Why Mariah Carey Is The Diva We Need and If You Don’t Get It — Maybe You Need to be Reminded

So, 2017 kicked 2016 in the butt and came into existence with lots of fanfare around the globe. The fireworks were spectacular, Times Square was besieged with freezing bodies that won’t return to ring in 2018 — because they know better — and Don Lemon got drunk and pierced his ears in New Orleans while on the job.

If you don’t believe me — check it out!

Another newsmaker was Mariah Carey. I didn’t see it until Twitter alighted with footage of the devastation and tragedy. Jesus Christ! She fumbled. She was supposed to be performing for revelers who most likely had no idea what they were about to encounter.

Things went awry. She hit a major snafu that forced her to leave the stage with the aptitude of a woman who has enjoyed decades of hits and the high tempos that no ordinary talent can muster unless you are Mariah Carey.

Yes, I know she deserved it. The abscess of self-indulgence was going to eventually burst. We’ve been waiting with bated breath for this diva to stumble. She hung around long enough to be the folly of your inconsistencies and annoyance. Isn’t time for her to fade away?

Not, yet.

Here’s the thing, we are embodying a time when ordinary folks are given the platform to denounce careless shit and create shit all at the same time. You are young and energetic and don’t have the patience for the past. A time that doesn’t include you but yet the evidence of that era seeps in without the permission of your clicks and adulation.

You are Milllennials who were born to run and rule since the gadgets to aid your sprint around the oldies have been devised for specific adherence to the numbers — that increase with every beat of your cold heart.

It is permissible to knock down the greats as if they were created for the purpose of your disdain — and what is even more bait-worthy is how you construct the attack. The words are catchy, the phrases catchier, the memes are on point, your audience love it and you are a rock star for like 30 minutes.

She wasn’t introduced through the wrangling of American Idol or the other stuff that tries to replicate what has already been perfected. She didn’t slide through the lights of YouTube with the determination of a star that needs to be discovered by faceless admirers — that log in enough time to propel her destiny. She never relied on the loyalty of social media users who never forget how they made you so they can be on standby when the time comes to replace you with a more flawless version who never lip synchs or overstays her welcome.

Mariah Carey blasted through the scene with lots of shiny hair and a voice that cracked the room and the eyelids of witnesses who swore that the second coming had arrived.

She has been at it for quite some time and I remember when it began and I know how it will end. There are many reasons why you can’t make a Diva quake when the lights are dim and the microphone cracks into the silence of defeat.

Your generation has embraced the notion that mistakes can’t ever occur because iPhones exist and when you hit “Publish” — you can always go back and “Re-Publish” as if the former never happened. You have bought into the ideals of here and now and used it as ammunition for why you suck without gassing up the joints with the odor of your incompetence.

Divas spend a lifetime perfecting the art of being able to walk onto the stage, with grace and ownership while their hits fill the night air with recognition and dignity. Divas go with the flow and when it’s time to exit — they do with style and the assistance of a catalog that sings for itself.

I would love to remind you of why Mariah Carey is that diva, but you are too shallow and click-worthy to care so I won’t bother.

Someday, the Vision of Love will give you Emotions and you will realize that We Belong Together.

But, like all Shakespearean enlightenment — it will be too late.

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