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Why Media’s High Praise For Trump’s “Leadership” Is Problematic

As we continue to plough through this unprecedented period of pandemic hysteria, those who engage are reliant on the aggressiveness of our news cycle, issuing bipolar bulletins of how the world is ending soon, but regardless of our dire fate we must focus on healthy positivity.

We also have the crippling side effects of “troll nation” and how the voracious spread of misinformation, conspiracy theories and cruel rumors about hated celebs, combine to torment hapless users who are unable to self-impose a much-needed hiatus from the tools of imminent destruction.

But back to news outlets and the alliance of white media, which happens when white talents in influential positions are able to make unreasonable and in some cases nonsensical assessments, that expose the misery of not having a worthy representative who can voice the acute concerns of oppressed communities.

The woeful lack of diversity in an industry that willfully refuses to flood prominent newsrooms with talents of color, at a time when such a gesture is vital for the treacherous landscape of this high-stakes battle to reclaim The White House, from the lethal grasp of a white nationalist, is a testament to how white power coordinates packaged messaging.

CNN is a prime example of this demonstrative fact when you consider the notable role cable news networks played in getting a former reality TV star and alleged rapist with zero experience in grassroots activism or politics, elected to the office of the presidency.

From the moment Donald Trump announced he was running for the highest office in the land, mainstream and conservative outlets banded together in their quest to avidly document the utter shit show on display.

Trump expectedly reveled in the enlarged platform that catered to his every misstep in ways that celebrated and normalized his brutish delivery.

From revived institutions like SNL, that couldn’t wait to capitalize on expensive laughs at the expense of targeted populations, to white men hosting late night fun, and humanizing an unleashed monster, we’ve undoubtedly endured four years of bullshit from the privileged sect, who again, have nothing to lose.

So of course it’s no shocker when longtime CNN staple Dana Bash, who is known for hosting her series titled “Badass Women of Washington” that once included Trump’s mouthy “Counselor,” Kellyanne Conway — boldly introduces her misguided monologue, emphasizing the “remarkable” attributes of Trump’s “leadership.”

Sorry, what???

Evidence shows that Trump vocally downplayed the warning signs of what has turned out to be a viral beast with life-threatening capabilities.

Why are we supposed to extend a standing ovation to the Commander-in-Chief who has no option but to command the post he’s been defacing since he took the oath of office?

Aside from his lackluster response and reduced sense of urgency at the early stages of what has now become more than what could’ve been effectively handled, if this inept administration had heeded the call to duty in a timely fashion, there’s also the unfortunate addition of bigotry and xenophobia.

A staff writer at a reputable publication recently detailed her harrowing experience as an Asian-American, who was minding her business while taking out the trash and speaking on the phone, when she was verbally attacked by a stranger who yelled “Fucking Chinese!”

Other expletives followed and the young woman described how her fear overtook anger as she plotted her fast exit from a situation that had the potential to rapidly escalate.

We can thank the racist bully occupying The Oval Office for this spike in rage-fueled encounters that are directed at innocent Americans, who are suddenly saddled with a bullseye on their backs, due to the president’s insistence on spitefully labeling Coronavirus — “Chinese Virus.”

Trump has been committed to employing deadly tactics that propel the killer instincts of white terrorism from Day 1.

And despite the damning proof of how hate crimes have substantially increased since 2016, this toxic administration with the criminal assistance of Fox News, has rejected the proposal to dial down the hateful rhetoric that actively put lives at risk.

In Trump’s America, Muslim-Americans, and groups that don’t fit the requirements of #MAGA are unfairly persecuted by the devises that have been wired to ensure the activation of societal oppression without interference.

That’s exactly why it’s beyond offensive for Dana Bash to bask in the privilege of her whiteness, as a well-positioned messenger of the “truth” on behalf of a news organization that’s soaked in coerced narratives, by exalting Donald Trump’s unimpressive presidential response to this growing pandemic.

How else is he supposed to barely manage this global crisis with his army of health experts, well-suited handymen, and loyal bus boy — VP Mike Pence?

To call his ability to show up for daily briefings with an inexplicable smirk on his face and unnecessary alerts about his approval rating, “a remarkable” achievement is absolutely ridiculous, and grossly out-of-touch with how most citizens are interpreting our government’s struggle to make up for the consequences of poor judgment.

It’s impressive and noteworthy when a badly behaved white male who is known for disorderly conduct, suddenly proves that he’s able to evoke basic human tendencies that are meant to mislead us into believing the lie of his rehabilitation.

This is the problematic attitude of the media-a-large.

And it helps to normalize the abhorrent track record of an empowered mobster, who is spending these harrowing times plotting the full pardons of sinister figures and former henchmen, like former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and even former campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

We’ve been a leaderless nation for the past four years, and that dangerous status won’t change until the Trump administration is toppled.

But the fight will be long and arduous if CNN & Co. have anything to say about it.

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