Why Meghan Markle Was Vilified As Kate Middleton’s “Bully”

Ezinne Ukoha
4 min readMar 9, 2021


Watching the “interview of the year” with millions of other Americans this past Sunday evening was quite the treat, based on the profound revelations issued within the first five minutes that promised we were in for a wild ride.

Weeks before the main event, media personalities on both sides of the pond spent good time and energy speculating on whether or not main attractions, Harry and Meghan were really going to go for it, and divulge the ugliness of royal life for the world to see.

It’s fair to say that wide-eyed viewers didn’t have to wait long for that question to be answered. The further along we got, the more the tea was spilled — running over the pristine windows of Buckingham Palace with threats to soak through the cracks and incite a flooding.

There’s obviously a lot to rehash for reexamination, but the main takeaway is centered around how the originators of white supremacy systematically oppress anything and anyone that doesn’t represent or conform to the damnation of whiteness in its most potent delivery.

Another notable that falls into the sub-categories is the shocking naivety of Meghan Markle, and how it informed her entry into an institution that’s anchored by the British monarchy.

This worshipped symbol of the United Kingdom has a well-known history of white terrorism towards former Black and Brown colonies that are still being violated by dreaded ghosts of colonial masters who lied about granting “independence” from sovereign rule.

Perhaps falling head over heels in love with a real-life prince, who evidently didn’t adequately prepare his future wife for all the chaos to come, may have clouded the vision of the woman of color, who became a Duchess at too high a price.

Nevertheless, Meghan’s “acceptance” into Britain’s most revered family dynasty was only made possible by the fact that she looks less Black and more white, which explains why it would’ve been an impossible feat for Harry to marry a Black woman who visually can’t claim to be anything else but that.