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Getty Image from 2017

Why Nigeria Can Still Thrive, As Nigerians Are Sold Into Slavery and Stripped Of Their Organs

It’s a long-standing tradition

As a Nigerian-American I find no solace in my unique condition due to forces beyond my control. Residing in the States has turned into a full-blown nightmare under the guidance of a White supremacist dictator who enjoys spewing out racist rhetoric as a hobby.

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I know why Nigeria is able to watch its own perish without flinching but how can the rest of the world function?

How are privileged world leaders of so-called civilized nations and international agencies like the United Nations able to stomach the gut-wrenching images depicting Black bodies — waiting to be hacked into pieces for the thrill of bartering organs that have been harvested even before hearts stop beating?

I won’t protect the sanctity of my heritage any longer.

I’m denouncing the government of Nigeria with every ounce of my being and begging those who can override the inhumane treatment of my compatriots to please do so — without haste.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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