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Why Is Trump So Damn Entertaining?

Is Donald Trump entertaining or does he have eager-minded enablers and proud “Trumpsters” who willingly conspire to torture us with specific avenues that basically lead to the exact same destination.

Fox News won’t relent in the packaged garbage that rarely strays from the mandate of tooting Trump’s oversized horn.

When coronavirus was even more of a mystery than it is now, Fox News anchors mocked the liberal media for being dramatic about its deadliness. Viewers who are glued to the shit fest from Sean Hannity & Co., were misguidedly instructed about the “hoax” that was being orchestrated to divert attention from the major wins of a toxic administration.

The wins being the booming economy that has now tanked, thanks to the word of the mouth of those who dared to call out an incompetent, bullish oaf for time wasted, downplaying a global pandemic that killed way more Americans than would’ve been possible if only Donald Trump cared about anyone but himself.

CNN and all the other outlets that are classified as “enemy of the people” also haven’t wavered in their obsession of Donald Trump, which began moments after he announced his presidential run.

Trump TV is all encompassing with outlandish skits on the resurrected Saturday Night Live and the 24/7 communications center that goes from praise worship sessions on conservative channels to episodes of nonstop shaming and fiery condemnation on the left side.

Trump was never entertaining.

Not when he stopped by The Tonight Show for the pleasure of having Jimmy Fallon’s finger’s running through his yellow mop. Not when he offensively calls a respected Black woman journalist a racist to deflect from his own bigotry. Not when he is able to weaponize Twitter in ways that persistently put our national security at high risk.

And not when he childishly acts out in his defense and ignores his job requirements in favor of continuously wearing out a wearied nation that is in desperate need of empathy and leadership.

All we hear about is Trump’s antics, and all he does is give much more from where that comes from because he knows his supporters rely on his bullshit for nourishment.

The truth is that everything that can be said about Donald Trump’s problematic tendencies and erratic temperament has already been furnished.

The nation has never be more divided, and the fractures are only getting more pronounced.

We can’t depend on Joe Biden’s victory and Trump’s triumphant defeat because his energetic cult members comprehend what’s at stake. They love his performance and enjoy watching detractors squirm.

They say the aftershocks of COVID-19 will forever changed the way the world works.

We won’t relate to each other in the same way. The pollution that has been suffocating the earth seems to be giving way to clear skies and visible rainbows, thanks to shuttered homebodies.

Most things are being revised except the method of coverage when it comes to Trump and his soldiers of destruction who are amped for the opportunities that heighten their hostile messaging.

There’s nothing entertaining about closing the night and greeting the morning with wakeup calls that dictate the terror of being managed by a white supremacist, who is hell bent on getting us all killed. And that includes the idiotic #MAGA disciples who were advised to gulp any disinfectant within reach.

Enough with the hourly clever analysis of yet another engrossing episode of Trump TV. We can’t afford repeating the horror show of 2016 because look where that got us.

The media evidently wants Donald Trump to win another term.

Every major news outlet is united on that front based on the level of mania that he galvanizes, through his Twitter feed and nonsensical daily briefings that amaze and frighten.

The war for survival is getting more precarious by the minute because the infection stemming from The White House has no cure.

But at least we can laugh at those bloody skits!

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