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What’s behind those frames?

Why It’s Time To Stop Treating Melania Trump Like The Privileged White Woman She Is

First Ladies shouldn’t get a free ride

First Lady Melania Trump may not mimic her husband’s loud-mouthed uncouthness, but when it comes to displaying shockingly reprehensible behavior — we can basically acknowledge the team effort.

As the immigration crisis rapidly evolved into the obsession of media outlets, the two women closest to the man issuing deadly ultimatums, that were putting migrant children at risk, remained stoically silent. The First Daughter broke her silence briefly by callously tweeting the image of her holding her prized possession — as way to solidify her enviable privilege.

The First Lady also gallantly did what she’s often praised for — which involves using her signature moves to prove how she gracefully survives the ongoing public humiliation of sleeping with enemy, who happens to be a racist, misogynistic and woefully incompetent leader.

Less than a month ago, Melania emerged from her disappearing act, in a quest to conduct her duties with the chilly nonchalant stance, that occasionally takes a break when she’s in the presence of her son. She was heading to a shelter in Texas — where migrant children were waiting to play their part as trained props.

You’ve know you’ve royally fucked up— when your choice of clothing upstages your grand gesture to provide support to those who are being persecuted under the very law that you’re helping to implement — with the assigned job title that is currently being assaulted.

The words: I Really Don’t Care, Do U? baffled most of us with human tendencies, as we wondered what could possibly motivate a representative of an already embattled and toxic administration to willingly don a jacket by a globally-recognized retailer — that appropriately belongs on the template of youngsters — rather than an adult woman on official duty.

It’s hard to imagine how former First Lady Michelle Obama would’ve survived the backlash resulting from such an abhorrently mindless act — and there’s no doubt that the sharpest of tongues would loudly resound from White feminists — both notables and online activists — who would spare no expense shaming her for failing to adequately do her job.

But, as luck would have it, Melania Trump is a privileged White woman, who is able to get away with deplorable actions, by effortlessly bouncing back from mellow criticism, that’s usually over in a matter of hours or days at most.

This outfitted level of flexibility is credited to the power and might of White feminism and how those who champion the cause, are committed to ensuring that they insulate the overall disposition of members — especially when the stakes are high.

We see this crusade playing out in publications like The New York Times and CNN, as carefully curated pieces are staged for the benefit of coddling the fragile image of a woman who has done absolutely nothing to deserve such an embrace.

Back in January, The New York Times treated readers to an in depth op-ed that featured a fanciful title: The Quiet Radicalism of Melania Trumpthat was primed as an introduction to the first lady’s ability to be a “smooth operator,” when it comes to her preferred method of communication, that is seeped in the expertise of being “a force to reckon to with” — despite not doing very much at all.

The audacity of White feminism and how it elevates the notion that White women have to be viewed through the lens of empathy with little or no judgment — is a longstanding tradition that has birthed historical fodder.

The worst part of the article is demonstrated in the infusion of Michelle Obama — who had to endure eight years of verbal abuse from political officials, including White women in prestigious positions — who all relied on the standard practice of primate comparisons. And yet, there was no outcry or relentless condemnation from the beacons of White feminism, who were inconsolable at the two minute discomfort of Sarah Sanders.

The themes of these essays by White writers, who are almost always women, are erected to humbly praise Melania’s unwavering patriotism, as she innocently and dutifully internalizes the shitfest that comes with being the life partner of a world-renowned asshole.

Dedicated writers never fail to highlight her stylish presentation before delving into the task of decoding what really isn’t there. For those of us who aren’t dazzled by the empty shell with designer sunglasses, it’s nauseatingly vile to witness the “handle with care” stickers plastered all over Melania Trump, who is grossly misdiagnosed, when you consider that she demonstratively champions her husband’s biased value system.

The latest offering from continues the attempt at polishing the dull temperament of the First Lady with an ode to her past interactions with world leaders during her last trip abroad, as she once again returns to the world stage for the recently commenced European tour with the President.

The article begins with their departure from The White House, with the description of them “walking across the South Lawn to Marine One.” And then readers are briefed on the lifeless decorum of Melania Trump with the accompaniment of her ever-trusted accessory — undoubtedly protecting her eyes from the rays of her troubled reality.

And then it’s on to the ambitious schedule of the worst First Couple in history before we get to the meatier section that breaks down the “Quiet diplomacy” of Melania Trump.

Once again, descriptive words are everything, and when it comes to Mrs. Trump it’s all about the “quietness” of her disposition, that enables her to effectively function — despite the supposed challenges that come with the unique burden of her choice for a husband.

The writers applaud the winning moments from her past trips where “she “displayed quiet repose at religious sites,” and even “cracked a joke and a smile” in the presence of Pope Francis. Her visit to a hospital in Rome, where she visited with sick children was a major hit. But nothing measures up to the moment when she instantly became the mascot for White feminism, by “revealing her independent streak” when she refused her husband’s offer to hold her hand on the tarmac in Israel.

The final parts of the article returns to fashion choices and the predictions of how she will stylishly represent a country — that is bitterly torn to bits by the hostility and downright abuse of the administration that she inherited by marriage.

The jacket with the words that will assuredly haunt the legacy of her husband’s presidency is casually referred to as “puzzling,” as she’s touted as The First Lady with a penchant for making “sartorial choices,” when it comes to her high-priced wardrobe.

Here’s the thing, we really need to stop treating Melania Trump like the privileged White woman that she is — because First ladies typically don’t get a free ride when it comes to standing behind and next to a menacing White supremacist, who habitually slabs insults on women, while publicly cheering men who allegedly molest children and punch their wives.

As much as outlets aggressively condemn Trump’s insatiable appetite for chaos and mayhem, by declaring him mentally unfit to inhabit the once illustrious office of the presidency — there should also be the conscientious effort to entertain the First Lady with similar renderings of why and how she’s no better than her partner-in-crime.

Her Whiteness has bequeathed her with the authority to avoid avid criticism, as the messaging around her provides plush cushioning, that protects her from the stingrays of public opinion that would’ve definitely tortured her if her skin hue wasn’t so bright — even if she spoke Queen’s English.

We’re already saddled with the societal inconvenience of regular ass White women keeping the cops busy with bogus claims that are meant to terrorize Black people in their midst — why the fuck are we being forced to sit back and watch Melania Trump enjoy the freedom of being a co-conspirator in an administration that’s guilty of enforcing crimes against humanity?

It’s easy to forget the dignified honor that comes with being the woman who selflessly fulfills all the items on the to-do list that Michelle Obama flawlessly accomplished with flying colors. And the bonus was that she looked damn good doing it — without relying on eyewear with clouded lenses for reinforcement.

Melania Trump is the White woman who is privileged enough to be a well-respected fuckup. And that’s basically the core of what White feminism adheres to — when all is said and done.

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