These one-on-one sessions didn’t age well for the Cuomo brothers

Why Political Extremes May Be Here To Stay

Embattled New York City governor Andrew Cuomo is currently weathering the other side of the coin that saw him being hailed as an American hero, and strong contender for the highest office in the land, based on his highly favorable approach to guiding the hardest hit city in the nation through the scariest season of an unprecedented health crisis.

Cuomo’s popularity soared during the darkest months of a global pandemic, thanks to the high-visibility appearances on his younger sibling’s nightly show on CNN — Cuomo Prime Time — where the two brother’s indulged in playful banter that seemed to provide light-hearted distraction from the horrors of a diseased world.

Governor Cuomo was able to publicly reaffirm his pledge to lead his ailing city out of the depths of hopelessness, while also consoling the younger Cuomo who was diagnosed with the coronavirus, and managed to maintain the work requirements of a TV show from the basement of his Hampton’s abode, as he battled sickly symptoms.

Somehow the Cuomo brothers were able to seamlessly dramatize their notable roles in a real-life soap opera, set against the backdrop of a national catastrophe almost, almost every night of the week with strong themes of selflessness and pure dedication to the cause of survival on behalf of themselves and the ones that hold them to high esteem.

This time last year was the beginning of the trending streak that gave the Cuomo brothers mass appeal on a level that invited side-eying from conservatives and unyielding adoration from spellbound liberals, including A-listers like comedian/late-night talk show host Chelsea Handler, who had no shame in her quest to score a future date with New York City’s most eligible bachelor.

There were also the daily news conferences that were meant to be sobering updates reinforcing the seriousness of a deadly virus, and confirming why following the CDC guidelines despite the misleading narrative from the Trump administration had to be mandatory.

Instead, it became more about assessing the magnetic charisma of Gov. Cuomo, and the concentration on his sexy intelligence, coupled with his uncanny coolness under pressure. His thunderous clap backs to his longtime nemesis, the Liar-in-Chief, definitely worked to the advantage of a former member of the Kennedy clan.

When it came to our household, I was alone in my disapproval of the way CNN was hosting the outright epitome of nepotism with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s free indulgence in the enviable PR strategy via his brother Chris, who incessantly showered praises on his illustrious guest, who was dutifully preserving the excellence of their family dynasty.

Likewise, the governor made sure to seize the opportunity of his prime time exposure to remind riveted viewers of his younger brother’s health challenges, which heroically didn’t threaten his ability to do the job, but rather encouraged the desire to utilize his misfortune as an informational tool for spectators.

Those around me were smitten by the charming Cuomo brothers, who were both strategically stationed to help anchor the unfolding of this historic era, but I thought the outlandish display of privileged siblings willfully maximizing valuable air time to boost their self-interests was somewhat inappropriate and the perfect trapdoor for a possible downfall.

Fast forward to the present, and those tables have violently flipped with the result of debris scattered about.

It turns out that the superstar politician who was once touted as a likely presidential candidate, due to his superhero flexes that allegedly saved NYC from the worst case scenario after the abrupt arrival of a global pandemic, isn’t actually the anointed savior that he was professed to be.

For the past few weeks the growing scandal over the gross negligence that was levied on nursing homes in New York, that prompted an official inquiry into why the data illustrating deaths from COVID-19 was purposely withheld, has become another virus ravaging the once pristine reputation of the now sulking governor.

The infection of the governor’s discontent is rapidly spreading its venom, and unleashing updated items that reveal the darker side of Andrew Cuomo, who evidently possesses similar mafia-like traits that are typically related to how Donald Trump exerts his absolute power to threaten anyone who dares to question his motives.

The ongoing investigation launched by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office in Brooklyn will undoubtedly provide meaningful details to this mysterious coverup, but most importantly it could be the indisputable proof of why it’s never a good idea to be prematurely infatuated with influential figures, who are most certainly too good to be true, after the facade is ripped off.

It wasn’t that I disliked Andrew Cuomo, I mean I don’t even know the guy, but at the height of his celebrity, it was hard not to be resentful of the fandom that shielded both him and his brother, beyond reason.

It was so glaring that even the governor’s audacity to pen a book about his “Leadership Lessons From The COVID-19 Pandemic” didn’t seem to raise many eyebrows, despite the sheer pompousness of the celebrated author taking credit for lofty accomplishments before the actual job is done, and while the number of deaths from COVID was still rising.

Now that shit has hit the fan, with CNN, the workplace of the younger brother of a now controversial political figure, swiftly issuing a statement in acknowledgment of the vital role the network played in enabling Gov. Cuomo’s months-long PR tour — Democrats are scrambling to redefine the latest developments.

In my neck of the woods, some friends and family members cautiously recognize the precariousness of the situation that Gov. Cuomo has found himself in, but there’s still the need to hold back criticism, and even project the normalized extremes of politics by blaming this on a hit job by emboldened detractors, who couldn’t wait to ruin the lifespan of the Cuomo Family brand.

While I surely empathize with the disappointments that erupt when the harsh truth exposes the fallibility of personal heroes, there’s also the troubling observation of how the potency of Trumpism has lasted long enough to secure permanent fractures in the process of being able to hold our favorites accountable for their mishaps.

Political affiliations shouldn’t blind our vision from seeing the facts for what they are, as we become more informed and aware of the damning details.

But Donald Trump’s polarizing presence as the supreme leader of the criminalized GOP has inevitably forced Americans to pick sides with bitter conviction of how those with opposite palettes are enemies of the state.

The repercussions from the terrorizing four years of the Trump presidency has erased the dutifulness of comfortably critiquing members of our own party without the fear of baiting the imminent takeover of the other side of the aisle, which for Democrats would be the terrifying resurrection of Donald Trump.

Living in this era of extremes is both exhausting and foreboding, and there’s no telling how or when we will return to the moderate point of view that allows for healthy debates and the safety of recognizing how our heroes often fuck up, without being accused of selling out.

For now, American households will have to hold on for dear life, while relatives miraculously survive each other.

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