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Why Is White Supremacy Leading The Race to The White House?

The epic presidential race to claim The White House is tighter than my first and only weave installation, and that’s saying a whole lot when you consider how it took weeks for me to recover, but it was the late nineties, and things have since improved in the hair styling department.

But how do we make sense of the fierce competition between a former Vice President, Joe Biden, who stoically served two terms as the compliment to the first-ever Black president, Barack Obama, and a racist, egomaniacal, bullish imbecile, who bulldozed his way into the highest office in the land?

Donald Trump was able to defeat a former First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who was poised to become the first woman in history to win the office of the presidency, because of his infectious showmanship, as a reality TV star, and a celebrated real estate tycoon, dominating a society, that elaborately hosted his greed and entitlement.

Let’s not forget that Trump had plenty of friends in high places, including superstars in every genre of entertainment like Oprah Winfrey, who infamously tweeted that her buddy’s shocking victory, might not be as ill-fated as we all predicted, and political royalty, Bill and Hillary Clinton, who both actually did attend their now foe’s splashy 2005 wedding to Melania.

There are rumors that Trump and his equally vile older offspring, the scummy trio of Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric, were formerly Democrats before the evil duo and future felons, longtime conservative strategist Roger Store and the ghoulish Steve Bannon got their hooks into a beast, who was easily programmable, based on his instinctual lack of humanness.

Whatever the case, Trump was the much-needed breath of fresh air for a stifled white America that barely survived the fiesta of the Obama years, and the nagging evidence of the increase in value of Black power, which has suffered unforgivable massacre from the ire of white power.

Hillary Clinton’s sobering defeat was largely due to her campaign’s naivety and false assumptions of how Trump’s grossly unappealing and outright offensive disposition would scare away potential supporters, particularly white women.

But the lethality of white feminism traitorously worked against the hopes and aspirations of a deserving candidate, who miscalculated the epicenter of her base, and wrongly placed bets on the ride or die supporters, that didn’t line up in formation to guarantee her heroic march to The White House.

As it turns out, an alleged rapist, who boasts about grabbing women’s body parts without permission, while spewing out derogatory items against vulnerable groups, like Brown and Black migrants, Mexicans, Muslim-Americans and the LGBTQIA community is exactly what most white men and white women demand in a supreme leader.

Those facts rang true back in 2016, as Trump’s popularity soared to greater heights after each KKK-themed rally, where the mouthy candidate endorsed by seedy white evangelicals and the corrupt GOP, flourished with his hate-filled messaging and the potency of unfiltered disdain for populations who don’t fit the ordained description of #MAGA.

Making America Great Again was and is really about Making America White Again, after eight years of enduring the revised landscape of a transformative nation, that can’t afford to lose the valued currency of white power at the expense of those who are systemically terrorized and murdered with no justice in sight.

Almost four years later, despite the blinding audacity and damning track record of an overgrown toddler, who will surely go down in history as the worst president ever, white America is even more shamelessly loyal than they were the first time around, to preserve the anointing of their supreme leader.

The 2020 election results so far, paint a dramatically dismal picture of how the great divide is not only wider and deeper, but the cracks in the foundation are evidently unrepairable.

White folks are convinced that Donald Trump, the same asshole who mocks the validity of COVID-19 and callously refuses to acknowledge the tragic loss of more than 230,000 Americans, who perished under his watch and criminal negligence, is inexplicably worthy of a second term.

Since Trump took office and proceeded to deface the former illustriousness of his station, the incidences of hate crimes across the country have risen sharply.

And the gut-wrenching footage of George Floyd, succumbing to the deadliness of police brutality on the streets of Minnesota, coupled with the home invasion by plain-clothed police officers that left Breonna Taylor dead — is the glaring proof of why demolishing the institutional structures of systemic oppression has to be the non-negotiable feat.

But unfortunately Donald Trump is no Comforter-in-Chief.

Not only is he incapable of leading the charge when it comes to embracing lifesaving measures during a global pandemic, by encouraging wearing masks and social distancing, the Racist-in-Chief is also adamant about following the playbook of white victimhood, by downplaying the domestic terrorism carried out by police officers against the Black community.

According to Trump’s warped mindset, white people are more in danger of being victims of violence at the hands of cops, compared to their Black counterparts. And even while protests were unfolding in hot spots around the country in retaliation for the injustices against George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the Trump administration settled on demonizing demonstrators for daring to stand up for equality.

The expansive atrocities of Donald Trump’s presidency are incalculable, and it’s best to leave it up to the documented accuracy of historians.

From the bigoted motivations of a rogue administration that cruelly defends the horrors of the migrant crisis with forced separation of mothers and children at the border, to the radicalization of white terrorists on his Twitter page, where he weaponizes his absolute white power to incite harassment and life-threatening actions towards detractors — there are clearly no redeeming qualities to assign.

And yet, Trump’s America wont quit him, and instead are turning out in record numbers to reassert the defiance of white power, even if their supreme leader’s legendary narcissism and childlike reflexes prevent him from reciprocating the love.

The Toddler-in-Chief, who is currently losing what’s left of his sinister mind, as the incoming results of a volatile election push him further away from reelection, has blatantly insulted war vets, who died on the battlefield, while serving their beloved country, by calling them “losers” and “suckers.”

But what’s also disconcerting is how Trump could give less than a damn about the massive casualties stemming from his botched job of attacking the earlier manifestation of an unprecedented health emergency, at the critical time when taking a deadly virus seriously would’ve saved lives!

White supremacy has had quite the season, with centuries of criminality that has historically been veiled under the devilish deceit of bible verses, that are deviously translated to normalize the permanent destabilization and enslavement of Black populations on a global scale.

Black power has always been an affront to white power, hence the urgency of conquering Black nations that were viewed through the lenses of whiteness and exploitatively assessed as brutish civilizations, that weren’t sophisticated or enlightened enough to truly appreciate the bountifulness of invaluable resources.

As a Nigerian-American, who was born in the States and raised in Lagos, it’s the double-whammy of the so-called privilege of dual citizenship that positions you as having access to two cultures, that are rigged against your survival.

White supremacy via the violent invasion that led to British colonialism, and its eventual demise, culminating in Nigeria’s “independence” in 1960, was the crime against humanity with the trusted weaponry of Christianity.

The mutilation of a Black nation to sustain the riches of white industrial superpowers left irrevocable damage in its wake, by establishing lifelong tribal wars and the fractured valves of a dysfunctional government, that systemically devalues the lives of citizens as we’ve seen with the activation of #EndSARS.

White supremacy in America is a deadly disease that could take my life while residing in my own apartment or engaging in the morning commute before being pulled over by a menacing white cop.

So while it’s not entirely surprising that white folks are unbothered by the demonic attributes of a self-professed white nationalist, who is hellbent on exacting more misery for an another four years, it’s still beyond unbearable to swallow the bitter pill of transparency.

No matter who emerges out of this ongoing national nightmare, that has given the world permission to righteously mock the once-revered mantra of the “American Dream” and the renowned democracy that preserves it — we can’t simply glaze over the fact that this race war will definitely escalate in the harrowing months to come.

White supremacy is leading the race to The White House, and that’s due to he Trump administration’s racist immigration initiatives, the rollbacks to Obama era protections for the LGBTQIA community and the promise to empower law enforcement’s continued terrorism against Black and Brown communities.

This is where we are. This is where we’ve always been. This is where we are headed.

We are still waiting — but while we sit and bite our fingers, we should also prepare for the inevitable.

The “United” States of America is about to be fragmented beyond recognition, and that is perhaps the cemented legacy that gives Donald Trump the resounding win he so desperately craves.

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