Why Meghan and Harry Have Earned The Use of “Royal” in Sussex

Since Meghan and Harry disbanded from the royal family in a move that was weirdly shocking to some, but seemed on par with reasonable pursuits, when you consider societal abuse from the British public, that dangerously crossed the line in recognition of Britain’s normalized racism — there have been a roster of updates about the final fate of the Sussexes.

The planned and long-overdue exit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, in early January, was the appropriate response to the relentless attacks from Britain’s uncouth lair of tabloid fare.

When the renegade White relatives of a newly-minted royal of color, had direct access to the avenues of gluttony, harbored by the likes of Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, etc., in ways that endorsed the exposure of personal items for the consumption of a polarizing audience, that’s when all bets were off.

Aside from the transparent vilification of the early arrival to a White-owned, revered institution that has spent centuries advocating for the criminalized colonization of Black-owned properties, there’s also the validation of how Meghan Markle royally pissed off dejected White British women, who had spent all their lived believing the fairy tale that Kate Middleton reassuringly perfected.

How dare a non-white woman assume the role of a British royal, by willfully marrying Princess Diana’s son!

That level of abomination is punishable by the daily offerings of all the reasons why a biracial American actress, and divorcee shouldn’t be permitted to comfortably embody her illustrious station in the same way that her fairer counterpart was blessed to accommodate.

And so after baby Archie was born, and the insults extended to his physical form, both parents were forced to make decisions that were purely lifesaving.

So much was weighed and analyzed after the bold announcement that the Duke and Duchess were moving forward with an existence that would take the heavy crown off their heads — for good.

At the end of the day, Meghan and Harry were driven by the parental guidance that establishes what’s best for the child who didn’t ask for the intrusion and systemic assault.

The demonization of the so-called infiltrator who acted her way into the soap opera that she devised when she naively believed that “happily ever after” was in the cards, began even before the televised royal wedding.

Villainous editorial staff, stationed in locations of shameless abandon when it comes to curating articles that profess baseless claims, and keep the pot stirring with spicy ingredients from familial detractors, who were compensated for spewing out convenient lies, didn’t skip the opportunity to torture Meghan Markle out of the reality they couldn’t stand.

All that hard work paid off!

The pressure was unbearable, and in the end, the newly weds and parents to a newborn baby were forced to seek refuge from the bloody battlefield.

You fight for what’s worth the immense effort and energy. You can’t defeat the mindset of racists, who are empowered by the tradition of how those biases provided the wealth and privilege that lights up Big Ben and the facade of Buckingham Palace.

Meghan and Harry didn’t have the public support and encouragement of royal family members.

The Queen and her decorated courtiers didn’t go out of their way to loudly denounce the criminality of British tabloids, and their lawfully violent abuse of one of their own, who did absolutely nothing to warrant that amount of venom.

Interesting that embattled Prince Andrew, is being tightly protected from the rightful consequences of his shady association with deceased convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. Queen Elizabeth’s “favorite son” was a close friend of the former financier, and allegedly indulged in sexual misconduct, multiple times, at multiple locations.

Despite the ill-fated interview some months ago, where he ungraciously denied the allegations against him with pathetic unbelievability, Prince Andrew has been able to avoid the worst case scenario in scrutinized coverage that tracks his every move as proof of guilt.

The Brits have a type!

Meghan Markle wasn’t the exact palette that soothes the requirements of the maddened crowd, and so her imminent removal was exactly what needed to transpire for her overall wellbeing, as a new mother who needs to healthily tend to her baby.

Harry, “the spare,” wasn’t tricked away from his birthright by the “witch” he blindly married in the absence of his worshipped mother, who would’ve set him right.

He had no choice but to take ownership of the traitorous alienation that was painfully reminiscent of Diana’s never-ending struggle to rise above the archaic systems of management, under the tutelage of inflexible traditions that she was determined to realign with her humanly purpose.

Both Meghan, Harry and baby Archie are safely tucked away in a picturesque town in Canada, an ideal location that’s familiar to the much-talked-about couple, and if you think they’re prolific break from Her Majesty’s service has given them the peace and quiet they desire— think again.

British tabloids and state side gossip has been fueled even more by the tug-of-war between the Sussexes and the passive/aggressive monarch, who is insistent on taking back the “royal” title from the “Sussex” brand that the two famous defectors were banking on for future dealings.

The date when the royal couple will no longer be “royal” has been set for March 31, and it was recently confirmed by palace officials that is also when “Sussex Royal” will be revised to reflect the updated status, accordingly.

And while it does make sense for Meghan and Harry to give it all up for the sweet taste of freedom, and the removal of nagging stipulations that would ordinarily restrict the ability to blissfully stretch without a snag, we do have to recognize why the Queen’s motives are openly petty.

Believe me when I say that the comfortability of British royals, former or current, is the very least of my worries, despite the unreliability of my actions.

But when it comes to the virulent content inspired by the bigoted antics of the British press, and how the senior members of the royal family, including Harry’s older brother and heir apparent, Prince William, consistently chose to turn a blind eye to the activated woes of trapped family members, it’s hard to cheer the quest to deprive the Sussexes of their earned title.

Both Meghan and Harry have endured more than what’s reasonably acceptable. If it was just a matter of aggressively poking and prodding for information to fulfill the curiosity of eager-minded constituents, which is the treatment typically afforded A-listers, that would be one thing.

But when we enter the fueled, fiery den of historic mannerisms, by white British naysayers, who are outwardly insulted by the presence of a woman of color in the noble robes of the Queen’s delegation, that’s when the adherence to the dusty rulebook of conduct has to undergo a much-needed revision.

Why should the Sussexes give up their title when they’ve more than paid the high price to retain that privilege?

Yes, if they are willing to resign from the Queen’s beck and call, that should translate to the automatic recall of the decorations that beef up their worldwide appeal.

It’s common sense that if you relinquish your rights, you must assume what comes with that audacity to frolic with commoners.

But giving up royal duties and taking refuge away from the mandated lashings on privacy and dignity as human beings is quite different from outlandishly demanding to eat your cake and have it too, under livable circumstances that aren’t threatening.

Prince Harry will always be regarded as such, and his impressive roster of military services and humanitarian events c won’t be erased. And his targeted partner, entered her new life with the best of intentions and documented accomplishments. Her proposed derailment was beyond her control.

Sussex Royal should be allowed to thrive, regardless of the logistics that removes that option.

The Queen and her advisors are being needlessly obstinate. There’s certainly more pressing matters to iron out with Prince Andrew and his refusal to work with the FBI, due to the glitch in the system that elevates him from the normalcy of obligations that regular folk have to contend with.

Sussex Royal has a ring to it, and whether or not they continue to kiss the Queen’s hand at stately functions, isn’t the point.

Meghan and Harry should have access to what inherently belongs to them, as the symbol of their personalized household.

Let them have it!

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