Maxine Waters

Why Is The President of The United States of America Allowed To Threaten Maxine Waters On Twitter?

President Trump won the election because he’s the prime representation of what happens when the religion of White privilege overtakes the landscape of reason — to breed the virus that’s attacking anyone who doesn’t resemble the template of Norwegians.

Who could forget that time when the president was caught dissing Black and Brown nations as shitholes — while remarking on his fondness for anyone who hails from Scandinavia.

He wants this:

Not this:

Trump’s disdain for Black and Brown people was apparent even before he was sworn in as president. Remember this:

For whatever reason those sickening remarks weren’t potent enough to prepare majority of you for this current climate.

How could you imagine that a man who planned on adding Commander-in-Chief on his resume — and publicly insulted the integrity of another nation — would somehow become a decent human once he invades The White House?

Trump has always been consistent with the winning rhetoric about how non-Whites are natural criminals with a tendency to be lazy and worthless, which explains why they can easily be dismantled by a Hurricane — that sets them back even further.

When Puerto Rico got screwed over by Hurricane Maria — Trump dragged the first lady along for a victory tour. He was celebrating the weakness of an island that he shamed for their massive debt — while also chiding the rattled islanders for making things appear much worse than what he witnessed.

The president also made time for a heated exchange on Twitter with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz — who has been tirelessly fighting to keep the spirit of Puerto Rico alive through her detailed updates — that contain the truth about a ruthless administration, that has callously turned its back on a national emergency.

After President Trump whined on Twitter about the resources of FEMA being wasted on a wasteland of an island — that in his opinion — should be allowed to sink without taking the precious souls of rescuers who are paid to save human beings in dire circumstances — Yulin Cruz perfectly encapsulated what will undoubtedly be the brown blemish on Trump’s already unsightly legacy.

The immigration crisis is now at an all-time high, and the tension stems from the migrant children being ripped away from their parents. The images, the audio, the weeping anchors; the drama of it all is carrying over to the streets as protests call for justice.

Trump is keeping his promises of making non-White people suffer in order to assuage the fears of White America. He can’t back down now. He can’t backtrack in his mission to demonize the population that pose a threat of extinction.

He is now poised to be the president who presided over an aggressively dying nation that could’ve been saved, but had to perish under the duress of irresponsibility and willful negligence brought on by those who refused to challenge the monster in their midst.

And when a formidable challenger does appear — with the fierceness and cold-hard truth as her weapon — her own allies turn their backs and forsake her. They reduce her well-intentions to the ranting of an old, angry Black woman, who needs to shut the eff up.

But — California’s superstar Congresswoman — Maxine Waters refuses to be silenced. She’s been around — and she’s knows what the devil looks like — and just like the warriors in the same bible that conservatives use as backup for their evil deeds — Waters is determined to defeat the destructiveness of a White man who is using his Whiteness to literally kill people.

Right after Waters delivered that rousing speech — President Trump took to twitter like he always does when his child-like reflexes light up — and instead of continuing to run this country to the ground — he multitasks by making sure he blasts whoever needs blasting:

That was a threat.

“Be careful what you wish for Max!” is essentially threatening Maxine Waters with the warning that if she keeps up the good fight — there will be hell to pay. And if Trump had done this to a White woman with the same credentials as Waters — there would be a public outcry demanding an apology on behalf of a well-loved politician who is being needlessly harassed.

But — instead Waters was betrayed by those who profess to be disgusted by Trump’s antics and yet are too cowardly to vigorously condemn the man they helped to create with their harmful timidity.

How are the comments from Maxine Waters considered “unacceptable” when this country is being held hostage by an administration that endorses the actions of White supremacists, backs the political pursuits of alleged child molesters and sexual predators, denies aid to fallen citizens that are trapped in darkness and debris, supports the mental and physical abuse of migrants at our borders, and enforces the brutalization of the media and people of color.

Our unbeatable and flawless heroine of the moment outlined more offenses during a committee hearing:

Why is it hard to lend support to a woman who is dropping gems and selflessly expending her energy for the betterment of a nation that is still systemized to guarantee the legal extinction of her own people?

Why is the president of The United States of America allowed to threaten a politician on a social media platform and still have the right to an active account?

Why is Sarah Sanders costing tax payers more money with extra security detail just because she was politely refused service at an eatery — even when it’s clear that no laws were broken, and no threats were made during that very civil exchange?

Where is the security for the Black woman who played the part that Black women historically play without any applause or public recognition for the sacrifice — because it’s assumed that we enjoy eating the shit that comes with our generous nature?

It’s jarring to witness how the filthy nature of politics can permeate in the most unexpectedly vile places — or maybe it’s not such a surprise.

Trump’s presidency is the most destructive thing to befall us, and as he recklessly manages what used to be a globally esteemed office — there’s an ugly odor that’s sifting through the corridors of justice — as injustice is now the verse of reason.

For Black America, this is just an extension of our ongoing nightmare — as we fight to stay alive — despite the uniformed assassins we have to dodge at every turn. Black mothers are burying their young on a weekly basis, and yet the White protesters screaming about migrant children (as they should) have zero empathy for those mothers or their babies.

The mere fact that Sarah Sanders and her family are being shielded from harm’s way because she’s a willing participant in the virus of Trump’s America is breathtakingly appalling.

How is President Trump’s habitual aggression towards Maxine Waters — and his latest message, posted for the world to see, an acceptable form of communication?

Donald J. Trump was a White man with bigoted views before he became president — and he’s aligned with movements that have waited long enough to have a mascot — who will do what is necessary to protect their interests — at all costs.

In this raging war — there are no winners — and if a Black woman even dares to hit the dragon where it hurts — her dagger is the one that her allies ceremoniously deem as poisonous. They disgracefully cower away from the glaring threats from the president — and prefer to throw Maxine Waters under the bus.

And when it comes down to it — there’s no major difference between White America and Trump’s America.

The features all look the same — including the allegiance to Whiteness and the privilege of being able to delegate the field work to Black women — who do all the work and never get the glory for their passionate labor.

And now Waters is getting death threats, and being forced to cancel future engagements. Who is looking out for her? Nobody. And unlike Sarah Sanders who was coddled and rescued by White feminists from the so-called “firing squad” — Maxine Waters is being tossed out to the wolves and forced to defend herself from a shithole president with a venomous tongue.

Shame on the liberals who aren’t very liberal in their support and endorsement.

I’ll eat my words when the woman who was threatened by the president on twitter — gets compensated accordingly.

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