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Why Is Stephanie Grisham Getting Paid To Not Be The Press Secretary?

It’s been over 300 days since the last White House press briefing, and since then a ton of shit has gone down without the vital updates from a White House that has dangerously gone rogue.

Sarah Sanders was notably absent from the podium in the weeks leading up to her departure last summer. It’s hard to figure out if it’s better to weather the hostile temperature of combativeness and willful dishonesty from one of Trump’s loyal soldiers, or tolerate the volatile audacity of a Twitter troll who avoids her job duties.

Stephanie Grisham hasn’t held a single press briefing since she was awarded the once-illustrious position that she collects a paycheck for, despite her lack of qualifications and outright refusal to compensate for her shortcomings.

She has opted to settle into the role of echoing the garbage that comes out of the mouth of her notorious boss, while also releasing false statements that she devises on her own.

Remember the fuckery from a couple of months ago, when she had the nerve to concoct lies about how the exiting staff from the Obama administration left mean notes to the incoming White House residents?

Grisham’s blatant untruths encouraged some of the wrongly accused to post the exact notes they wrote, showcasing the generous and thoughtful sentiments that reflected the stoic professionalism of a past era.

The only venue that benefits from seamless access to the so-called press secretary is Fox News.

Grisham frequents the bright-lit studios to continue the nefarious task of blindly praising her supreme leader. She does it by cursing out Democrats and mainstream media, for their daring habit of holding Donald Trump and his henchmen accountable for their actions.

Grisham has escaped unrelenting harsh criticism from the White House Press Corps, and this has permitted the pervasiveness of normalized mayhem and chaos that presently rules White House communications.

Imagine that the president and his senior adviser, Jared Kushner were able to hold a formal meeting with Saudi Arabia’s defense security in the Oval Office, without a complimentary heads up to the White House reporters who typically cover these events.

The fact that Kushner and his father-in-law are besties with the Saudi government and royal family in ways that are very personal and profitable, is the reality that is being protected at the expense of the “American people” who should be duly informed via coverage by the Press Corps.

But unfortunately tax-paying citizens are being shut out of the national conversation, due to Trump’s successful hijacking of the narrative that was heightened by the abrupt end of press briefings, and how the Press Corps barely challenges this hostile takeover.

Stephanie Grisham is being paid to troll the president’s enemies on Twitter, and advance the false messaging beyond the ill-fated platform, with the assistance of another criminalized establishment, that also employs devious characters who are committed to the religion of white supremacy.

We have begun 2020 with the themes of absolute terror that champion the likelihood of violent retaliation from Iran after the assassination of Qasem Soleimani.

The undercover scheme was orchestrated without the briefing of Democrats in Congress, and with no evidence to back up the high risk.

In the hours after the unexpected crisis was activated there was no official White House briefing to assuage the reasonable fears and confusion of the American people.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper managed to host a recent Q&A where he tried and failed to convince us that WWIII is within reach.

And to make matters worse Iran has begun the counter attack that prompted Trump’s hurried and incoherent morning address to the nation, that only added more unanswered questions to a growing pile of concerns

A day before, during an impromptu session while meeting with the Prime Minister of Greece, Trump gracelessly summarized the troubled state of our union, and it was a series of empty sentences that included the favorite mention of the word “tremendous.”

“We saved a lot of lives by terminating his life. We had tremendous information that we’ve been following for a long time. He was a monster. He’s no longer a monster. He’s dead! Only politicians who are trying to win the presidency are complaining.”

Hours after the plotted demise of Soleimani was carried out, Trump’s messenger of dysfunction smugly made a visit to her preferred hub of activity, as opposed to the location where she’s supposed to be fielding queries from the reporters who validate her glorified job title.

As usual, Grisham got it all wrong in her quest to legitimize the bloody mess of this toxic administration, and the seasoned gangster who infamously denounced the findings of his own intelligence community in Helsinki, when he gave the world an unfiltered view of his sworn allegiance to Vladimir Putin.

Trump is known for publicly condemning the reputation of the FBI and CIA, but of course he switches his stance when he needs their support for the decisions that make him look like a fearless Commander-in-Chief.

While on Fox, Grisham insisted that:

“The president doesn’t seek an escalation or war. The decision was based on intel and saved American lives. A lot of people are questioning the intel and that’s unfortunate. The intel can’t be made public for the safety of our national security.”

But why on earth would we respectfully believe or accommodate anything coming out of this woman’s mouth?

She has consistently abandoned her station for the comfort of being monetarily compensated for selling baseless lies.

Her only accomplishment is the success of spreading laughable soundbites about how Trump is the “most transparent president in history.”

And slamming “advocacy journalism,” which is ironic when you consider where she’s located when those words are uttered.

She has cited familial issues as the main obstacle that affects her job schedule with a hectic travel itinerary. And while we wish her nothing but the best outcome in the midst of a trying period, we also can’t help but wonder why she’s hasn’t been replaced by a worthier candidate?

What exactly prevents Grisham from graciously stepping down in recognition of her inefficiencies?

Especially since she’s woefully incapable of living up to the most basic expectations, which explain her shameless laziness during this season of national turmoil, courtesy of the convenient retweets from Trump’s scandalous account.

It’s ludicrous and unlawful for Stephanie Grisham to have the luxury of a paycheck for services not rendered. Not too long ago, the worst press secretary in the history of this country’s prized tradition, appeared on Fox News, and supported Trump’s “human scum” label for “Never Trumpers” who are vocally against him.

She has also vigorously defended the president’s demonizing of media outlets that refuse to follow the traitorous rulebook of Fox News and far-right conservative outfits, that are hell bent on deceiving the American people for the triumph of preserving the purity of white America.

Most Americans don’t even know what she looks like or what she does, and that’s a testament to this administration’s steadfast determination to maintain the power structure of lawless operations by destabilizing communications.

So the question is why are we paying for that shit?


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