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Why Is The Media Still Coddling Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is an exiting president, who will be remembered by historians as the worst to ever do it — now and forever. His Twitter feed is still a major source of fascination for the media and citizens alike, who seem to be in competition for who can readily dissect the meaning behind the never-ending madness.

Almost two weeks have passed since the most prolific and heated election season of our lifetime took centerstage. And some days later, the national projection favored former Vice President Joe Biden as the winner, based on his proven scores, particularly in battleground states like Georgia, Michigan, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

But the results also revealed the enormous support for a white supremacist, who bulldozed his way into the highest office in the land, and began his rogue presidency with a salute to the domestic terrorists that set Charlottesville on fire in recognition of restored white power in The White House.

“There are very fine people on both sides.”

That will surely be the epitaph on the headstone of a Terrorizer-in-Chief, who pursued his political ambitions to serve his egomaniacal tendencies, and not because he cares so deeply about the country that he has run into the ground.

Trump has abandoned the job duties he rarely performed for weekend golf sessions at his sprawling properties and 24/7 tantrums on Twitter, where he bitches about everything, except the dire forecast for the coming winter months, due to the scorn of COVID-19.

It’s interesting how news organizations across the board and social media platforms have taken to coddling a mastermind manipulator, whose only method of ejaculation is to willfully hijack the narrative of this country by weaponizing his absolute power like the bargaining chip it was never meant to be.

Trump will never concede this election or dutifully instruct his administration to work with the incoming Biden/Harris team to ensure a smooth and peaceful transfer of power for the betterment of a wearied nation in the eyes of the world.

The four years of foulness and crimes against humanity on every level imaginable, definitely prepared us for the likelihood that the Liar-in-Chief would shamelessly reject the election results. We knew he would capitalize on the loyalty of his idiotic base of worshippers to lead the charge of inflating conspiracy theories, and taking to the streets during a global pandemic to rally around their supreme leader.

Donald Trump has been able to maximize his white male privilege and white America’s adherence to white evangelism to seamlessly avoid repercussions to his episodes of national and global disruptions; that include pledging allegiance to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and the unlawful phone call with Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenski that led to his impeachment by the House of Representatives.

The Racist-in-Chief’s notorious presidency has led to a steady rise in hate crimes and gun violence, that coincidentally began in 2016, around the time he was holding KKK-themed rallies all over the country where he cursed out Mexicans, Muslims, Brown and Black migrants, and communities that can’t be registered under #MAGA.

To say that Donald J. Trump is a a horrible human being would be an understatement and somewhat modest, due to his uncanny inhumanness and unhealthy addiction to debilitating narcissism, that makes it impossible for him to consider the welfare of others, when it means setting himself aside.

The real estate mogul and former reality TV star, who has been banished from his own hometown of New York, may have the dishonor of being denied another four years to further damage our consciousness, and cement the permanent erosion of our fragile democracy, but his blighted legacy will heavily credit his defeated administration with securing America’s unfixable divide.

Esteemed poet, writer and activist Nikki Giovanni, who has been at the forefront of the mission demonstrating why Black Lives should always Matter in a society that’s rigged to denounce those truths, recently paid a visit to cultural hub The Breakfast Club, to comment on the unfolding national hysteria, stemming from the terror of an enabled, out-of-control white male.

Giovanni expectedly had a lot of enlightening things to share, but she got full attention when she mentioned Trump’s brief battle with COVID-19, and expressed her disappointment that the deadly virus didn’t take him out, because of how his very presence continues to be detrimental to the functionality of our government, and survivability of communities he targets.

Personally, I don’t see the point of wishing death on Donald Trump or anyone else for that matter. Reality dictates that earthly departures are simply a fact of life that will affect every single one of us, regardless of race or creed.

However, I won’t pretend that extreme exhaustion and longstanding resentment against a a hateful, bullish oaf, who just days ago, gave an approving salute to his “Stop The Steal” minions crowding the streets of DC, from his bullet-proof vehicle, hasn’t broken me down to daydreaming of his triumphant departure in a Batman Returns, “Penguin” kind of way.

Donald Trump is way more trouble than he’s worth, and the fact that he’s unwaveringly committed to celebrated nefariousness, during a time when this sinking ship can’t afford increased national emergencies, as new cases of COVID and staggering death count skyrocket, is proof of why all communications need to cease.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey comprehends why legions of users can’t step away from the immediate gratification of a problematic app, that continues to empower a delirious man-baby, whose account should be shut down, since it breaks the rules and policies to the point of threatening the lives of tax-paying, law-abiding Black, Brown and Muslim citizens.

What’s the reasoning behind coddling a disgracefully sore loser, who knows that his only recourse is to criminally distort the national narrative, in the hopes that the resulting chaos and mayhem will penetrate the functionality of government, by hindering the objectives of an incoming administration, and tragically weaken the durability of a flexed out system.

Prominent news organizations are still fixated on Trump, while also admitting that providing that much attention to a raging bulldog with cowardly barks isn’t recommendable. Yes, the Thug-in-Chief is still a legal resident of the House of Horrors until noon on January, 20, 2021, but it’s clear that the harrowing days ahead will be even more unbearable if the future felon has unrestricted access to the tools and viral status that give him the upper hand.

It’s time to stop excessively analyzing and decoding the rantings of an incoherent, racist pig, who revels in his authority and utilizes those privileges on a daily basis to showcase why his voice is relevant enough to exact nationalized trauma without issue.

I have personally blocked Trump’s account as well as his soldiers of death, like Kayleigh McEnany the so-called press secretary, who has repeatedly violated the Hatch Act, as she juggles responsibilities as her supreme leader’s most visible defender on Twitter, Fox News and anywhere else that endorses fake news and misinformation.

Since the victorious anointing of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris by faithful and patriotic voters, featuring mostly Black women as is always the case when our democracy is at stake, Twitter has been hosting the bitter loser’s deranged assessments, and media outlets are obsessed with speculating on Trump’s money-making moves — post-presidency.

Who the fuck cares about Donald Trump’s grand return to his gangster lifestyle after he’s tossed out on the South Lawn?

And why does the media and bored users of social media insist on taking the time to translate meaningless tweets that may or may not be the long-awaited admission of his election defeat, and possibly an inch or two towards a delayed concession speech?

Political pundits and media personalities both at TV roundtables and through lengthy Twitter threads are determined to stroke the ego of a deplorable white male, by humoring his destructive characteristics with pointless debates, centering on the falsehood that he ever came remotely close to conceding.

Of course nothing escapes Donald Trump because he literally does nothing outside of his recreational schedule of watching a rotation of cable news networks that inspire his poisonous tweets. So, in true fashion, and as a way to blast the hypotheticals surrounding his refusal to graciously accept his loss, Trump recently tweeted out his obvious stance:

“I concede nothing!”


It’s time to stop coddling a real-life monster with fangs that won’t stop until our constitution is shredded beyond repair. The exiting Gangster-in-Chief needs to be de-powered effective immediately. Having his Twitter account removed will do wonders to humble and tame those beastly qualities.

And maybe that will encourage the media to follow suit by cutting the cord, and drastically minimizing the appeal of the Toddler-in-Chief, who shouldn't be allowed to hold this country hostage for longer than necessary.

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, who barely lasted a week behind the infamously dysfunctional podium has managed to shockingly emerge as the voice of reason, when it comes to the corrosive dependency on Trump’s mode of self-expression.

Again, Trump will never concede, therefore he needs to be treated with the disrespect and dismissiveness that he has more than earned, and then some. Stop giving him the spotlight that he pathetically craves, by enabling his ongoing quest to pollute a withering industry that has lost its grip on truth-telling.

It’s time to stop normalizing the shit that’s far from normal.

The over-powered accelerator of the other virus without a cure will stealthily slither away to his Palm Beach fortress before his move date, and settle into the turbulence of his twilight years — haunted and and filled with the same fantasies he shares as facts.

Donald Trump deserves no more coddling.

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