Why Ivanka Trump Is Her Father’s Daughter, In The Worst Way

I’ve always been adamant about my observation regarding the President’s dutifully loyal daughter and supposed “senior advisor” — Ivanka Trump. The media spends a shitload of time convincing us of how screwed we are to have such an incompetent bully in The White House — but somehow the silent but deadly antics of the first daughter hovers in the background.

As the nation is thrown into a tailspin by a toxic administration that’s seeped in inhumane practices — being doled out through immigration policies — currently destroying families — and regulating the innocent lives of children into the blackhole of uncertainty — the debate rages on.

Trump — hides under the veil of Whiteness as he insists that the Democrats are the ones validating the horrific acts that are in place at the border — whereby kids are being yanked away from their parents — as punishment for seeking refuge from life-threatening conditions.

But — thankfully there are enough of us who know exactly what kind of monster Donald J. Trump is — and so the fight won’t ever stop until justice is served — and his relentless lies are highlighted with the truth of our persistent nightmare.

We are turning into soldiers of war because some of us are too Black to be American while others are too Muslim to exist without the danger of White male terrorists hacking them to death. And the rest of us are viewed as infiltrators who are trying too hard to prevent America from being Great Again.

In the midst of all this societal fury — is the blissful existence of the daughter of our dictator — as she floods her timeline with evidence of why she’s preparing for her own presidential run in the not so distant future.

As much as she tries to pretend that her best intentions won’t collide with her father’s tumultous legacy — former friend and first daughter — Chelsea Clinton accurately called out her nemesis for being a willing participant who co-signs the president’s diseased agendas.

That can’t be illustrated any better than with a tweet from this past weekend — that depicts Ivanka Trump in a staged photo where she’s holding her youngest child in a loving embrace.

The tweet expectedly drew the attention of a host of haters who expressed their disgust that the first daughter could be insensitive enough to parade her fairytale disposition — as a privileged White mother — who is lucky enough to enjoy her child while her father is punishing unfortunate parents — who are shedding tears over the loss of their precious ones.

Here’s the thing — Ivanka Trump is her father’s daughter in the worst way.

She may have fooled you with that garbage interview she gave CBS staple Gayle King — where she charmed with her whispery voice and bright-eyed authenticity — by promising to hold her idiot father accountable for his deplorable behavior.

But — as we now know — that was just an act — and a pathetic attempt at playing the role of an independent woman who plans on using her leverage to serve as a winning example of what it means to be a modernly progressive — while securing the values of upstanding Americans.

Ivanka Trump has been vigilant in her quest to assist and accommodate Trump’s public support of the worst of the worst — including politicians who are alleged child molesters and his own aide who he tearfully dismissed after it was revealed that he was a wife beater.

And now Ivanka displays the spirit of her callousness by cruelly celebrating her freedom as a mother with the image of White privilege — which almost always requires a healthy dose of cluelessness mixed in with the potency of nonchalance — that can only be accrued from a life that has never been under attack.

It’s not that we can’t tolerate how content the first daughter is with the security of her Whiteness and the privilege to showcase it for those who may be in doubt. It’s the timing and audacity of it all — and how it seamlessly plays into the narrative of her father — and how he also manages to make a national crisis or event— all about him as opposed to recognizing those who have more to lose — and nothing to gain.

This is evident in his Memorial Day message — where he abhorrently seizes the opportunity to remind “the Blacks” and “Hispanics” about why despite being targeted by the minions of Trump’s America — who are relentlessly terrorizing us — we still have to thank him for keeping us employed.

Like father — like daughter — and what’s even more troublesome is how so-called experts and the media at large refuse to pay attention to how this potent dynasty is being established — under the guise of an “advisory role” that is really code for — “first woman president.”

The angelic exterior might’ve worked its magic a couple of years ago — but there’s no denying that Ivanka Trump is investing in her destiny by poetically applauding her father’s brutish regime — with symbols that only Twitter can furnish.

She has now qualms showcasing her unapologetic stance during a time when children are suffering from the version of America that her father tragically endorses. And even her staff of PR agents are helpless when it comes to advising her against such a recklessly tone-deaf decision.

Ivanka Trump and all the women of this foul administration are an utter disgrace — and there’s every hope that history will record how they contributed to the downfall of a once graceful nation.

In the meantime — White privilege reigns supreme.

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