Why Police Brutality Is The American Way

There will never be an end to police brutality because America has normalized the tradition of accommodating graphic imagery depicting Black pain at its bloodiest. There will never be an end because law enforcement has an open pact that mandates extreme violence towards Black bodies; even when its a Black child playing with a toy gun in a park, or Black teenage girl in school, dragged down a flight of stairs and body slammed into the cold hard floor, or a Black teenage boy, who takes off running from the fear that hits him multiple times in the back.

Or in this latest episode that features a gory video showcasing a White cop exacting unnecessary force on a 15-year-old Black boy, after he disoriented his young victim with pepper-spray, and tackled him to the ground. The pummeling against the dusty hot concrete land, that was burning from the South Florida sun, was captured and downloaded for viral glory.

When the hashtags began to trend, my timeline became the unplanned host of shared content that contained descriptions of bloody pavements and the criminal activity by a White police officer, who had been called to break up a fight outside a local McDonald’s, and ended up being the terrorizer with a badge that endorses America’s favorite pastime.

The immediate reaction used to require participating in the online activism of tweeting and retweeting the evidence of non-stop brutality, that engages in the viable currency of Black pain, that is meant to enhance the chill factor of watching the unwatchable, as if you’re witnessing this type of crime for the first time ever.

You post with accompanied hashtags, verifying how White cops are getting away with murder on a daily basis without the appropriate disciplinary measures that could possibly put an end to an epidemic that knows no bounds.

Police brutality is flourishing with unceasing authority, and this societal disease is being championed by the media’s neutralized involvement, that’s propelled by the splashy images of Black pain, that yield enough clicks to skyrocket traffic for those monthly quotas.

The White officers that are put on blast by dedicated influencers who are once again forced to turn their massive platforms into makeshift protesting against systemic violence are never punished for their crimes.

These thugs in uniform are never stripped of their station for cruelty towards Black children, that can be categorized as the intention to kill an unarmed human being. These White bigots aren’t challenged to attend rehabilitation programs for anger management, and sentenced to at least a year of being under supervision if they hit the streets or indefinite desk assignments.

When they end up killing their prey, the illogical defense of reacting to the instinctual fear of Blackness, that overwhelms the supposed fragility of Whiteness, that reduces agile White men into scared little boys in ways that encourages shooting first and never asking why — is the winning formula that permits a jury of White cowards to dishonor Black souls with senseless acquittals.

The killing machine of America that fills the streets with Black blood that flows from head wounds and gun riddled bodies, and the screams of Black women who’ve been thrown out of vehicles and tossed to cemented flooring, is the gift that keeps giving to those who profit from the direness of this habitual obsession.

This epicenter of racial convergence that qualifies a White audience to gawk at the deadliness of one of their own towards helpless Black babies is advanced by the viral viewing of all eyes, with the pledge that this will continue to be the entertainment that unites all Americans in this weekly bloody sportsmanship.

When will it end?

Police brutality will not be a thing of the past until law enforcement takes this life-threatening virus seriously. There will have to be the complete understanding that Black lives matter enough for an overhaul, that creates an atmosphere of intolerance by those who have the power to reject current regulations, that reward White cops who destroy Black bodies with paid vacations and reassignments that promise more bloodshed.

What about the media?

The reportage of Black pain has become a delicacy that can’t be sacrificed for hardcore investigative results, that hold those who feed this climate of racial injustice accountable.

Outlets like HuffPost Black Voices employ White writers to publish the heart-wrenching details of police brutality with the lackluster curation that is expected from those who are privileged to deliver the notes from a safe distance, with not a single thing to lose or care about.

The normalization of these graphic occurrences that play out with repeated tendencies, has made it impossible to imagine a season when there will be a level of reverence that prevents viral videos from being used as click-worthy bait.

As for me, I am done sharing. I am done re-sharing. I am done posting. I am so done with relying on the cringe-worthy dramatization of Whiteness attacking Blackness, as the extra treat for those who need coaxing when it comes to serving up the desired empathy at the ultra-violence on display.

Maybe the humane response was never there because of the historical context of chained bodies and the acknowledgment by Whites that blackface is an admissible indulgence, which carries over to the play by play of Black pain, that’s always accessible for viewing with clicks.

We are tired of watching and commenting. We are tired of sharing and discussing. We are mighty tired of wondering when the shit will end and why nothing is being done to save Black bodies from public shaming and death.

America wants it this way, and that’s the way it will stay until the currency of Black pain depreciates.

In the meantime, you won’t get the videos from me.

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