Why Obama’s Speech Terrorizes The Lives of Muslim-Americans

President Obama delivered his speech on Sunday night in response to the tragic events that unfolded in San Bernardino, California the week prior. What happened was beyond fucked up as innocent lives were cut short by the acts of two people who were not Muslims despite the disgusting cover story by the even more deplorable New York Post.


The unspeakable acts that were carried out were not administered in Allah’s name and by no means represent what Islam stands for because it is simply not His will to have those who rise in response to the Call to Prayer — aimlessly storm a facility hours later and cowardly brutalize the lives of harmless strangers.

There is nothing in the Quran that encourages this way of thinking and like the Bible; there are elements to this holy text, which happens to be one of the most fascinatingly elegant words ever transcribed, that seem primal in delivery, but that is the evidential residue from centuries past.

It is the proof that these teachings are sacred and should be treated with honorable regard and not regulated to wilful interpretation.

But alas, humans are not perfect as both Jesus Christ and Mohammed dutifully remind us through piles of verses. They warn us that we are our own worst enemy — prone to immaculate destruction through irrational actions. That’s why we need the guidance and wisdom of the Almighty because only He alone can save us from ourselves.

Since the beginning of time, the thirst for blood has been the prevailing factor in all humans regardless of race, religion or creed. Slavery has been in effect for a lifetime. Moses can testify about what a pain it was to be tasked with the mission of leading the Israelites out of the hands of the wicked Egyptians.

Africans certainly have a lot to divulge about the crippling effects of being under the humiliating tutelage of white slave masters who till this day refuse to release their hold. People of color are still enslaved by whites, by their own community, and by the ghosts of a past generation still shedding tears and writhing with disbelief that mankind in their own likeness could turn against them so easily and with no mercy.

Yes, human beings are savage animals that will hunt, capture, and devour their prey. This sentiment is what keeps murderous extremists hot with passion as the adrenaline over the excitement they have initiated inspires more and more bloody conquests.

These “thugs’ as Obama so eloquently called them are winning. Their victory is sealed through you. You have given them the power to revel in their jackpot moments just by demanding a passenger on a plane to be removed because he looks like a Muslim or by absorbing Donald Trump’s doctrines when he suggests that Muslims are no longer allowed to enter a country that was founded on the scarred and bleeding backs of slaves.

Not to mention the indigenous population that were callously defeated and forced away from their land because they were deemed unworthy of such vast riches.

Yes, white people should be even more tolerant of Muslims because they have a lot to make up for and even though they are still yet to complete what they owe black people, which in all honesty is a debt that will never be repaid in full, they can start by leading the charge when it comes to giving Muslim-Americans a fucking break.

How dare he reduce himself to a puddle of nonchalance by publicly declaring that Muslims have the responsibility of teaching non-Muslims how to accept them without prejudice based on the actions of the ones that he clearly cited as “thugs”.

“But just as it is the responsibility of Muslims around the world to root out misguided ideas that lead to radicalization, it is the responsibility of all Americans- -of every faith- -to reject discrimination”.

The perfect copout — tied neatly in a demeaning bow. To say that I am thoroughly disappointed in Obama — is an understatement. As the leader of the “free world” he had the opportunity to securely and adamantly demolish any notions that Muslim-Americans are remotely related to the murderous rampages of terror groups that claim a religion that they no absolutely nothing about.

For Obama to imply that Muslim communities have the responsibility of educating and convincing skeptic Americans that they are not prone to violence and in fact share the same peace loving ideals that they do is absolutely ludicrous and appalling. What a crock of shit!

Muslim-Americans owe you nothing. They are law-abiding citizens who are trying to carve out their piece of a pie that quite frankly is dwindling in size. America is no longer prime real estate but it sure beats the hell out of Europe so we can expect that more foreigners who can’t live survive without their prayer mats will be attempting to come here to seek a better life.

And they deserve to do just that. Sorry Mr. Trump — I am almost certain you will win the presidency because the urgently zealous media has pretty much sworn you in but there is no way you can override the cemented statutes of our founding fathers.

But at least you have the gall to stand for what you believe in regardless of the backlash — even though I’m sure you are enjoying the uproar you’re inciting.

President Obama is a coward. He is no better than Boko Haram or “ISIS” — actually he’s worse. He has no backbone or commitment to a particular sector. He basically vacillates to wherever he can take cover while his citizens have to deal with being punished daily for their beliefs.

His speech was a complete fuck you to Muslim-Americans who were hoping to hear him steadfastly denounce any reasoning that hinders on their ability to operate in the capacity that other Americans are automatically granted.

Muslim-Americans are not supposed to spend their time proving that they are not criminals — just like you don’t have to be subjected to such nonsense when someone who shares your religious beliefs decides to shoot a bunch of people at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Just because Obama did a major disservice to Muslim-Americans doesn’t mean you have too. If you are truly proud to be an American — then show it.

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