Candidate Trump’s campaign rally cry

Why Media Decay Is a National Emergency

Shit ain’t right, and it hasn’t been for a really long time. The early symptoms of infection manifested about six years ago. The scope of online journalism took a shady turn for the worst, through the beast mode of deplorable outlets like xoJane, and a few others that were supremely devoted to the thrill of capitalizing on the gross appeal of functional trolling.

There was a brief moment of reckoning when our humane instincts refused to normalize the offensive content that was getting out of hand. A terrifically bad personal essay that crossed the line, but gained worldwide recognition for the woman, who was publicly celebrating the passing of a former “friend” was the warning sign of things to come.

But whether we admit it or not, the victorious campaigning of Donald Trump, that served as the “must-see TV” for both critics and supporters was the enforcer of the speedy path to the ruin of journalistic integrity.

Late night show hosts were eager to provide the hearty laughs during an unfolding event that was anything but hilarious. Defeated institutions like Saturday Night Live finally discovered the route to a miraculous revival, thanks to the nonstop material from a dishonorable white male, who was maximizing his deadly privilege to the hilt.

I was front and center as a staff member of a renowned industry trade at the time that the explosive Access Hollywood sex tapes were ceremoniously unveiled. Part of my job was to pile up the overnight tweets from notable figures, who were appalled by Candidate Trump’s uncanny ability to sensationalize the criminality of sexual assault.

This was the era that began the unhealthy obsessiveness with a former reality TV star, who began his presidential run back when the birther conspiracy against the first-ever Black president was the initiator for the predicted dominance of white nationalism at the highest levels of power.

The nightmarish coverage of the 2016 election cycle couldn’t have been more disastrous from every standpoint.

The devilish whims of a privileged white male, who relishes behaving very badly for public review, quickly elevated to the preferred source of entertainment for the media-at-large, despite the high price of an eroding society, that was teetering on the brink of mass pollution.

As seasoned accommodators of a roguish presidency that managed to survive an impeachment virtually unscathed, we are now dwelling in the menacing decay of basic communications, and the forecast is discouraging for anyone who’s hoping for brighter days ahead.

The rupture was christened by evil empires that were setup for the purpose of dismantling the approved national narrative.

White supremacy was ushered into The White House, and with that came the adherence to the blueprint of white terrorism that can only be mandated by the conspiratorial role of white media.

This complicity and accompanied defacement of a direly ailing industry has been spearheaded by White House communications through the erasure of daily press briefings.

Once Sarah Sanders made her long-awaited exit from the once-illustrious post that she revamped into a formidably combative machinery of secret and lies, her woefully unqualified replacement, Stephanie Grisham, swiftly declared that she would refrain from adequately carrying out her job duties.

The devil’s lair also known as Fox News would become the epicenter for coerced messaging about the state of our fragile union, as it pertains to the bundled misinformation that’s formulated to feed ravenous worshippers of the white nationalist in charge.

The star anchors are emboldened to boldly fulfill the obligatory deposits of illegal and corrupt deliveries, that steadfastly vilify individuals and organizations that dare to expose the infamy and imperfections of this toxic administration.

And while mainstream media giants like CNN and MSNBC strive to maintain the long-held opinion of how their 24/7 coverage of President Trump, consistently presents the factual side of each item that their arch nemesis blows to bits — we can’t downplay how the traitorousness of reckless reportage bleeds into every operation that’s white-owned.

Take for example the sweltering hours that followed the cowardly Republicans predictable exertion of their power, as they demonstrated cultish allegiance to the American president who is undoubtedly guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Trump’s acquittal was formally celebrated during his address to the nation, in the East Room of The White House, and with an audience of shameless cult members, who will all go down in history as purposed minions, driven by the belief system that gives white evangelicals the audacity to label the world’s greatest terror as “God’s chosen one.”

Why on earth would cable network news outlets other than the criminalized hotspot for Trump’s over-paid and over-exposed cheerleaders, Fox News, even consider playing into the addictive trap of dutifully affording the time and energy to a certified shit show?

If we’re truly dedicated to the task of learning from past mistakes that were expensive enough to get an incompetent, bullish oaf and proud bigot elected to the highest office in the land, wouldn’t it be in our best interests to minimize attention paid to the overblown fanfare?

Trump isn’t the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America, because the volatile division can only be possible when we have a leader whose completely biased against populations and communities that don’t qualify for the privileges of #MAGA.

The speech to the nation in response to his acquittal from the charges that were rightfully levied against him was directed to white America. There were no attempts by the thuggish president to take some responsibility for his recorded actions because he’s still hooked on the falsehood of that “perfect call.”

When you take that into consideration, there’s no way to deny the appalling decision made by the bigwigs at CNN, MSNBC, etc to show the entire telecast of an abominable display of white supremacy that only got much more destructive during the State of the Union Address.

Fox News has been notoriously out of order when it comes to endorsed terrorism that’s still pending a thorough investigation.

Remember that time when Jeanine Pirro, the former judge and current staple of an organization that employs her brand of crazy, boldly jumped on the hate-filled bandwagon directed at Congresswoman Ihan Omar, by falsely claiming the Muslim-American’s strong ties to Sharia Law?

Pirro was temporarily removed from her desk of disorder as punishment for the uproar that ensued when viral clips from the segment that reeked of Islamophobia and xenophobia rigorously made the rounds.

But before we knew it she was right back at her station, and her recent assignment is to reduce Mitt Romney to dust, for his public denouncement of a president who will go down in history as the worst to ever do it.

The insults and demonizing of the handful of Republicans who are human enough to recognize the inhumane tendencies of a brutish administration carries over to appointed officers, who according to Lou Dobbs, ultimately deserve a rude awakening about the compulsory “salute” to their “Commander-in-Chief.”

Our national emergency in regards to the smelly decay of the media is taking on various forms. We can include the ongoing scuffle, involving the abhorrent coverage of the tragic death of basketball star, Kobe Bryant, who perished in a helicopter crash, alongside his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and seven others.

In the two weeks since the horrific incident was confirmed, we’ve observed the frightful collision of ideologies with sections of heartbroken fans, who can’t come to terms with how such an unfathomable loss has been scarred by undignified talking points.

Online journalism, stuck in the minefield of social engagement, provides the tools that disgustingly interrupts the sequence of breaking news with old news that contain viral treats. Those interruptions bury the realization that three teenage girls from the same basketball team were among the dead.

Once that activation makes contact, media organizations get the alerts and put them to good use with the gruesome line of questioning from well-respected studios.

The decay is how reporters and seasoned journalists are driven primarily by the salaciousness and determination to be the first to inappropriately curate a dialog in the worst way possible, at the worst time imaginable.

It happens under the guise that such actions are journalistically necessary; come what may.

And veterans of one of the oldest establishments ever conceived, prefer to hide behind respectable retweets and hashtags, that do enough to keep their reputation squeaky clean from the widening mess that they should be helping to clean.

Violence is never the option, but neither is a powerful media organization’s ploy to exact extra trauma on the forever traumatized, all in the name of “journalistic integrity.”

Lawlessness is a dangerous drug that eventually spreads into the places that we swore would never fold.

Who will fix this national emergency? Can it even be fixed?

Not unless it becomes a collective quest for targeted treatment, in the form of drastic measures to resurrect our humanness across the aboard.

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