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The Best

Why Janet Jackson Isn’t The Greatest Of All Time

She’s simply the best

Janet Damita Jo Jackson recently turned fifty-two on May 16th — approximately three days before she receives the Billboard Music Awards Icon Award on Sunday — during the annual ceremony.

There’s the no doubt that the youngest member of the legendary Jackson family — is long overdue for such an honor — especially when you consider her impressive roster of hits that have been extensively detailed here.

It’s hard to fathom that an artist who garnered the historic feat of “18 top 10s in a row” — would be over-shadowed by Jennifer Lopez who received the same award back in 2014. No offense to J-Lo — but when it comes to the flawless career of MJ’s favorite collaborator — her range just doesn’t measure up — so we’ll just conclude that there was a very good reason why she beat Janet to the punch.

But — enough with the pettiness.

Janet Jackson is in a league of her own and doesn’t deserve to be slotted in compartments of analytical fare — as the younger generation tries to justify how and why her time has passed —and positioning her for the duty of relinquishing the title to adequately capable prototypes

That was the anthem — weeks after Beyonce’s stunning offering at Coachella that had all of us dazzled out of our minds at the showmanship of a performer who produced a star-spangled fiesta — that came straight from the heart.

I was among the off-site revelers — that spent the early morning hours immersed at the spectacle streaming from my iPhone — and thanking God for the stamina to usher in Sunday morning with a spiritual awakening.

The think pieces began pouring in almost immediately with one in particular from a notable blogger — who announced that Bey is the Greatest of All Time — despite the perfections of Janet — who was Great back in the day — but unfortunately that was then and this is now. And at this time — Beychella is the event that overrules Rhythm Nation.

Sounds a lot like the declaration Chance the Rapper made not too long ago — to graduating students — when he also gave it up to Beyonce — by stating that her mind-blowing performance surpassed anything that Michael Jackson ever delivered during his decades-long career.

First-off — when it comes to shout-outs reserved for those that surpass expectations in ways that are otherworldly — the motivations are usually formed from the moments of bonding — that happen organically and miraculously — without the trumpet of trends or the mob of social media.

If we didn’t have the tools of engagement to alert us — there’s no way that non-talents like Cardi B would ever make it to the level of success she’s garnering — for simply being the mascot of what can be possible when enough people buy into a silly idea.

The influencers that are placing Bey above all the rest — are definitely driven by the analytics of a mood — that is responsive only to the “here and now” without the capacity of recognizing that the past made all this possible — through mechanisms that are rarely utilized in this robotically-driven climate.

I grew up when Janet Jackson wasn’t past tense — but instead a unstoppable force packaged in a template that moved like lightening across the stage and in the music videos that she commanded with footwork that matched vibrant verses about girlhood — womanhood — and the activism that still remains activated.

Janet isn’t the greatest of all time because she’s simply the best.

The stoke of good luck that blessed me with the joy of being surrounded by impeccable talents that were incessantly generous with the never-ending catalog of hits and zero misses —helped to shape my avid appreciation for the healthy assortment — and curbed my cravings for measuring what is essentially immeasurable.

My allegiance to Janet can’t be adequately conveyed because her invaluable contribution to the vital stages of my life makes it impossible to not delightfully unravel anytime her presence dominates my space.

In my world — her range is incomparable — and coupled with the familial crest — her storybook reads like a jazzy fairytale with the edginess of an era that helped to formulate her ascension to the realm of mandated stardom.

She could’ve easily doled out shitty fare without pushing the limits since she already had the security of an older brother who was basically the King of Pop and would’ve endorsed her — no matter what.

But — Janet Jackson was determined to make it on her own terms by saturating the market with back-to-back hits that were unleashed with rapidity — and basically gave the impression that such a thing was an effortless exercise — when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

What she was able to do with mind-boggling consistency would be very hard to replicate — if you’re not cut from that cloth.

Janet is the best because she’s always been in “Control” with the assistance of the “Pleasure Principle” that made everything “Alright.”

She’s wisely enjoying the fruits of her labor as a new mother — and with the reassurance that her time isn’t up yet — regardless of the misguided forecast by trendsetters who can’t be trusted — because — well — you know.

When you’re the best to ever to do it — there’s no fading away to allow replacements to shine — and suggesting such a thing is just “Nasty.”

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