Why Is The Police Officer Who Killed Tamir Rice Still On The Force?

I never got over the killing of the twelve-year-old boy, who was innocently playing at a neighborhood park, on a winter day in 2014, when he was gunned down by a Cleveland police officer without warning.

Tamir’s killer, Officer Loehmann, and partner-in-crime, Officer Garmback, physically assaulted the young girl, who was visibly distraught, by tackling her to the ground and forcing her into handcuffs before dragging her away from her brother who was bleeding out with no help in sight.

Both of these White men relied on their privilege as their compass, as they spent time strategizing how they were going to avoid paying the consequences — that arise when you fatally shoot a young boy for reasons that don’t match that level of violence.

Why is the police officer who exhibited gross negligence when he killed Tamir Rice, still on the force?

It was just confirmed that Officer Timothy Loehmann has been hired by Bellaire police Chief Richard Flanagan, who is standing by his decision to trust the streets of America with the deadly instincts of a White cop who will most likely kill another Black boy playing in a park without flinching.

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