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Why It’s Frightening That Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Account Was Hacked

It was recently announced that the Twitter account of CEO Jack Dorsey was compromised by a gang of misfits who broke the rules of a distribution platform called Discord, that allows users to freely indulge in the “text-to-tweet,” special with the expectation that mayhem won’t be part of the menu.

It’s been alleged that Dorsey’s account was under siege for less than 15 minutes before it was restored to its former glory.

As it turns out, getting a hold of the direct phone number belonging to one of the most powerful men in the world isn’t nearly as difficult as it may seem.

The hackers were able to rely on the brilliance of SIM hacking which is ridiculously easy if you possess the sheer determination to convince phone carriers to reassign a phone number under the name of one of the kings of Silicon Valley, to a new device.

You don’t need to be a mad scientist to fully comprehend how truly fucked we are as users of a platform that’s being managed by a bunch of idiots, who aren’t even savvy enough to prevent the most basic invasions that most rookies can detect before the very worst happens.

What happened to Dorsey’s account after it was overrun with the generic attack mode of racially offensive content definitely signals the direness of engagement at this level of gross negligence, whereby the gatekeepers are forced to admit defeat in this ongoing and deadly war that will surely end with our mandated extinction.

The whole thing reads like the most fucked up version of Frankenstein, where the master becomes the victim of his most ambitious invention, when he realizes that his creation was a grotesque mistake, but can’t seem to escape the punishment for his misguided endeavors.

When social media dazzled the world with the simplicity of being able to expand connectors beyond what we assumed was humanly possible, the privilege of blissfully indulging in the effortlessness of real-time engagement was the trap door that would lead us to down the cells of emotional decomposition.

Inventors that develop the invaluable blueprint to progressiveness have to be selfless enough to weigh the pros and cons with adherence to the survivability of humanity.

Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and the rest of the crew who devised with the branding of unforgivable recklessness are guilty of pulverizing the identification of humans into the heap of data, that’s used to produce catastrophic events like the election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency, as well as the ill-fated formation of Brexit, across the pond.

There’s also the sheer chaos that commences in brutalized countries like Nigeria, India, and beyond, during the dangerous election cycles that are coerced by the devious offerings via WhatsApp, that filters in manipulated content, featuring doctored videos that target politically-minded users who are naive enough to buy the validity of their downloads.

And while techies construct their detailed write-ups about the state-of-affairs in the bat cave, with the extra attention paid to how easily the unfathomable was staged with the accessibility to SMS, and why this notable security breach will inspire a more formidable system to thwart future threats, ordinary folks like us are beyond disgusted by the glaring discrepancies that permitted the successful hacking heard around the world.

It’s downright frightening that Jack Dorsey’s account was infiltrated by a bunch of White supremacists because of how it proves exactly why none of us can ever pretend that the creators of our discontent have our best interests in mind when strategizing for newly improved security measures.

It also explains why Trump is still able to keep his account activated without issue, despite repeatedly and willfully breaking the rules and polices of a platform that inexplicably provides him the freedom to retweet offensively vile content from far-right groups, that are actually on the updated lists of the FBI as reference for imminent domestic terrorism.

Imagine that the Commander-in-Chief, who is also a self-professed White nationalist, is being empowered by the establishments that are enriched by the activities of loyal users, to nefariously weaponize his privileges by terrorizing his detractors with life-threatening tweets, like the blatantly bigoted stunner that was directed at Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, with reinforcement of the burning Twin Towers as the graphic backdrop.

That horrific episode featuring a sitting U.S. president, misusing his authority to slander and demonize a Muslim-American Black woman was practically glazed over by mainstream media in favor of exacerbating the issue by highlighting the White politicians who denounced the evil gesture while acknowledging that “minimizing” the aftermath of 9/11 was just as bad.

Perhaps, if Dorsey and his equally complicit decision-makers had made the decision to scare away the cowardly lions who roar global chaos into existence with incriminating manifestos, by ceremoniously silencing the maddening voice of an out-of-control renegade, who is perpetually fed the falsehood of his ordained relevancy, it could’ve enforced the belief of how we didn’t pathetically sign away our existence.

The vital role that social media has played in the grooming of White male terrorists who perfect those skills in chatrooms that are hosted by the same mechanisms that crown viral stars, can no longer be downplayed as the expected symptom of what occurs when bad people tinker with something good.

The time has come to truly reexamine the rule of engagement as it pertains to the realistic outcome of what the accumulated years of activity will reveal as we advance into murky territory without lifejackets to keep us afloat.

The art of journalism has already succumbed to the incurable disease of clickbait and over-saturation of information that dulls the senses and increases the level of tolerance that can comfortably internalize the gut-wrenching headlines about mass shootings and the baby caught in the crossfire.

There’s also the extremes of this volatile climate that’s spearheaded by a cartoonish bulldog with erratic mood swings that are best performed on his preferred platform.

When we excitedly curated personalized logins with expectations of being armed and ready for the benefits of having the world at our fingertips, we never imagined the scope of destruction that could be concocted by deranged characters with death wishes, who will be able to exact cataclysmic vibrations with just a couple of clicks.

And yet here we are, suspended in the unfolding nightmare that White males with too much power and zero conscience have curated with the incentive of making a shitload of money, by banking on the never-ending flow of mined data that will always be flowed into the grubby hands of the highest bidders.

There’s no way out of this one-sided arrangement that only benefits the embattled CEOs, who will never be held accountable for downgrading humanity for the praise of redefining the landscape of sociability with the caveat of how we will pay a terrifically high price for our premium engagement.

If the account of Jack Dorsey can suffer the pitfalls of exposure at any cost, then we have to brace up for the inevitable storm that’s brewing with the upcoming elections, and how we can’t simply demand drastic changes to the status quo if we aren’t willing to reassess our own participation in the fiery gauntlet.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been unnerved by my fixation on Trump’s daily tweetfest, that never deviates from the habitual tendencies that evoke the boiling temperature of a fatigued nation that quite frankly is in no shape to welcome the life-altering season of aggressive campaigning with accompanied mudslinging from all sides.

The unhealthiness of relations is readily apparent within seconds of scanning trending items that are anchored by a toxic administration, the soldiers of White nationalism, who are more than happy to boast about why their supreme leader is most definitely not a racist.

The point is that a little over a decade after the debut of the platforms that we’re helplessly attached to for obvious reasons, there’s no doubt that we are worse off than we were before being “liked” was a matter of life and death.

We are now fighting the influx of bots for visibility, and the soullessness of an addiction that forces us to share space with warmongers who have the authority to order our demise with damning tweets that raise the antlers of global disrupters. And of course we are aware of the online hoodlums, who are more than willing to act out the directives of a president who is able to tweet out inappropriate attacks against populations that are vulnerable to the toxicity of White House communications.

Jack Dorsey & Co. never intended to regulate the platform that was built to evolve into the real life version of the Death Star, floating through the cosmic field of structural dysfunction, that manifests with clicks that systemically create the glossy baits that keep media outlets pathetically engaged in analyzing the president’s tweets for the payday that guarantees his criminalized safety net.

But what about our protection?

In order to answer that question, it would take the reckoning that results in the permanent removal of the man who has single-handedly revived institutions that desperately depend on his celebrated tantrums for financial stability.

When the enslaved are able to walk away but prefer to stay entangled — that’s another frightening status that hashtags can’t validate.


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