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Why Melania Trump is The Epitome of The Savagery of White Feminism

While Trump remains unbothered about the dire state-of-affairs with COVID-19 ravaging a wearied nation, that’s begging him to concede, his wife, Melania, whose Be Best campaign has undergone several revisions, that have left the incoherent messaging blurry and forgettable, is allegedly one of the confidants, pushing the madman to end the madness.

From the outside, Melania Trump has spent the last four years of her husband’s disastrous regime, strutting in and out of the illustrious position that her predecessors successfully personalized and readily embraced with the grace and candor that has historically served them well.

CNN, the cable news network that Trump likes to dub “enemy of the people” and persistently mock for their bad ratings, recently unveiled a docuseries, celebrating First Ladies — past and present. Highlights include the beloved first-ever Black woman to moved into the House that slaves built, and the crowned queen of glam, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who stoically weathered the assassination of her husband, John F. Kennedy.

Melania won’t be included in that electrifying list of women, who married the most powerful men in the world, and were still able to graciously rise to the occasion of being the best compliments to their Commanders-in-Chief, while also furnishing their own narratives in ways that are notably inspiring.

Well, some of them also managed to add their incriminating blueprint to the oppression of historically targeted communities, but that’s a story for another day.

It’s hard to imagine a worthier contender for systemic failure at The White House than Donald Trump’s third wife, when you consider her unremarkable presence and lackluster contributions to the health of the institution she reluctantly inherited.

The departing First Lady, Michelle Obama, who is still regarded as the one and only by her loyalists was more than willing to ease the typical stresses associated with transitioning from being a privileged private citizen to the wife of the newly-installed president.

But Melania and her staff were rudely dismissive and unappreciative of the thoughtful gesture that was merely a formality, and touching ritual, passed down from generations of First Ladies, who wouldn’t conceive of opting out of such an honorable tour.

It has to be said that Michelle Obama’s ability to lend a helping hand by playing her part as a dignified predecessor, who dutifully made the attempt to accomplish what former First Lady Laura Bush offered her fresh-faced successor is nothing short of heroic, based on the ugliness of the birther controversy that hovered throughout the Obama years.

Donald Trump unleashed the racist accusation against a sitting Black president back in 2011, around the time he was being courted to consider a presidential run. The very notion that Barack Hussein Obama was lying about his birthplace is a ludicrous assumption, and clearly meant to delegitimize the Americanness of a Black man with a Muslim-sounding middle name.

Melania Trump was readily willing to back up her husband’s baseless and vile claims about Obama’s forged birth certificate, and even stopped by HLN for a one-on-one with host Joy Behar, where she shamelessly dared a Black president to prove he was indeed an American citizen.

The irony of course is that the current “First Lady” wasn’t even born in the States! She was awarded her citizenship in 2006, after becoming a permanent resident five years earlier.

So the gall of this white woman, who felt entitled by her white privilege to spew out garbage about a sitting president because of the assurance of how her whiteness empowers the ability to insert her superiorness, despite not being remotely fit to shine the shoes of Barack Hussein Obama is something I will always hold against a pampered bigot, who sickeningly lucked out.

Michelle Obama is rightfully holding a grudge, which she details in her NYT bestselling memoir “Becoming” where she condemns the harmfulness of the birther conspiracy, and the toll it took on her husband and young daughters. She also admits that she will never forgive The Trumps for recklessly putting the first-ever Black First Family in real danger.

The best revenge has to be the indisputable proof of how Melania’s legacy will be intertwined with her husband’s train wreck of a presidency, that will be damningly remembered for crimes against humanity in regards to the migrant crisis, and the gross negligence of downplaying a deadly virus that has exacted irrevocable damage with a staggering death count.

Through it all, Melania Trump has perfected the art of conveniently maximizing her assets, as the dutiful wife to a global disrupter and Terrorizer-in-Chief, who carries her with him for embarrassing trips around the world, where she’s publicly hailed for her “independent streak,” each time she slaps her husband’s hand away, when they walk down the steps of Air Force One.

For whatever reason, the Slovenian former “model” has managed to elicit oodles of sympathy from a good number of observers, who are convinced that the statuesque mother of one, is either being held against will or is wisely and diligently riding out the storm to fulfill the job duties that she rarely acknowledges, before making a run for it when the coast is clear.

It’s not surprising that most would like to give Melania the benefit of the doubt, by conjuring up outlandish rumors, like the idiotic “body double” fiasco that’s supposed to insinuate how she stealthily escaped the House of Horrors on our watch.

There’s also the viral tweets that seem to almost praise the non-functioning First Lady for valiantly sticking by her gangster husband, selflessly demonstrating the high price of her patriotic sacrifice.


The truth is that Melania Trump is the epitome of the savagery of white feminism, and how it prevents her vilification for all the ways in which she has benefited from the lack of accountability, when it comes to her vital role as a co-conspirator in her husband’s criminalized administration.

Her #BeBest initiative was meant to tackle the ongoing issue of cyberbullying, but once it was clear that her hypocritical stance as the wife of the biggest bully of them all wasn’t going to do her favors, she switched over to the national crisis hampering white America — the battle against opioid addiction.

And who can forget the infamous jacket she donned, when she managed to take a little time out from sun bathing at the Palm Beach fortress known as Mar-a-Lago, where she routinely hides out from backlash, to reluctantly visit with the migrant children, who were victimized by the cruelty of forced family separation at the U.S. border.

I Really Don’t Care, Do You?

That’s what the “First Lady” and the fools around her inexplicably decided would #BeBest for the optics around her failed attempt to display maternal instincts, and basic human decency, towards innocent children who have been traumatized by the callousness of Trump’s soldiers, who endorse the lies of their supreme leader about “migrant caravans” heading over to pollute the purity of white America.

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There’s was also the nonsensical tour of random African countries that saw Melania defiantly decked out in fashioned colonial garb, blissfully nonchalant about how her racist lookbook, against the backdrop of village kids used as human props, reinforces how out-of-touch she is from global realities, while confirming why her poor choices end up sabotaging her “best intentions.”

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During national emergencies, Melania Trump has been applauded by white women writers, stationed at prominent outlets, for how she wields her white feminism by holding her own, and subtly exerting her authority behind-the-scenes, and for public viewing when she repeatedly swats away her husband’s hand, and triumphantly makes appearances in head-to-toe designer duds.

Perhaps her flawless presentation will be her best work, but when it comes to scoring her performance as First Lady, based on whether or not she successfully put her personal stamp, and took full advantage of the flexibility assigned to her position — it’s obvious that she’s a celebrated failure.

She pretty much ruined everything she touched, including those awful Christmas decorations that turned The White House into a glorified morgue, and the unfortunate makeover of the once-gorgeous Rose Garden that has been massacred beyond repair.

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Where are the Roses?

Melania Trump is a privileged white woman, who will continue to be viewed through the lenses of her white victimhood, despite being just as abominable and inhumane as her husband — the worst president ever to be elected.

American tradition allows for the cleansing and redemption of whiteness, regardless of crimes committed in broad daylight. And white women are never seen as the devils, but rather as angels, who accidentally stumble into circumstances beyond their fragile control.

Luckily, academic historians won’t be swayed by any of that rubbish, and will most likely stick to the script that documents why Melania Trump was verifiably Donald Trump’s true partner-in-crime — in every possible way.

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