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Why Melania Trump’s Be Best Campaign Is Her Worst Enemy

Melania Trump is enjoying the presentation that paints the image of someone who is fascinatingly mysterious, and possibly not nearly as trifling as we imagine someone who is willingly partnered with the most deplorable individual in recent memory — would be.

Her White privilege allows her to be outfitted with this shield of relentless analysis, that always fails to adequately absolve her from unnerving complacency, which she wears like the jacket that carried the damning words heard all around the world.

No, Melania wasn’t tricked into wearing an accessory with the words: I Really Don’t Care, Do U? blazed across it when she decided to finally do her job by visiting the migrant children being tortured by the administration she serves.

And she absolutely didn’t do it to actively rebel against the President’s habitual need to demonize the dignity of migrants, by selling the generic rhetoric of how unworthy we are compared to the angelic options from Norway or any of the Scandinavian outlets.

This disturbing trend by mainstream media to to creatively absolve the first lady of the sins she commits on a daily basis by focusing on conveniently cryptic body language, and how those moves can be readily translated into her silently stoic method of vengefully punishing the man that she can’t wait to permanently break away from — is utterly absurd and offensive.

The New York Times and CNN have perfected this abhorrent treatment, with continual coverage that remains consistent in the misleading narrative of how Melania Trump should be hailed as “a quiet radical.”

She has enviably developed a strategic regimen that allows her to brilliantly play dual roles of devoted wife and the warrior-like White feminist — who is most certainly working behind-the-scenes to “quietly” destabilize the criminal activities of her husband’s toxic administration.

When the first couple commenced the first leg of what turned out to be a hellish tour of Europe, CNN prepared an essay that attempted to recall the absolute cool of Melania, and how it’s enhanced by the trusted eyewear that helps to evoke her cool, calm and collected disposition. And then there’s the appeal of her “quiet diplomacy,” and how she’s able to fluidly exert her “independence” with abrupt hand gestures, and the “sartorial choices” she makes with designer ensembles — that always say so much more than meets the eye.

What a shitload of shit!

First off, since when is being quietly complicit viewed as the banner of demonstrative feminism?

Perhaps, this safer mode of activism is permitted for White feminists since they’re able to be hailed as heroines for being able to escape the wrath of criticisms — that would ordinarily be assigned to their non-White counterparts.

It’s unfathomable that Michelle Obama would be feted with flowery think pieces that are aimed to keep her sanitized, despite her absence during her husband’s most potently incriminating episodes of operation — that involve caging Brown babies at the borders and showing public appreciation for White supremacists.

And now we’re supposed to once again buy the ludicrous theories being applied by ever loyal media outlets, that are hyping up her ambitious agenda for the Be Best campaign, as the first lady takes active steps to finally roll out the initiatives for an anti-bully crusade — that she’s clearly ill-equipped and unqualified to successfully implement.

We’re being seduced into believing the false narrative of how this is Melania Trump’s best move yet, because she could be using this campaign as the perfect weapon against the Troll-in-Chief, who happens to be her husband.

He’s also an overgrown diapered toddler, who uses social media platforms to terrorize those who dare to call him out on his bullshit.

This is apparently, the only reasonable way to cover the first lady’s official outing as the visible mascot for a cause that she’s supposedly very passionate about, but not enough to appropriately intervene when the president is feeling particularly energetic, and gives into the temptation of name calling and character assassinations.

When it comes to confronting upstanding and accomplished women, President Trump doesn’t curtail his disdain if they refuse to stay “quiet” in the face of national emergencies — and the gross negligence of an administration that has pledged its allegiance to White supremacy with its reckless disregard for Black and Brown lives.

And he saves his best shots for Black women for obvious reasons. He directly threatens them with venomous tweets of how their advanced age and race is responsible for the “low IQ” that’s preventing proper assessment of his “tremendous” efforts. Or he just goes in for the kill by referring to a new enemy as “a dog,” which is historically the preferred method of dehumanizing Black women.

This normalized mode of communication from the puny deck of a man who literally has the power to fuck us all in one fell swoop, is the reason why Jack Dorsey is making the rounds on an apology tour, to convince users that his embattled platform’s mission statement can be flexible enough to accommodate necessary revisions.

However, Dorsey may have a point when he emphasizes the relevance of Twitter’s role in documenting Trump’s temper tantrums, and how he expresses public support for lowlifes like Alex Jones, and other disgraceful figures who possess questionable behavior and rap sheets that rival famously condemned traitors.

President Trump is persistent in his quest to weaponize his position against those who aren’t able to internalize his bullish behavior, which has become the pathetically acceptable excuse for his cowardly shell — that isn’t capable of withstanding the brutal truth of how he represents magnified dynamite — waiting to blow us into the abyss.

Melania Trump, isn’t the innocent bystander who’s trapped in a helpless situation that she’s dying to escape from, and while she plans the great escape, she’s finding meaningful ways to pass the time, by trying to make a difference in the lives of America’s impressionable population.

And even this gem of a monologue isn’t going to secure the permission for her to roam among us — guilt-free.

“In today’s global society, social media is an inevitable part of our children’s daily lives.” “It can be used in many positive ways, but can also be destructive and harmful when used incorrectly. This is why Be Best chooses to focus on the importance of teaching our next generation how to conduct themselves safely and in a positive manner in an online setting.”

If the first lady truly believes that Black and Brown children are endorsing her righteously coerced script that she had no hand in coordinating, then maybe she’s been hiding behind the curtain for far too long — because her shabby interpretation of Public Relations 101 — is glaringly troubling.

The Be Best campaign is already a resounding failure because the roving mascot is choosing to be blinded by the audacity of her station, and how it compromises anything she unleashes or proposes — based on the reality of who she’s attached to — and the irrevocable damage that will serve as the blotted legacy of the worst presidency in American history.

The tyranny of how Puerto Rico was discarded to sink or swim after a mammoth storm, that has direly wrecked the island, until further notice, will continue to haunt the Trump administration. Mothers and their children were left in squalor, as elderly family members succumbed to the lack of basic amenities that could’ve saved their lives — if the president had taken the national calamity serious enough to exact pressure on governmental agencies.

The immigration crisis became a global horror show that stunned onlookers who had to re-adjust the longstanding belief that the United of States of America is the unifier as opposed to the divisive and intolerant nation — that hosts the inhumane treatment of Brown families based on the playbook of acute bigotry.

Melania Trump hasn’t illustrated her fearless and selfless adherence to human rights in the midst of nationalized or global chaos, and she certainly hasn’t used her platform to champion the rights of those who are being forcibly silenced or loudly brutalized.

Her celebrated “quietness” may impress White women writers who can’t bring themselves to hold her accountable for the shameful rolelessness she’s bequeathed a position, that has been famously entrenched in relaxed glamor and inspiringly arranged resources — that evolve into the personalized imprint of distinguished women — who didn’t allow their controversial status to diminish unique voices.

The hide and seek game that this first lady is engaged in, does nothing to enhance the messaging of her campaign or encourage interest based on her spotty track record — and the timidity she exudes when faced with opportunities to assert her so-called “independence,” when it’s duly warranted is sincerely offputting.

Being dangerously quiet, as her husband continues the shit fest that’s running this country into the ground, to the dismay of hapless onlookers who are purposely relinquishing job duties for the sake of neutrality, isn’t evidence of a freedom fighter. She can’t convince us of the commitment to saving the world from online trolls, who hijack spaces with words as missiles, while ignoring the clear and present danger that the country they’re tasked with protecting is facing.

If Melania Trump truly wants to make a difference outside of slapping away her hubby’s tiny hand, she should either stop pretending to give a fuck, and remain fashionably silent as she dons the eyewear that keeps the rays of reality from reach. Or commission a team of survivors who can organically relate to the debilitating nuisance of online bullies. And she can start with the women who’ve been verbally assaulted by the man’s whose last name she shares.

When it comes to total transparency and the genuine desire to spotlight the problem and its troublemakers — the only thing to do is to start with the main source of social dysfunction.

In my opinion — that would Be Best.

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