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Why Is The Media Still Coddling Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is an exiting president, who will be remembered by historians as the worst to ever do it — now and forever. His Twitter feed is still a major source of fascination for the media and citizens alike, who seem to be in competition for who can readily dissect the meaning behind the never-ending madness.

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“There are very fine people on both sides.”

That will surely be the epitaph on the headstone of a Terrorizer-in-Chief, who pursued his political ambitions to serve his egomaniacal tendencies, and not because he cares so deeply about the country that he has run into the ground.

Who the fuck cares about Donald Trump’s grand return to his gangster lifestyle after he’s tossed out on the South Lawn?

And why does the media and bored users of social media insist on taking the time to translate meaningless tweets that may or may not be the long-awaited admission of his election defeat, and possibly an inch or two towards a delayed concession speech?

“I concede nothing!”


It’s time to stop coddling a real-life monster with fangs that won’t stop until our constitution is shredded beyond repair. The exiting Gangster-in-Chief needs to be de-powered effective immediately. Having his Twitter account removed will do wonders to humble and tame those beastly qualities.

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It’s time to stop normalizing the shit that’s far from normal.

The over-powered accelerator of the other virus without a cure will stealthily slither away to his Palm Beach fortress before his move date, and settle into the turbulence of his twilight years — haunted and and filled with the same fantasies he shares as facts.

Donald Trump deserves no more coddling.

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