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Why Is Russell Crowe Playing Roger Ailes When He Physically Assaulted a Black Woman?

#MeToo and Time’s Up have some explaining to do…

So, let’s take it back to April 2018, when a young Black woman named Chikesia Clemons, who was twenty-five at the time of her brutal assault at the hands of rogue White cops at the Waffle House in Saraland AL, was forced to bear the burden of her Black womanhood being shredded away by the claws of badged attackers.

The video that expectedly went viral, is frightfully haunting, as gawkers get a full view of Chikesia battling for survival in the makeshift gauntlet, dodging the blows being levied against her by a gang of thugs, who are violently trying to get her to comply, while she desperately attempts to keep her summer dress from being ripped from her bruised body.

After almost tearing her apart for the sin of exchanging unpleasantries with an employee over eating utensils, the bastards in uniform arrested Chikesia Clemons and charged her with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Imagine the horror of being savagely manhandled by brutish White males, who are not only thrashing you about like a ragged doll, but are also spewing out threats like:

“I’ll break your arm; that’s what I’m about to do!”

All this over the payment for utensils, and the Black woman rightfully asking questions that were received as insults, as witnesses at the establishment claimed that Chikesia shouted expletives at the managers, as they called the cops with complete understanding of what would transpire once they arrived to cart away the “angry Black woman,” who apparently posed a threat that warranted a SWAT team.

Chikesia was eventually convicted for a crime she didn’t commit, and despite her case receiving national attention, none of the well known women movements, notably, #MeToo and Time’s Up, that were ceremoniously launched merely months before the young Black woman’s violent ordeal, offered to lend a helping hand by publicly condemning what can only be categorized as a vicious hate crime, that violated the womanhood of a vulnerable Black woman.

There also hasn’t been extension of solidarity or compassion for Harlem-bred Azealia Banks, the often embattled and uber-talented rapper, actress and songwriter, who has weathered her fair share of scandalous shit that exposes the fragility of the human condition when your back is constantly against the wall without chances to come up for air.

Yes, Azealia Banks’ reputation as a foul-mouthed firestarter without necessary filters especially when provoking the ire of seemingly innocent targets, has made it easy to disregard the validity of her victimhood in an industry that would rather celebrate talentless White women like Iggy Azalea, who surgically bedazzle their templates with features that salivate the nerve centers of idiotic Black music producers, who regard “regular” Black women like Azealia as irrelevant distractions.

It’s blasphemously criminal to observe the way Black women are poorly treated by the men that were born to honor them.

Azealia Banks is one of those tortured souls who uses her pained status as the weaponry that helps to prevent the deep cuts from penetrating beyond survivability. That doesn’t excuse her sometimes appalling behavior in retaliation for the avalanche of hate perpetually thrown her way.

But as a “regular” Black woman on the sidelines, I get it.

The “angry Black woman” is just another blatant excuse to rely on the trusted narrative that endorses systemic abuse that’s allowed to vilify our station while White counterparts guiltlessly survey the damage and swipe away.

This explains why back in 2016, when Azealia Banks was physically assaulted by actor Russell Crowe at a party he was hosting at a hotel suite, her traumatic experience that played out in full view of revelers, including Wu-Tang Clan founding member RZA, remained a blimp on the radar, as the Page Six sensation barely elicited any response outside of online haters, who rejoiced at the notion of a bullish White movie star spitting in the face of the Black woman who obviously asked for it.

Azealia paid a visit to the Breakfast Club some months after her assault and talked about the aftermath and the toll it took on her soul.

Check out Azealia’s version of events at 37.44. You can also catch her summation of Cardi B at 22.16

It all began when RZA decided to be the heroic Black man who takes a discarded young Black artist under his wing by opening doors that had been shut in her face. They even did a movie together, Love Beats Rhymes, and Azealia’s impressive acting chops forced RZA to declare her a “natural talent.” And because of the bonding session that evolved on and off set, there was the need to officially identify her as his mentee which explains why the Azealia accompanied her mentor to the ill-fated event hosted by Russell Crowe,

Crowe and RZA worked together in The Man with the Iron Fists, the 2012 martial arts film that RZA wrote and produced, so that verifies the connection between the two men.

RZA was hoping to show off his latest protégée, who was on the brink of movie stardom, and it all sounds like the perfect plan until shit hits the fan, and all the White people end up pointing the finger at the “angry Black woman” who lived up the preconceived notions that were hurled at her the moment she made her risky entrance.

Once Azealia escaped the scene of her surprise attack she shared what happed on social media, and in true fashion, she didn’t hold back:

“To recap my night, I went to a part [sic] at Russell crowes suite, at which he called me a n****r, choked me, threw me out and spat at me. Last night was one of the hardest nights of sleep I’ve had in a long time. The men in the room allowed it to happen.”

RZA was included in the “men in the room [who] allowed it to happen,” and the iconic artist’s outright betrayal was confirmed by the awful statement that he released that vehemently denied Azealia’s summation of what happened to her.

The wordy document attempted to further demean a her status by collaborating the White man’s testimony of how the “angry Black woman” threatened to break her glass and stab his guests in the throat, after loudly mocking Crowe’s music selection and referring to him and his guests as “boring White men.”

And interestingly enough, Crowe managed to remain cool, calm and collected while the “out-of-control” Black woman was berating him and partygoers. It wasn’t until she announced her deadly intentions that he proceeded to exact bodily harm on the rabid animal.

Here’s an excerpt from the drafted statement by overpaid attorneys, that proves RZA’s disgraceful copout as the Black man who cowered in the corner like a slimy alley cat when he was tasked with defending the honor of Black womanhood:

“He felt she did an amazing job and his support didn’t stop there; he felt her voice needed to be heard and started negotiating a deal for her to release new music while simultaneously introducing her to his friends and colleagues. He introduced her to key people in the entertainment industry to help her broaden her reach. Her introduction to Russell Crowe at his private party resulted in Banks going on a salacious mission to disparage him and RZA. Playing the race card and anything else she could.”

RZA’a damaging response about what went down was the jagged knife that dug deeper into the freshly wounded Black woman, who was being verbally assaulted by venomous online trolls.

Azealia immediately posted how she felt about the person that she showed up for when he needed a leading lady to elevate his project, who was willingly feeding her to ravenous wolves, like he did when she was being manhandled and spat on by a White male, without any interference by the adults in the room:

“Nobody understands how badly I wanted to die the moment rza LIED and told the world I deserved to be spat [at],” she wrote in one post. “People laughed at me and said I lied.” Her posts conclude with “@RZA I HOPE YOU DROP DEAD.”

It took at least a year after the incident, when RZA began his press tour for upcoming projects that included the film he directed with Azealia, for the truth to finally come out.

Before then, Azealia had filed a police report against Crowe, weeks after the fiery episode, but those charges were dropped in December 2016, thanks to the party guests who supported the White male movie star, including RZA, who published a post on Facebook, that defamed the real victim as the instigator with serious mental issues

But during his visit to the Breakfast Club in late 2017, when he was asked about what went down at the infamous gathering of the White elite, RZA proceeded to praise Azealia’s professionalism on the set of their movie by reiterating how she blew him away with her talent and work ethic.

He also confirmed that his plus one was indeed spat on by their graceless and raunchy host. However, he never presented an admissible explanation for why he was unable to do anything about it or most importantly, why he chose to publicly side with the White man’s version of events over the young Black victim.

Was he too embarrassed to intervene or just straight up lazy?

That will always remain a mystery.

But according to his recollection:

That “night was crazy and super, super awkward,” especially when you have alcohol and any other substance” floating around. “Something is going to crack off, one way or another, that’s life.”

So that was RZA’s reasoning behind not defending Azealia Banks when she was being attacked by Russell Crowe, a White B-list actor, who has been known to lose his shit at inopportune times, but somehow manages to retain the respect and loyalty of a community that enables deplorable behavior from those who are White enough to afford the non-consequences.

Fast forward to 28.45 and listen to RZA’s whack ass confession

Now that you know the backstory, we can begin to tackle the activated issue of how #MeToo and Time’s Up have still refused to offer any assistance to Azealia Banks, particularly now, when she needs it the most.

It seems that White feminism has succeeded in hijacking the narrative of life-saving mechanisms that were instituted for the betterment of victims of sexual harassment and sexual abuse, who require mandated intervention from well-positioned activists, who are propelled by the duty of their mission statements.

It appears that White A-list actresses are mostly interested in advancing their own agendas with very little interest in being attentive about matters pertaining to women of color, even within their own industry.

British actress and Westworld cast member, Thandie Newton expressed her hurt and frustration when the founders of Time’s Up failed to reach out and extend the invitation to help create an organization that she earned the right to manifest, based on how she bravely shared her history with sexual misconduct at the hands of the much older Australian director John Duigan, who directed her in 1992’s — Flirting.

Newton boldly spoke out at a time when it was unacceptable to expose that side of the business to the outsiders. But the Black woman’s harrowing tale of woe can’t ever compete with the pain and suffering of White women, especially when the setting happens to be the venue of high stakes, where careers are made and swiftly demolished.

A setting that resembles the corridors of Fox News, and the Roger Ailes debacle that has now been converted into a mini-series for Showtime — The Loudest Voice — starring A-listers like Naomi Watts and Sienna Miller with Russell Crowe fittingly outfitted as the burly scoundrel with a penchant for reducing the attractive White women he employed to sexual fantasies that he acted out without consent.

The reviews for the overall production are lackluster at best, but most White male critics have nothing but praise for Crowe’s tour-de-force performance, which isn’t surprising when you consider that he’s portraying a role that’s quite similar to his own persona. And of course we all know how voters can’t resist the incredible skill it takes to eat shit and gain weight, on command.

As he enjoys the rave reviews and accolades, it’s hard not to be bitter about the imminent comeback of an actor who has been able to inappropriately exert his bad temper without compromising his access to career rejuvenation.

Russell Crowe physically assaulted a Black woman not too long ago, and yet that scandal paved the way for his current role that will most likely place him on the red carpet with the designer-clad White women claiming to be supporters of the movements that mainly recognizes their pain and suffering for breaking news on CNN; while neglecting the testimonies of Black women like Chikesia Clemons and Azealia Banks.

Black women continue to be fucked over by the men who were born to honor them, the White men who continue to dishonor them without punishment, and the White women who just don’t give a fuck.

At the end of the day, while The Loudest Voice continues its loud run on Showtime, both #MeToo and Time’s Up have some serious explaining to do.

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