Why Liberal Media’s Obsession With Trump and His Goonies is Dangerous

Not too long ago, viewers that were tuned into MSNBC’s The ReidOut were feted to a fitting takedown of Fox News henchman Tucker Carlson, who has always been the preferred punching bag of liberal talking heads situated in prominent newsrooms, but lately the mania has become even more aggressive.

It’s hard to decipher whether or not the performative aspects of media personalities were just as polarizing before Donald Trump hijacked The White House. The last four years of a rogue presidency seeped in criminalized activities and the potency of packaged untruths are a fiery blur.

But what can’t be disputed about the horrors of the Trump era is how the irrevocable damage exacted on the once durable avenue of our national narrative, ultimately reshaped the working relationship between The White House press corps and White House Communications.

After weeks of nonstop criticism by the media for not following in the footsteps of his predecessors who held their first press conferences not long after taking office, Biden finally assuaged the ire of his disapprovers by doing just that, and the unwarranted combative climate distributed by the press corps was glaring evidence of Trump’s unshakable legacy.

But even before President Biden’s first-ever press conference in late March, the triumphant defeat of Donald Trump after a chaotic presidential election that still continues to haunt with the active lies of fraud and the residue of white terrorism that befell The Capitol on January 6, didn’t bring an end to the unrelenting coverage of the worst American president in history.

Fox News has an allegiance to the former Racist-in-Chief, which dictates the talking points of overpaid and overexposed disrupters, who are empowered by a filthy propaganda machine that’s staunchly committed to the venomous blueprint of Trumpism.

But what’s even more troubling is how other mainstream news brands, notably CNN and MSNBC are willfully performing similar job duties with the unwavering obsession with the former Terrorizer-in-Chief and his embattled goonies.

The maddening news cycle since the Biden administration came into power has settled into the unhealthy fixation on famous employers of Fox News and the predictable collapse of the Republican Party.

The racist GOP was founded on the principles of white evangelism that’s anchored by the grip of white power. It was exactly that way even before Donald Trump’s ascension as the white savior of the white establishment. His meteoric rise as a reality TV star/real estate mogul with crippling debt and zero experience in government policies was maximized by the appeal of his bigoted messaging.

We endured four harrowing years of domestic terrorism at the hands of a celebrated mobster, whose reign of terror is currently the subject of an ongoing investigation for crimes against humanity with the immigration crisis, and the drastic spike in hate crimes that evidently began in 2016.

Viewers should not be subjected to random clips of Trump at his Palm Beach fortress spewing out the same incoherent jargon that we were forced to tolerate as oppressed citizens of a country that elected a prized buffoon, who needs to be charged for the senseless deaths from COVID, after his failed leadership resulted in delays to subdue the rampant spread of the deadly virus.

More than that, CNN and MSNBC and other liberal media domains need to curb the pointless roundtable discussions about the future of Republican leadership with the additional itinerary that continuously heightens the visibility of Trump’s soldiers both at Fox News and beyond.

The damaging themes are reminiscent of what was voraciously circulating back when late night talk show hosts were poking fun at the audacity of Donald Trump’s presidential run.

It’s disheartening to witness what unfolds when lessons are never learned, and the viral sensation of a common thug and darling of far-right extremism, who weaponized his presidential powers in an effort to overturn a perfectly lawful election in his favor, becomes the permanent meal ticket for gluttonous media hubs that can’t resist dependency on a dangerous habit.

Calling out Tucker Carlson & Co., including the utterly disgusting Congressman Matt Gaetz, on an almost daily basis is playing into the hands of the enemy and validating the star power of traitors of journalism, and our democracy, who are benefiting greatly from the free press both online and the popular segments hosted by trusted anchors.

We are navigating the trickery of one of the most polluted eras in recent memory, where the actual truths no longer have any authority in the overall summation of events, due to the upstaging of positioned megaphones that blare loudly and divisively with the aid of so-called truth tellers, basking in the hypocrisy that transparently reveals the addiction of having it both ways.

Donald Trump’s proposed comeback in 2024 is gaining momentum, and liberal media is acting out the damned script that verified his election win in 2016 with the mind-boggling fascination with #MAGA and the loyalists who don’t deserve to be spotlighted with such intensity.

Perhaps if prominent newsrooms would become more inclusive by adding on a more diverse slate of decision-makers, we could expect cohesive coverage that caters to the wellbeing of viewers of color, but that doesn’t seem to be in the works.

And so we are helplessly watching the slow motion of a disaster-in-the making that will once again boost the trajectories of glitzy anchors on both sides of the spectrum, and confirm the increased threat for vulnerable communities that are always abandoned to pay the high price of gross negligence by white media.

Biden might be the esteemed resident in The White House, but we can’t forget that ultimately, this is still very much Trump’s America.

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