalue the worth of a Black woman — even if that woman’s first name is Omarosa.

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