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Why Kim Wall Is The Beautiful Homage to Journalism

Ezinne Ukoha
5 min readOct 7, 2017


I didn’t know Kim Wall. I didn’t even know she existed and that’s a damn shame because my first introduction was a grisly encounter.

The headlines tore through my early morning ritual as words like “torso”, “headless”, “floating” and “submarine” caught my interest and propelled further investigation.

Kim Wall was a well-respected journalist of Swedish descent who was on a mission that involved accepting the invitation to board a submarine that was built by a Danish inventor who could also be described as an “art engineer.”

A story like that would peak anyone’s interest and after getting a comprehensive view, from shared testimonies of what Wall was like in her most organic form — it’s easy to visualize her enthusiasm for what proved to be her last assignment.

What happened after she officially boarded the vessel of her death — is still being sorted — but there is no doubt that Wall’s last moments were just as horrific as we can imagine. The inventor dude who is waiting for his day in court — provided contradictory tales of what went down — and at this time there has been no confessional.

The latest development struck this morning — as I glided through the mudslide of our existence with practiced strokes. Then I came upon the headline that was even more stunning than its predecessor.

A bag containing her head, legs and a knife was found floating — not far from where her torso had been discovered back in August. After further examination — it was concluded that the “murderous inventor” — had lied about his passenger striking her head against something — as she fell to her death.

Everything about this is beyond heartbreaking. The worst of it are the updates that click you in with the sickening imagery of what is supposedly left of this brilliantly courageous young woman — who otherwise, has been depicted with vibrancy of what life should be — when you’re doing what you love — with love.

When I first caught wind of Wall’s fate — I immediately wondered if I would’ve been able to release my paranoia for the sake of a potentially kickass story. I’m still not sure if I could’ve gone to meet the mysterious inventor in a submarine — without the company of trusted…