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Why Is White Supremacy Leading The Race to The White House?

Ezinne Ukoha
7 min readNov 5, 2020


The epic presidential race to claim The White House is tighter than my first and only weave installation, and that’s saying a whole lot when you consider how it took weeks for me to recover, but it was the late nineties, and things have since improved in the hair styling department.

But how do we make sense of the fierce competition between a former Vice President, Joe Biden, who stoically served two terms as the compliment to the first-ever Black president, Barack Obama, and a racist, egomaniacal, bullish imbecile, who bulldozed his way into the highest office in the land?

Donald Trump was able to defeat a former First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who was poised to become the first woman in history to win the office of the presidency, because of his infectious showmanship, as a reality TV star, and a celebrated real estate tycoon, dominating a society, that elaborately hosted his greed and entitlement.

Let’s not forget that Trump had plenty of friends in high places, including superstars in every genre of entertainment like Oprah Winfrey, who infamously tweeted that her buddy’s shocking victory, might not be as ill-fated as we all predicted, and political royalty, Bill and Hillary Clinton, who both actually did attend their now foe’s splashy 2005 wedding to Melania.

There are rumors that Trump and his equally vile older offspring, the scummy trio of Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric, were formerly Democrats before the evil duo and future felons, longtime conservative strategist Roger Store and the ghoulish Steve Bannon got their hooks into a beast, who was easily programmable, based on his instinctual lack of humanness.

Whatever the case, Trump was the much-needed breath of fresh air for a stifled white America that barely survived the fiesta of the Obama years, and the nagging evidence of the increase in value of Black power, which has suffered unforgivable massacre from the ire of white power.

Hillary Clinton’s sobering defeat was largely due to her campaign’s naivety and false assumptions of how Trump’s grossly…