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Why Political Debates Aren’t Proof of Tangible Hope

Can we discuss how fucked up shit is right now?

Okay, please tell me I’m not the only grasping for any ounce of hope that Donald Trump won’t be afforded another four years, even though it’s abundantly clear that his chances are substantially increasing in his favor.

At this point in time, I’d rather not be American, but inflating my Nigerian heritage doesn’t do me any good, especially when the travel ban reinforces existing challenges. There’s also the lack of resources for decent living, thanks to diminished access to basic amenities. Don’t be fooled by the collage of Instagram accounts that tout prosperity, and Cardi B’s coerced loyalty and yearning for an honorable citizenship. Those falsehoods conveniently hide gross realities.

There’s also the major buzzkill of watching political debates play out at televised events and the banal of Twitter’s heated battles. It had exhausted me to the point of an indefinite hiatus from social engagements that required most of my time and energy.

The polarizing landscape of activity from the media when it comes to competing news organizations that do exactly the same thing in personalized ways, provides glaring evidence of how the bitter mistakes of 2016 will surely revisit 2020.

Fox News is dedicated to the 24/7 endorsement of our national terrorizer and his equally dangerous soldiers. CNN is committed to the all day/all night obsession with the same terrorizer.

If you hate Trump, you will love the outlets that speak that language and if you adore your Commander-in-Chief, your loyalty to his very own news channel will know no bounds.

There’s a sense of urgency that beckons like never before, as the division that continues to widen, is seemingly enveloping the barriers that have not only been crossed, but the defacement can’t be reversed.

The lined up Democratic presidential hopefuls are bursting with desperation and fury, as the heated competition for the nation’s top spot evolves into a somewhat entertaining reality show, that you can’t believe is actually real.

When you watch Amy Klobuchar’s unconvincing attempts at being presidential, you can’t help but wonder how on earth she’s managed to remain a contender in the absence of the more distinguished and authoritative former competitor, Kamala Harris.

We can certainly agree that the sobering loss of Harris from this uneven race is becoming more torturous as the months go by.

The slight appeal for Pete Buttigieg in the early days has drastically dimmed from the initial over-exposure, and the current wave of boredom at his routined “matter-of-fact” delivery, that echoes privileged scornfulness. His unwavering presence as a potential presidential candidate is rapidly becoming a source of annoyance.

Former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg is the epitome of what lots of money can buy at the expense of those who absolutely deserve fair representation, and the promise that as members of assaulted communities that are still in peril, we won’t be cursed with yet another impossibly wealthy “know-it-all,” who is accustomed to forcing his way into places he doesn’t belong.

Elizabeth Warren is having a decent run, and it’s not hard to figure out why she’s here to stay. Her winning streak has been enhanced by her no-nonsense approach, which was showcased in full force with her run-ins with Bernie Sanders, when she accused him of calling her liar. And most recently with her unapologetic attacks on Bloomberg’s checkered past.

But what about the complete package for the office of the presidency?

I’m not so sure I can see that clearly.

Bernie Sanders happens to be the strong contender, and given the hard work that he’s put in, we can attribute his success to the basics of life lessons. And while, we can’t deny his impressive record of accomplishments, there’s the petty element of how he’s yelling his way to the nomination.

Sanders isn’t particularly charismatic or even bearable to listen to, and that has a lot to do with his “cranky uncle” demeanor. He always seems to make sense, but the problem is that nobody wants to hear it.

As for wide-eyed Joe Biden, it’s clear that his patience is wearing thin, as he reluctantly obliges the mandatory steps that lead to the imminent transfer of Vice Presidency to Presidency

You can almost feel how much he detests the inflammatory process of having to defend what he truly believes is rightfully his for the taking, based on his notable attachment to the glorified Obama years.

Unfortunately, Biden’s heavy reliance on the era of the first-ever Black president will prove to be a lot more contentious and threatening than he might imagine. And his firm persistency coupled with visible signs of the strenuous road ahead, only incite the nagging doubts of his ability to realize great expectations.

Meanwhile, our presently rogue administration isn’t issuing any signs of wear and tear, thanks to the infectious showmanship of a heralded shit starter, who isn’t far off the mark when he pompously boasts about how he will illegally add more years to his criminalized operations.

The volume is too high, and even when presidential hopefuls rally round the compulsory talking points that are aimed at those of us who have way more to lose, the perfect performances that hit all the right notes, only pose more questions about the genuineness of coerced motives.

The topic of race is now a political toy that gets kicked around for the resounding applause that won’t be extended to the presentation of tangible results.

It’s hard to concentrate and take anything seriously when the circus that came to town and never left, drowns out the best intentions of fierce competitors, who are looking less fierce by the minute.

But don’t listen to me!

I’m just a disillusioned human, who literally hates everything and everyone for reasons that are sometimes too easy to articulate.

This isn’t a pathetic need to belittle the political process, after all, look how well we did the last time.

It’s just hard to believe in anything when shit is so fucked up.

Voting won’t do the trick, but we have to do whatever we can in the name of invisible faith, and if I have to revert back to Christianity, so be it.

Acting is my best quality.

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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