Why Is Tucker Carlson A Hero When He Points Out The Obvious?

Some days ago, Tucker Carlson was trending. Apparently the Fox News henchman was being lauded for stepping out of character in his firm criticism of the Trump regime’s assassination of Iran’s revered military leader, and key figure of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Qasem Soleimani.

The violent drone attack targeted near Baghdad International Airport in Iraq, was deviously orchestrated by Trump and his soldiers of dysfunction.

Including hapless errand boy, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who has failed to provide a convincing argument for why it was necessary to kick off 2020 with the aggressive declaration of war towards a formidable foe.

Soleimani’s death has been cheered by Trump’s most vocal and staunch allies, who are a bunch of usual suspects under the tutelage of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and disgraceful lap dog, Lindsey Graham, who hailed this global emergency as a “defense strike to neutralize future attacks that were planned and executed by Soleimani.”

But so far, there’s no indication that ridding the world of a very bad man who did very bad things has deescalated the threats of a potential war on the horizon.

Trump has turned this newly-minted crisis into the prime opportunity to publicly bask in the self-proclaimed victory and seamlessness of being able to order the theatrical slaying of Iran’s iconic leader from the balmy opulence of his Florida resort, hours before hitting the golf course.

Democrats in Congress are up in arms over the audacity of a rogue president who didn’t even bother to give the heads up about the historical event, that was inappropriately devised in the secret lair of an incompetent oaf, who isn’t mature enough to thoroughly comprehend the magnitude of his actions.

Fox News as always, remains steadfastly faithful to the nefarious pursuits of its supreme leader with the normalized toxicity of a media giant, that only employs overpaid worshippers of white supremacy, who voraciously spread packaged lies to racist viewers.

Star anchor Tucker Carlson is one of the elite staffers, who holds up his end of the bargain by loudly touting the scripts of offensive content, that thrives from the same messaging that elevated the viability of the Trump campaign, back when we believed that such a thing couldn’t enter The White House.

Carlson is infamous for his recklessness as a TV journalist, who proudly defaces that honor. And while he may have the solid reputation of being a well-positioned gangster on the throne of influence, as the president’s preferred viewing, he can always rely on the services of white media to periodically wipe away his accumulated dirt

We saw it recently with the nauseating tribute courtesy of The Atlantic. The “in-depth” writeup expectedly humanized a badly behaved White male, who found fame and fortune by being granted the flexibility to shift from asshole to asshole who can exhibit specks of human decency when it befits him.

This explains why Tucker Carlson received the massive applause from mainstream media outlets and liberal minds, who couldn’t hide their admiration and gratitude, for his brief break from the maddening climate he helps to enable with his nightly ritual of televised venom.

Carlson just basically expressed views that modestly deviated from the scatterbrain antics of a thuggish administration, that has the extension of a criminalized operation that unlawfully harasses the wellbeing of vulnerable communities.

The Trump Party, formerly know as the GOP has converted into a cult of cowardly misfits, who swear allegiance to whiteness and the supremacy of the white male leader, who has to be protected at all costs.

Those of us who reside outside of the chaos of #MAGA don’t have the luxury to switch sides whenever the timing is ideal for the spotlighted frenzy over how Trump’s stationed handyman, can miraculously provide the summation that journalists of color furnish, without pay or the generous employment at prominent newsrooms.

Even CNN couldn’t resist reaching out to touch the untouchable nemesis, who had to be inserted in the trending analysis that proves why Trump can’t count on his dependable crusader to endorse his latest epic disaster.

While Carlson did go out of his way to exclude himself from the blinded praises that his colleagues heaped on their lord and savior, he didn’t exactly give the thumbs down to the over-powered man-baby, who is desperate for the tragedy of becoming a war president.

The adulated monologue was a rant directed at Trump’s helpless helpers, past and present, who have dropped the ball when it comes to dissuading an argumentative toddler, from the fatal plan of guaranteeing a sobering future of aggravated strife in the Middle East.

Carlson is the epitome of white privilege, which is a trait he shares with the same people who couldn’t wait to point out his refreshing take on an active issue that’s quite simple to recognize.

Iran’s ferocious response to America’s fateful strike on the core of functionality has left White people terrified of the dangerousness attached to an administration that places their existence above all else.

And the notion that the vengeful retaliation could be delivered to their doorstep is a brutal reality that’s hard to accommodate for White Americans.

But let’s not forget the national fury of White terrorism that takes various forms with police brutality, gun violence, and the hate crimes that have substantially increased since 2016.

Only Black and Brown populations have the capacity to hold a grudge against Tucker Carlson, who just days after the back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, callously mocked the real life deadliness of white supremacy.

He called the hysteria around white terrorism a myth, and a misleading narrative being used as a political ploy to demonize White nationalism, and its mandate to vilify Brown and Black migrants and citizens, who are polluting the purity of white America to the point of extinction.

Fighting a war in Iran will be a catastrophic addition to the crowded battlefield in the United States, where terrorized populations are dying at a rapid rate, and with the nonchalance and complicity of the U.S. government, that condones these atrocities.

Tucker Carlson is a disgusting human being who can only be palatable to those who share his comfort of never having anything to lose, and everything to gain for glaring inconsistencies that go far enough to be unforgivable.

This is the standard default of White media, and why diversity is still a pending problem that won’t be readily solved anytime soon.

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