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She’s so Black!

Why It Matters That Kim Kardashian Is Back To Black

It doesn’t matter — and that’s why it matters.

Maybe it’s time to stop being a buzzkill when it come to celebs that rule the world and finally give a shit. I mean is it really such a bad thing to be addicted to the revolving menu the Daily Mail offers? Why do I think I’m supremely human when I go out of my way to declare how much I hate surfing my feed — because of the energy it takes to expertly dodge the K & J crew?

I’m willing to try out my loyalty to Kim K and acknowledge how much better life is now that she’s no longer blonde. Although to be honest — I think the folks over at JustJared got it wrong because I’m pretty sure the last time Mrs. West was captured on film — she was rockin’ pink hair.

I also know that she just got back from Tokyo — which may have initially inspired her bright pink strands — either way I’m new to this shit so it’s possible that she was blonde for maybe 24 hours.

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She’s so rad!

It’s great to have her back to a darker hue. It matches the skin tone she bought and it helps to keep the nostalgia of the early days — intact.

Her cute announcement on Instagram with the fillers was too cute!

Kim Kardashian West understands how to make Saturday nights fun when she interjects with proof of her existence — and as casual as hair color may seem — this sudden update is a vital piece of information.

Okay — I’m not quite sure why it matters — which is why it does matter — because if it didn’t — she wouldn’t matter and she clearly does. So — that’s all that matters — to those who need her to matter.

By the way — Kim Kardashian is back to black! Did you hear?

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