Why Kicking Sarah Huckabee Sanders Out Of A Restaurant, Is The Version of America Worth Fighting For

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the beloved daughter of a government official who recently tweeted this gem:

She’s also a willing participant in President Trump’s toxic administration that has served as the rule book for White supremacists who stayed prayerful and hopeful during the Obama years — when things seemed bleak — and the climate was bloated with progression — and the images that seemed to encourage the approaching end of inequality.

Of course now we know better — and it’s hard not to look back in embarrassment at the sheer lack of awareness that permeated those of us who couldn’t get over the reality of the very first Black family in The House White — long enough to consider how the White nationalist movement was already moving in for the kill.

Even as the last couple of years of Obama’s administration seemed coated in the reminders of how racial strife is the drug of choice for a country that was founded on the principles that helped to fan the flames of systemic dysfunction — at the expense of Black lives — there was still the falsehood surrounding the first Black president and how his savior-like presence overwhelmed the facts.

And now we’re immersed in a White president who is eager to showcase all the reasons why the last eight years were utter shit.

Ever since he’s ascension — racially-charged crimes have been at an all-time high — thanks to his public endorsement of hate groups who feel represented by the leader who illogically professed how the White supremacist protesters who fucked up Charlottesville were “very fine people.”

The president’s non-response to the people of Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Maria literally resulted in the unnecessary deaths of many — particularly the elderly and seriously ill— who depended on breathing machines for survival.

Trump’s visit to the ravaged island was a royal joke — as he showed up with his signature bravado — and not an ounce of empathy or compassion for the locals — who were visibly shaken by the aftermath of a monstrous storm that left them homeless — bereaved — and in stark darkness.

Instead of assuming the presidential stance that dictates evoking a dignified aura when dealing with matters of extreme urgency — Trump proceeded to belittle the islanders by tossing paper towels with bigoted glee. He then went on to berate officials for irresponsibly racking up a massive debt — that he promised would be taken into consideration when it came to extending the period of assistance.

He made good on that promise by seizing every opportunity to downplay the woeful consequences of Hurricane Maria through tragic inaction.

Trump relished comparing the inaccurate death count that was released right after the storm hit to other natural disasters of its kind — thereby minimizing the catastrophic effects when it was assumed that the number of people that died couldn’t compete with the other more dismal results.

But — we have been given the truth of approximately how many islanders perished in Puerto Rico and it’s sadly 70 times more than the amount Trump disgustingly touted as it were a victorious discovery.

This administration has become a cesspool of disgusting behavior that starts from the top and trickles down to the lost souls who need to believe that the most self-indulgent White man alive — actually gives two fucks about their dreary forecast.

He thinks he’s the only one who realizes that his electoral win was made possible by White people who detest anyone who isn’t White. But — perhaps that enduring legacy is a testament to his enviable tradition of remaining unfazed and consistent with his rhetoric.

He claims to be for all Americans — but his actions so far — prove that his dedication and energy is reserved for only White Americans. Particularly those who voted for him with the assurance that the end was near for the population of Black and Brown.

Trump has nothing but praises for law enforcement because they’re so good at doing his dirty work. They shoot at Black folks and the goal is to kill as many as possible in a single week. A rookie cop recently shot a Black teen in the back — three times — and the crime was simply that he tried to run away from the scene.

The White supremacist protesters who invaded Charlottesville to wreck havoc in the name of supreme Whiteness and the determination to fight their imminent extinction with deadly force — will be back at it in August and the chosen playground is DC.

And the immigration crisis is just the continuation of the messaging supplied by this administration — that loudly echos the criminalization of migrants under the blasphemy of bible verses — that are coerced into the validation of exorcising this country out of the principles that made it the haven for “the tired, the poor, huddled masses.”

And of course when the president is a celebrated renegade — all bets are off — as the rest of his minions follow suit — or remain complicit in the face of great adversity — that ignites a national crisis that is rapidly spiraling out of control.

The notion that Mike Huckabee — the governor of Arkansas —father of Sarah Sanders — and a supposed man of God who actually ministers to people about the goodness of the Lord — can actually tweet out a racially offensive item without issue — is all we need to know about the infectious nature of Trump’s administration.

The women who willingly show up for work to answer to someone who has no qualms lending support to men who have been accused of child molestation — sexual assault and beating their wives — not to mention his wordplay about how he typically views women when he’s aroused — have to be relentlessly shamed for their contribution to the present chaos.

First daughter Ivanka Trump was initially treated with care and consideration during her father’s venomous campaign — and after he won the presidency there was the infamous CBS interview where she gave breathy answers to the questions that were meant to expose her agenda.

Now we know why she’s the woman the president loves the most — and it has nothing to do with her looks and everything to do with her unyielding loyalty. She’s the exact replica of her father — and may even surpass him in the ability to be morally-deficient and calculatingly vile.

Any woman who is able to stand by a man who has no guilt watching children being yanked away from their parents and placed in environments that don’t meet the standards of humane treatment — should be dumped in a category of history that will forever activate assault on their character.

They should also never be able to move around in peace — and if necessary — they should endure the inconvenience of being heckled in public places — preferably eateries in big cities or quaint towns.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen got a taste of that bitter medicine not too long ago — when she was booed while dining in DC at a Mexican restaurant — no less.

And Sarah Sanders is next line as she suffered the same treatment while attempting to have dinner at the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia. Tensions ran high when she showed up with her family — and the owner felt she had no choice but to ask Sanders to vacate the premises.

Stephanie Wilkinson — who co-owns the establishment checked with her staff before making the final decision — and it was agreed that Sanders wasn’t welcomed due to her current position as an employee of an “inhumane” and “unethical” administration.

Later — the White House Press Secretary used her official account to tweet this:

The major lesson in all this is the glaring truth of how Sanders getting kicked out of an eatery — presents the version of America worth fighting for and a strong indication that we can’t be graceful under a graceless administration.

There’s no room for turning the other cheek or holding on to the possibility that things won’t get any worse than they are now.

This is war.

The battle lines have been drawn and all that’s left to do is to pick a side and be prepared to guard it with your life. Trump and his gang of racists and the White women who love them — aren’t holding back and the proof is staring us dead in the face.

A White woman with a website that’s ready to take orders from anyone who needs to secure weed for their pets — threatened to call the police on an eight-year-old Black girl selling water on a hot day in the Bay area.

We can’t permit White House entrants like Sanders and all the others who’ve signed up to be historically remembered as Americans who served under the most un-American president ever recorded — to function without the threat that their dishonorable staton will haunt them in the most fundamental fashion.

If they’re comfortable with the ghastly treatment currently being exacted on American citizens who are still living in darkness — without access to basic necessities — and with the plight of Black Americans who receive bomb packages from White terrorists who want them blown out of this world — and the migrant children who have to wait to be greeted by the First Lady who rudely told the world how she really feels about them — then you deserve to always be uncomfortable.

Every time you step over to our side.

Update: A word from your president

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