Real or Fake?

Why Khloe & Co. Need A Heavy Dose of Reality

Against my better judgment, I feel the need to touch on the touchy controversy surrounding Khloe Kardashian’s touched up viral photo that was “mistakenly” plastered all over social medium by one of her “assistants,” spearheading a weeks-long hysteria that’s finally winding down.

While Khloe’s dedicated handlers worked overtime to achieve the impossible task of scrubbing away the problematic evidence of why the never-ending pursuit for perfection is a debilitating addiction, well-meaning essays tackling the harmful policing of women’s bodies expectedly sprouted up to anchor the alighted moment of lessons that can be learned.

For her part, the tallest Kardashian sister (Kendall is a Jenner) swiftly seized her glaring spotlight to produce a heartfelt response on Instagram, addressing all the ruckus surrounding the unauthorized publishing of her “unedited” bikini photo

The vetted video featuring her in various poses against the backdrop of her chosen soundtrack is supposed to serve as the undisputed proof that her famously branded physique isn’t a photoshopped wonder that many commentators emphatically conclude.

The accompanying text is interestingly long and candid with lots of references to the trials and tribulations of being an A-lister, who is unfairly held up to impossible standards, which is particularly challenging when you’re cruelly compared to your more gorgeous sisters, and labeled the “fat or ugly sister.”

Khloe, also ventures into the unrelenting rumors that have swirled for about a decade, regarding the numerous surgical procedures that she and her famous siblings have allegedly undergone to manifest the eye-popping enhancements that were nowhere to be found in the early days of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

This takes me back to one of the more revolting episodes that killed the winning blueprint of E! where Kim Kardashian before the addition of “West” spent her air time daring her amused plastic surgeon to publicly attest to how her butt implants were actually real.

As hilariously entertaining as it was to watch a certified medical practitioner recklessly abandon his code of ethics, in a bid to prevent the pretend world of the world’s most lauded reality TV families from crumbling under damaging exposure of their fraudulence, it was also quite jarring to observe the beginning stages of the virus of untruths that’s currently dominating the media landscape.

Quite frankly I’ve spent more time than I would like to admit on the thankless assignment of calling out the poaching mechanisms of Kim & Co., that extends to the massacring of the Black woman aesthetic by privileged white women, who are convinced they can do “Black” better than discarded originators of what poachers shamelessly monetize into billionaire empires.

In all honesty, a ton of the blame needs to be distributed to the legions of clueless followers, who enable the criminality of these manufactured scammers, and the prominent industries of beauty and fashion that award white women with million-dollar contracts for badly replicating what Black counterparts have always modeled without fanfare or earned credits.

But back to Khloe and the scandalous “unedited” photo viewed around the world, because based on her strong reaction to something that absolutely didn’t warrant the ridiculous level of attention that only fueled the flames of furious opinions, it’s quite clear that a heavy dose of brutal truths is necessary.

First off, online trolling has unfortunately evolved into a normalized form of social engagement that doesn’t just afflict the disposition of the rich and famous.

But obviously, when you’re a notable figure juggling multiple platforms with a massive fan base, robotically endorsing every move you make, the stakes are much higher, and the bullseye on your back won’t fail to attract the ire of countless detractors.

That being said, while I don’t condone trolling of any kind, or the eerie policing of women’s bodies that constantly hits below the belt, I also find it unnerving when inflated influencers center their hustle around the costly branding of viable lies, that market the fakery to impressionable consumers who can’t afford to buy into the bullshit.

Khloe’s tale of woe when it comes to the trauma of being continuously heckled by haters about not successfully measuring up to her prettier sisters is an understandable predicament, but the long-standing denial of submitting to surgical procedures to achieve her uncannily sculptured template is where things take a seedier turn.

It’s bad enough that the industry-revered Kardashian/Jenner women have flat out refused to admit their fuckery when it comes to their acts of cultural thievery in broad daylight, but the orneriness of parading their money-padded bodies around with the audacity of how they were simply born that way is beyond offensive, not to mention narratively damaging.

Of course it’s hard not to notice the irony of how Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which is presently wrapping up its 20th and final season, dutifully maintained the traditions of other offerings in the same genre by being anything but REAL.

Khloe Kardashian’s very public meltdown over a damn bikini shot that nobody except her bevy of faithful followers would’ve given two shits about, and the in-depth coverage initiated by major outlets is indicative of the power and might of Kris Jenner’s solidified PR authority that protects the reputation of her prized assets.

But at the risk of blowing up the enviable track record of a ruthless momager, it has to be said that while the Kardashian/Jenner sisters have perfected the artfulness of curated physiques that scream perfection with tendencies of extraordinariness, there’s also the immense responsibility that comes with that ambitious scaling.

When Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian became a thing back in 2017, touted as the ultimate makeover show that tones up both the “interior and exterior” it was seemingly the fitting vehicle for Khloe to effectively maximize her own newly improved bod, by leaning on the talking points of how her gleaming transformation was borne out of gym work and a disciplined diet.

However, it’s time for that reality check on behalf of the doubting crowd including myself, who can’t tolerate the trickery of Kris Jenner’s pricey replicants, that aims to shop the unreal templates of surgically altered body parts as the winning results of diligent workout sessions and high-priced salads infused with a spread of miraculous greens.

I mean google the before and after scrapbook of Kylie Jenner for Christ’s sake!

There are plenty of vocal critics, notably English actress and media personality Jameela Jamil, who frequently take to Twitter to call out the rabid hypocrisy of Khloe & Co., when it comes to dangerously propelling an unattainable ideal of what a woman’s physical prowess should resemble for the global cosign that guarantees activation of your #bestlife.

It would’ve been a refreshing turn if Khloe had let her guard down by confessing how her lucrative lifestyle allows her to rebuild her pricey bod from the ground up with the payoff of maintenance as needed.

There’s something grossly unappealing and terribly pathetic about seasoned liars who shamelessly lie about shit that can be easily disputed because of how the visuals doesn’t support laughable claims.

I mean it’s like Iggy Azalea swearing on the bible that she left her native Australia looking exactly the way she does now.

Beauty and fashion brands, including the women’s publications that cater to a vulnerable demographic have to do a better job removing the distortions of what should be upheld as a healthy representation of relatable attractiveness, both inside and out; versus the stitched up live dolls who will eventually fall apart at the seams in due time.

In this era of “fuck the truth” we all admittedly deserve a heavy dose of reality, but when it comes to the Kardashian/Jenner brand, there needs to be an IV drip of this essential but lacking ingredient.

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