Why Lil Nas X Is Joy Personified

For whatever reason I’ve been hesitant to formally express my thoughts on the flaming controversy surrounding the graphically fantastical music video to the hit single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X. The splashy event is a fitting tribute to targets who are unfairly threatened by the promise of permanent bondage in the devil’s lair for the crime of daring to live honestly with no apologies.

“Montero” has so far garnered more than 96 million views on YouTube, and even more impressive is how the “Old Country Road” singer continues to utilize the various channels at his disposal to epically clapback at online trolls while devising lucrative ways to capitalize on his increasingly viable brand, that has triumphantly benefited from the intensely aggressive backlash.

Okay, maybe the “Satan Shoes” tainted with enough devilish blood splatter to force Nike to take legal action against the fakery and fuckery was a tad bit much, but to be fair, there shouldn’t be a law prohibiting the cursed from entering the gates of hell in high style, especially if your fate has already been sealed.

I haven’t had much to laugh about, but the shitfest centered around the ignited creativity of a 21-year-old, proud member of the Black LGBTQIA community, who is no longer interested in servicing the phobias of certified haters certainly provided pockets of fulfillment and slices of euphoric gratitude.

Lil Nas X is joy personified!

When you’re brave enough to claim your truth and possess the audacity to express the freedoms that permit unfiltered homage to what you’ve become, despite crucifiers at every turn, the pure joy and self-love that erupts can’t be silenced on behalf of religious fanatics and loud-mouthed fakers, who purport what they don’t come close to manifesting in the eyes of judgment.

Many who trumpet disapproval are blinded by the rituals and rigidness stemming from their wild interpretations of Christianity, and how the blasphemous enactment of desirous entanglements with Satan himself, is the epitome of what God denounces and certifies as mandated disqualification for tormented souls who won’t see the kingdom of heaven.

As much as I would like to remain respectful of how folks choose to nourish their spirituality, the notion of a hierarchy in death whereby those who followed the blessed word of the Lord, along with the statutes of white evangelism are rewarded with a first class ticket to heaven, while the damned, who rejected biblical manna are sentenced to the pit of fire, doesn’t quite add up.

Life is a complex web of glitches in a wiry system that never stops malfunctioning.

In fact the erratic short circuiting begins even before we know our names, and by the time we are able to begin the season of adulting, our incapacitation is beyond recovery, and we’re therefore saddled with the burden of keeping our heads above the flood.

Thank God Lil Nas X is young enough to set the tone for how he wants to ride through this whacky journey called life, with his full participation in the driver’s seat, and no fucks to give when it comes to dismantling the chains of hate and condemnation that never come from a source of pure love and humaneness.

It seems that those who subscribe to the Holy Trinity are hell-bent on systemically demoralizing anyone or anything that’s an affront to the inflexibility of their pathetic existence, which poses a conundrum of having to think outside tightly bolted boxes, that barely have any room for taking much-needed breaths of mental refreshment.

The truth is that nobody alive can say for sure what transpires when the lights go out and bodies become dust.

And while the notion of death is a frightening enough concept to entrap willing participants into cult-like assemblies of God, in an effort to reduce vibrant minds to robotic tendencies, not everyone wants to dwell in restrictive mindsets that shame and traumatize loving humans who yearn for life-enhancing connections.

There are the necessities of potent creativity that can’t be diluted to please the expectations of those who don’t care enough to cure your bleeding heart, or at the very least prevent those wounds from maintaining deadly infections.

When I started off as a writer on this very platform, I had already suffered the defeat of having one of my more ambitious pieces become a topic of familial strife, after a relative found it online and proceeded to weaponize my poignant confessions as a way to diminish my newly-minted status as an essayist.

Disingenuousness is always packaged as the holier than thou gesture that’s manipulated in ways to attack the authority of truth tellers, who aren’t afraid to embrace every inch of themselves to the chagrin of practiced cowards who can’t stand the sight of what can’t be tapered by the weaklings of God’s notorious army.

Lil Nas X isn’t a perfect specimen, but he’s as close as it gets.

The vividly appealing video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name” is highly offensive to bible wielding, God-fearing disciples because of the sensual exchange between the subject and Satan. It’s set against the backdrop of provocative adornments that propel the visuals of “hell” with the stimulating tones that don’t vibe with what we are force-fed at pulpits, that are already slathered with species of evil.

Like he brilliantly and hilariously pointed out, if his chosen way of life is undisputedly going to end with his soul burning for eternity, why can’t he have a ton of fun in the meantime, while he awaits his punishment, and why are folks so bothered by his personalized depiction of what they swear he deserves, based on their poisoned biased stance?

It’s also worth noting the smelly hypocrisy that unfolds when righteous Christians are united in their hostility against a non-threatening, enviably creative artist who exuberantly and valiantly tangoed with Satan, but when it comes to the centuries of unaddressed sexual abuse eroding the symbol of the Catholic Church, there’s only hushed reactions and traitorous dismissal.

Legendary rockers have historically performed unfathomable acts on stage during live shows and it was always received with the allowances made for the natural kookiness assigned to temperamental geniuses, who deliver gems that make it easy to celebrate everything they encompass.

Lil Nas X isn’t perfect, but you gotta admit, he’s inching closer to what that could mean for young impressionable souls, who also fear they too could burn in hell as punishment for the innocence of wanting what the heart wants.

And now they can hold on to imagery that makes mincemeat of a laughable concept that nobody alive can verify until their very last breath.

Is shaking up the industry and rattling the peace and quiet of hateful noisemakers really worth the avalanche of shit?

Yes, indeed it is!

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