Why Joe Walsh and Mark Sanford Are Bullshit GOP Challengers Who Stink of White Male Privilege

The upcoming election cycle is a crowded canvas of dysfunction, and at the epicenter of this never-ending shitstorm is the nefariousness of an established regime, that’s been allowed to thrive without issue because of the supremacy of Whiteness that continues to remain the installed religion of a bitterly divided nation.

Summer is over, which means that Congress is back in session with the ammunition of Republicans and Democrats, who are more than ready to battle it out for the sake of God and country. In the midst of the societal mayhem, there’s the threat of another shutdown hovering, and more than likely we can expect the repetitive cycle to commence when you consider the scorching issues of gun violence, trade wars, illegal drug pricing, etc and how it all boils down to life and death.

But our temperature of health as a nation on the brink of utter dismemberment won’t be on the road to recovery if we continue to accommodate the trifling antics of White American males, who have been traitorously bequeathed absolute power.

The terrifying journey that developed into the worst presidency that will ever be recorded in the tumultous history of this nation started off as a very long and exhausting comedy special. We were treated to late night show hosts playfully stroking the hair of a reality TV star, and the hearty laughs via endless skits from an institution that was resurrected by the polarizing presence of a bullish buffoon, who was making offensive shit cool as shit.

It was a season of heightened mania that exploded with the enabling of organizations that are still catering to this revolting brand of normalized deviancy, that wouldn’t have been acceptable if the celebrated perpetrator was a Black man.

Imagine if President Obama had spent his first trip abroad as the newly elected Commander-in-Chief, righteously cursing out long-standing allies in favor of a blasphemous love affair with the likes of Vladimir Putin, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and of course Kim Jong-Un.

Imagine if President Obama had rejected the solid advice that warned against the security breach of hiring his eldest daughter and her husband as White House senior advisers, despite their lacking credentials for high-profile roles that should’ve been awarded to worthier candidates.

Imagine if President Obama had opted to go golfing at his luxury resort in New Jersey while the country that he refuses to govern is at a standstill and reeling from the direness of back-to-back mass shootings, stemming from an epidemic that he won’t publicly condemn with the mandate of lifesaving solutions.

Imagine if President Obama has been an egomaniacal doofus who lacked the competence and polished decorum of a respected world leader, as well as the basic instincts of a seasoned strategist. And imagine how those missing qualities would lead to the inexplicable need to make the ill-advised decision to invite the Taliban to Camp David, merely days before the 18th anniversary of 9/11 — for a meeting that never occurred for obvious reasons.

Imagine the dramatics that would’ve ensued from Republicans, if the Black president who has been accused of being a Muslim by conservatives, as if it were the worst insult to levy on a human, had voluntarily requested the presence of terrorists to a location that has served as the renowned cell for history-making events.

We could go on and on, but there’s no point wasting time because as the days go by, it’s becoming quite clear that the protocols that were in place to ensure the security of American citizens have been criminally compromised.

White supremacy was always the culprit, but now more than ever, we are being punished by the mechanisms of a government that is no longer hiding the fact that a White nationalist leader will be permitted to disorganize the pillars of orderly conduct by instituting the law of rabid lawlessness.

Trump’s toxic administration has succeeded in implementing the signature requirements of governing, that includes crimes against humanity and targeting vilified migrants with the forced separation and caging of family members. The activation of ethnic cleansing that’s aimed at Black and Brown hopefuls who can’t even utilize the privilege of travel visas without issue, even though White counterparts from Europe are able to seamlessly garner entry is another form of attack that’s being exacted through revised immigration laws.

Gun violence is an epidemic that’s being scheduled by the deadly antics of White terrorism. This method of radicalizing White males through the problematic platforms of social media is enhanced by the bigoted messaging of President Trump, who is able to publicly share offensively vile content from the pages of far-right extremists without the disciplining measures that would ordinarily shut down the accounts of users who break rules and polices.

For the oppressed population in America, who have to deal with the nationalized endorsement of police brutality that continues to be the preferred method of extinction, navigating the minefield of deadliness that’s overseen by the optics of a White supremacist as president has catapulted our existence into the clear and present danger that can’t afford to be exchanged for another.

As 2020 Democratic contenders for the office of the presidency prepare for a season of debates and the traveling caravan of campaign sites, we are simultaneously being deluged with the misplaced ambitions of White males from the Republican Party, who are pathetically contesting the track record of a comrade who closely resembles their own questionable trajectory.

Joe Walsh, the former Congressman from Illinois who only served one term, is currently disgracing himself with lackluster TV appearances where he unconvincingly explains why he’s in a better position to replace the supreme leader of an establishment that adopts the racist handbook that he has famously cited to advance his own political agenda.

Walsh is a shameless racist who played a vital role in validating the incredulous birther controversy that was perpetuated to destabilize the solid and illustrious foundation of the first-ever Black president with the given name that conservatives easily weaponized to distort his Americanness.

During an interview with ABC’s staple George Stephanopoulos, Walsh willingly admitted that his practiced racism helped “create Trump,” but then he weirdly condemns his temporary nemesis for doing the exact same thing.

“He’s nuts, he’s erratic, he’s cruel, he stokes bigotry.”

When Stephanopoulos put him on blast about the racist comments that were made about a sitting Black president, Walsh readily confesses his wrongdoing and tried to appear apologetic about his harassment of Obama that helped to give the birther conspiracy the spotlight it didn’t deserve.

“I said some ugly things about President Obama that I regret.”

It’s hard to believe that Joe Walsh regrets anything about his blighted past when you consider that he has also said some pretty shitty stuff about presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who happens to be a woman of color.

Back in 2017, he tweeted his disagreement with Harris by resorting to the standard default of blaming her inferiority as a Black woman for her misstep.

“Senator Kamala Harris said something really dumb. Meh. If you’re black and a woman, you can say dumb things. Lowered bar.”

Walsh also used this same shameful and popular analogy to criticize President Obama when he was still in office. This fractured mindset keeps the fragile egos of White males intact when they can argue that the history-making election of a Black man to the highest office of the land, was a gift that didn’t happen based on merit, but as part of the reparations package that dutifully compensates for the centuries of brutalization.

The former radio host even had his show yanked off the air back in 2014 because of the reckless and insensitive use of racial slurs, and true to form, Walsh exhibited the characteristics that inspired him to fight back with the currency of White victimhood instead of humbly accepting the consequences of his abhorrent behavior.

And as recent as 2018, Walsh was still floating the falsities of Obama’s background by labeling him a “Muslim” with the venom that has normalized the assault of Islamophobia on the existence of terrorized Muslim-American communities.

The list of reasons why Joe Walsh shouldn’t be allowed to run for the office of the presidency is extensive, but we can embrace the shared agreement of why it would be catastrophic to replace a White supremacist with another idiotic White male, who fundamentally believes that his race is superior to those who don’t apply.

And then we have former governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, another Republican, who’s embattled status remains activated ever since that infamous and memorable summer of 2009, when he went missing without a trace for about four days, and left his spokesperson with the unenviable task of replicating the delivery of Sarah Sanders with the far-fetched excuse that the governor was exploring the Appalachian Trail.

It turns out that Sanford wasn’t hiking the trails because he was too busy indulging in an extramarital affair with an Argentinian journalist all the way in Buenos Aires, where she resided.

Sanford’s willful disappearance and outright illustration of misplaced priorities that hampered the welfare of his constituents didn’t result in his impeachment, but ended with the decision to censure.

And even though it has been at least a decade since the soap opera starring the philandering husband and governor ceremoniously played out for the acute interest of the globe, there’s absolutely no way for Sanford to rise above the bold strikes against him, that blatantly prove how and why he’s unfit to lead his own household, not to mention the entire nation.

That brings us to why these bullshit GOP challengers stink of the White privilege that propels them to assume the responsibility of pursuing a dignified and noble calling that they are both not adequately suited for, based on the stark absence of the key ingredients that comprise of the winning attributes that are normally allotted to born leaders.

Barack Obama possessed the relevant qualities that elevated his presidency to greater heights with each passing year that he was in office. But his Blackness was a bone of contention for the racist GOP, and the mistreatment he suffered made him the most disrespected president in U.S. history.

Joe Walsh got it wrong when he claimed that the “bar was lowered for Obama because he was Black.”

The bar was the highest it’s ever been since the presidency was established and reserved for White males. And now it’s the lowest it’s ever been with the potency of a self-professed White nationalist, who is besties with murderous dictators, and who would opt to put Americans in extreme danger by negotiating with terrorists on American soil, in a desperate ploy to exceed the roster of accomplishments that his tormentor amassed during his eight year run.

This upcoming election cycle needs to be about recovery, and that will encompass the patriotism of a mature adult, who is a voracious reader, and a knowledgable scholar with the outfitted armor of humanness, and the boost of evidence that highlights the adherence to equality, and why those tendencies can’t be minimized or forsaken.

White males with pulverized egos that need to be put back together again shouldn’t be granted a clean slate at the expense of those of us who aren’t in a position to give a fuck about the long-awaited comeback of privileged losers who make Donald Trump seem somewhat sane in the grand scheme of things.

Enough with the bullshit! White men are presently fucking things up, and we are so done with this portion of this shit show.

It’s time for a different type of programming, and this time, we call the shots.

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