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Why Meghan McCain Can Be Out Of Order And Still Keep Her TV Gig

I feel like being petty so here it goes!

I usually try to stay far away from the viral shenanigans on ABC’s titan staple, The View, because of how most of the attention is focused on the highlighted privilege of the combative daughter of the late Senator John McCain.

Meghan McCain certainly garnered the embrace of a nation after her rousing speech at her father’s televised funeral, but she no longer earns my empathy based on her ongoing deplorable antics, and how she’s continuously coddled based on what she represents to White America.

Her recent viral TV moment is just one of many in a long history of episodic tantrums as the recruited conservative White woman feminist, whose personal vendetta against Donald Trump makes for good television, especially when she aggressively parlays it into talking points that are routinely challenged.

Contentious vibes at The View have always been a mainstay, and when you consider that the show has been around for more than two decades, with a handful of legendary spats under its belt, and the successful run that weathered the behind-the-scenes war of words, it’s hard to be shocked by the jarring moments of Meghan McCain’s pompousness.

Except of course, when it involves the firm warning from the head of the sturdy table, Whoopi Goldberg, who deserves an award for her steady hand that never wavers, despite the daily temptation to transform it into the readied tool of discipline for the brat who needs it the most.

The latest drama played out the way it always does, with the setup of the other women eloquently expressing their views, and McCain rudely interjecting.

She does this with the disrespectful whiff of entitlement that is mostly directed at lawyer and co-host Sunny Hostin, who usually reacts with the poised reserve that allows her to respectfully maintain her stance.

But this time Meghan McCain went far enough to elicit the earned ire of Whoopi, who swiftly put and end to the madness by demanding silence from the out-of-control talking head, who kept mumbling and throwing a gigantic fit, even after receiving these exact words:

“Girl, please stop talking.”

The clip of Whoopi doing what she had to do to get McCain back to decency for the world to see, proved to be the delicious treat that was shared, re-shared and over-shared. Commenters bonded over the long-overdue defeat of a resident bully, who is well-aware of the reasons why she’s encouraged to cross the line without issue.

The next day, the heat and residue from that epic moment, and how it overtook the fiery landscape of social media, definitely warranted an extended discussion at the sedated table, that forcefully implemented the bullet points of the show’s producers.

The messaging was led by Whoopi, who matter-of-factly explained why what happened the day before was a common occurrence that loyal viewers should be used to without judgment.

It’s the key characteristic of what energizes their iconic Daytime TV show, that thrives from the passionate input of qualified and established women, who each bring something tangible to active conversations, and argue like family members.

McCain for her part was just as graceless as ever, with generous insults for outlets who provide shady coverage of her frequent antics. She even added accusations of sexism, while pleading for reporters to treat the women of The View fairly, and with the same methods typically applied to male counterparts.

Here’s the deal, we all know why Meghan McCain can be passionately rude and ornery on national television and still have no threats of losing her lucrative TV deal.

She’s the walking blueprint that dictates how White women are bequeathed with the illustrious duty of weaponizing their accommodated haughtiness, with extra doses of the White victimhood that produces tear-stained cheeks on cue.

Her appalling behavior is indicative of how the lethality of White supremacy breeds positioned terrors, who are armed with the basic rights of lawfully abusing the power of self-expression, with problematic behavior that’s on display for the displeasure of those who consider such privileges outrightly offensive.

There’s no way in hell that a young Black woman, with all the necessary credentials for TV stardom, would be granted the countless opportunities to royally fuck up as the prized conservative with a big mouth and lots of attitude to boot.

We can also take it there by recalling that time when Meghan McCain was afforded the luxury of showing up to the prominent set of her show with cornrows. She never felt the weight of her actions via inflexible White executives, who would never allow a Black woman in a similar setting to style her hair in the same fashion.

McCain expectedly received backlash for her ballsy move with accusations of cultural appropriation. And she welcomed the chance to address the issue by hijacking her allotted time to bemoan the sentiments of her vocal critics.

She emphatically defended her decision to proudly wear an ethnic hairstyle to her place of work, without recognizing why she represents the privilege that Black children and Black women aren’t afforded, due to the regulations of White authoritarians.

But that’s exactly the point.

White women don’t have to contend with mandatory restrictions that affect personal grooming or the freedom to be diligently inappropriate in high-profile spaces, that would ordinarily fire over-paid employees who are relentlessly controversial, especially if they are disposable Black women.

Actress and former co-host of NBC America’s Got Talent, Gabrielle Union has been in the game for more than 20 years, and yet, she wasn’t immune to traitorous treatment from her ignorant and unappreciative bosses, who among other things, dared to describe her hairstyle on the show as “too black.”

Union was randomly let go from an ambitious TV job that she excelled in for reasons that don’t match her consistently brilliant track record. She was great at what she did and her professionalism and vivacious personality provided a major boost to the show’s ratings.

Despite being her winningly authentic self, Gabrielle Union was punished for refusing to be a pushover.

And even worse, her fellow comrade, Julianne Hough, who was also let go, didn’t bother to support the Black woman, who apparently isn’t lucky enough to have colleagues publicly speak up on her behalf in the same manner that cushions McCain.

And then we have the coddled rascal, from a noble background, who is unapologetically argumentative and demonstratively unpleasant when she doesn’t get her way, but despite her very bad behavior, she still gets to keep her favored seat at the table.

After another re-endorsement from Whoopi & Co., which involves downplaying the severity of McCain’s disruptive engagement with assurances of the unbreakable bonds that hold down the forte, the troublesome co-host willfully tweeted out the evidence of why she can’t be deterred.

White women are able to keep winning because the system has been built to contain their hysteria, while Black women have to bear the brunt of Blackness in a society that enjoys making us angry, so that we can be justifiably discarded.

It’s not fair, and it will never be okay.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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