Tamron Hall

Why NBC is Foul For Exchanging Tamron Hall for Megyn Kelly

Okay, lets cut to the chase. I’m not a fan of Megyn Kelly. It started around the time when she callously proclaimed, during her distinguished tenure at Fox News that “Santa is White!”

It wasn’t the fact that she made this declaration on the air for the sake of a network that hypes “all things white” — it’s the way that she uttered the words and how emphatically she tried to console White kids in America that despite the threat of a potential “Black Santa” — they could rest assured that their hero of Christmastime will always be the fat, White fellow dressed in the velvet red and white costume.

She wore her White woman privilege like a badge of honor because, well, that’s exactly what you do when you are getting overpaid and being overexposed for the sake of a thriving and rewarding career that is nestled in a ratings game that needs to maintain an upward momentum.

Kelly, also adamantly disputed the possibility that Jesus Christ may not have been a White man. Like Santa, the symbol of purity in an acceptable form that transcends any level of scholarly scrutiny has to be assigned to the White race.

So, of course Megyn Kelly used her platform to champion the rights of her people by assuaging their fears and presenting the facts as they are or at least as they pertain to the superior race.

To be honest, like most people who handle Christianity with kid gloves, I don’t have much invested when it comes to the characters that represent the tradition of robotic adherence. I think Santa Clause is creepy as fuck, which is probably why children always look tortured whenever they are forced into the ritual of generic episodes for the sake of a perishable photo album.

Jesus Christ always seemed like a dashing fellow with his shoulder length dirty blond hair, bluish-green eyes and the halo hovering as evidence of divine intervention. If White people feel the need to stake their claim — I say let them have it. From where I’m sitting, it really doesn’t matter.

However, I will never forgive Megyn Kelly for using The Kelly File — her vehicle of choice when it came to wrecking havoc on the Black community — as a weapon of ill-will towards Black women — who unlike her — don’t have the security of a recognized code of conduct — that protects from the seething breath of hungry White men in uniform who are constantly on the prowl for fresh blood.

Kelly invited a Black law enforcement officer to her show because he was a bastardly coward who received enough compensation that guaranteed his grotesque betrayal. He devalued Sandra Bland’s basic rights and elevated the stance that a Black woman stopped by a White State Trooper — and persecuted for no damn reason other than the fact she is Black — deserves to be forcibly dragged out of her car, stamped into the concrete surface of the road and tossed into a cell — until whenever.

As a Black woman who saw herself in Sandra Bland and understood her frustration in the beginning and pain in the end, it was excruciating internalizing the casual dismissiveness of a White woman — who will never understand what it means to spend her entire life being her own life coach, mentor, and cheerleader.

She carelessly blamed Bland’s death on her questionable mental state which was meant to absolve any wrongdoing on the part of the motherfucker who pulled her over and punished her for being too smart and aware for her own good.

Black women die when they present themselves as warriors in the midst of a war they didn’t ask for and White women are given permission to wile out — and that’s only because they get to toss their hair and glow in the dark.

This is present times — and Donald Trump is president, which means that overt racism is now a highly valued skill set. His cabinet is building up to be a collage of vomit-inducing patriots that don’t reflect the spirit of a country that was built on the backs of law-abiding citizens.

People of color are being exchanged for White people who were born for the audacity of taking over at all costs.

The poison is leaking everywhere and unfortunately we all had something to do with how fast this virus spread.

That being said, it is inconceivable that a network like NBC could disregard its core audience by replacing Tamron Hall with Megyn Kelly — as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

This particular fuck up is proof that we as a nation seem to be transitioning into an era that is focused on only those that speak the language professed by Trump and his version of Darth Vader — Stephen Bannon.

Hall wasn’t fired; she rebuked her multi-million dollar offer and bounced. You can’t do the splits and break into “The Running Man” after being hit by a freight train.

Most are not pleased with this sealed deal and there is no doubt that people of color will bow out of this new deal out of respect and honor for the woman who embodied all the reasons why we matter — even when we are made to believe we don’t.

Clearly NBC doesn’t give two fucks about us. The focus is directed towards a portion of this country that needs the reassurance that America will be White again.

NBC is foul for replacing Tamron Hall with a woman that has been exalted for her bigoted tendencies and ability to mind-fuck a fucker who she helped to boost and bolster for the highest office in the land.

Consistency is key, and I used to admire this realization, but now it torments me.

If you are at all human — you should feel exactly the same way.

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