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Signing bibles during his tour of a disaster-torn Alabama

Why Is Trump The Only World Leader To Keep Silent About Ethiopian Air Disaster

Sunday morning brought the horrifying news about the Ethiopian Airlines crash, that created a deep crater from the force of impact, when the Boeing 737 Max 8 literally fell from the sky, minutes after takeoff.

There were no survivors, and as the details streamed in, the utter devastation began to take shape, as the flight that left the airport in Addis Ababa, headed for Nairobi, was confirmed to have engulfed the precious lives of 157 souls, including pilots and crew.

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The manifest reads like an international gathering of scholars, world agency workers, humanitarian officers, etc from all corners of the globe, including, the United States, Canada, France, Britain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, India, Israel, and China and Slovakia.

People from all walks of life, were seated and buckled, with the expectation that they would reach their destination in one piece, and unfortunately six minutes after barely entering the skies, the plummeting jet liner couldn’t be saved.

The pilot had registered concern during the frantic need to steady the plane after it failed to reach comfortable altitude, and was eventually granted permission to head back to the airport.

A “Boeing technical team” is headed to the crash site to launch a thorough investigation, that will hopefully answer pending questions about why a brand new aircraft would malfunction in mid-air without the added threats of bad weather or bad visibility.

In the meantime, there’s a hole in the heart of bereaved family members and friends, who have to reconcile with such a massive loss that has touched pretty much the entire universe as we mourn the dearly departed, who shouldn’t have met such a terrifyingly violent end.

As is typical in these moments of duress that are birthed from catastrophic events, uniting countries that have been affected as well as other nations that are prompted to express empathy for those who mourn — world leaders never miss the opportunity to release statements to officially acknowledge the citizens who perished and send condolences to the grief-stricken.

These notable messages from Trudeau, Macron and May, were sent earlier in the day, just as the awful news about the crash was announced and details about the victims filtered in.

This is the latest tweet from the President of the United States on the day of the air disaster involving Ethiopian Airlines with casualties that included American citizens.

Trump has chosen to remain silent, as this country’s former allies publicly pay their respects to to the dead and show solidarity in this time of grief and unbearable loss.

To make matters worse, literally no one from this shithole of an administration, including the shitty VP Mike Pence, has bothered to make up for Trump’s gross negligence by at least posting a blurb of a message, that at the very least registers the United States as a diligent nation, that is grieving the dead Americans who haven’t yet been identified, as well as uttering the usual “thoughts and prayers” that usually serves as the typical sign off.

We already know why Trump is the only world leader to deplorably reject the responsibility of recognizing the immense tragedy that unites us all in mourning, and it has everything to do with the systemic bigotry that has permeated the White House with infectious grit, and with the soberness of how White supremacy translates to mind-blowing evil acts that are beyond unfathomable.

How can it be that the U.S. president is allowed to misrepresent this nation in matters of immediate urgency that is aligned with a national emergency, even if ground zero is thousands of miles away — in a country that is deemed unworthy because of the lack of Whiteness and the pollutant of Blackness?

It’s incredibly tragic to watch the eroding of basic human decency, that has become the normalized form of engagement in a society that is flatlining under the paralyzing items of encouraged hostility, and the blunt callousness that has prepared us for a future that will surely smother any hopes for redemption.

Perhaps, I spent way too much time in the library where my parents housed what would be considered artifacts in the form of newsmagazines, that showcased world leaders in the gloriousness that alighted those difficult decisions, that needed to be made under great duress, and with the efficiency that would guarantee an outcome that prevented the worst case scenario from transpiring.

We are enduring a leaderless climate.

Nobody is in charge. Nobody wants to be in charge. Nobody gives a damn about whether we live or die, or whether the dead both at home or abroad, will be feted with the respect of patriotism that befits their station as Americans, who deserve to be memorialized regardless of whether they die minutes from the airport in Addis Ababa or in the trenches of a gun battle on the streets of all-White American towns.

We talk about the national anthem, and debate whether or not Colin Kaepernick killed the vibe with his adherence to upholding his end of the bargain as a beloved American, who loves his country enough to demand what should be expected for “all Americans.”

President Trump is adamant that those who kneel should be shamed for their disgraceful acts of defiance, and plenty of you agree with his assessment.

There are labels assigned to Kaepernick and those of us who passionately submit to his brand of activism.

But how do you adequately define a celebrated White nationalist, who bullied his way into the presidency in order to secure the supremacy of White America, and who obstinately devalues the worth of Black and Brown lives even at the expense of innocent Americans, who perish in territories that are banned from visibility by a notoriously vile regime?

Simply put, it’s criminal.

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