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Why Is President Trump Allowed To Minimize The National Tragedy That Is Hurricane Maria?

Where are the critics of Congresswoman Omar?

It’s been almost two years since the mammoth storm that was Hurricane Maria made landfall, and basically destabilized the island of Puerto Rico. The catastrophic event was a major setback for a territory that wasn’t prepared for the estimated $91.61 billion in damages.

Almost immediately after Puerto Rico was ravaged by the ire of Mother Nature, there was a growing tension between Puerto Rico and the toxic administration under the tutelage of a shameless bigot, who demonstrated his staunch allegiance to White supremacy with his disastrous visit to Ground Zero, where his bored wife and supposed first lady, watched him toss paper towels to a crowd of Brown bodies.

The months after Hurricane Maria was a harrowing period of unruliness that was exacerbated by blunt attacks that Trump levied on PR Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who was forced to engage in Twitter wars with the Commander-in-Chief, while she desperately begged for financial assistance for a crippled island that couldn’t to keep the lights on.

While the media was showcasing award-winning coverage for the globally viable migrant crisis that officially added the United States to the list of countries guilty of crimes against humanity, a U.S. territory that should’ve been the top priority of national humanitarian and government agencies, was callously shoved aside and systemically neglected.

The lack of assistance ended up being the deadliest decision by the Trump administration, when you consider that the extensive damage from the storm caused health facilities to stall and that resulted in additional casualties, particularly the elderly and the sick, who depended on breathing machines to stay alive.

The death count was initially reported as 64; a number that Trump publicly and inexplicably touted as a victory, based on comparisons to notable storms like Hurricane Katrina, which he wrongly estimated as far more severe.

It has been confirmed that the loss of life is much higher than previously recorded after an independent study published the finalized figures in late 2018.

About 2,982 islanders perished from Hurricane Maria, and most of those deaths were totally unavoidable.

This is a fact that evidently grates on Trump’s nerves, and is responsible for his graphically appalling response when the data was released for the world to see. In true “Trumpian style” he immediately refuted the damning information with a bitter tweet that was aimed at praising the work that he didn’t do, and providing a dishonest summary of what his criminal cabinet of co-conspirators failed to deliver.

It was beyond nauseating to watch a sitting American president freely and deplorably abuse Mayor Yulin Cruz by diminishing her station as a high-ranking official, who was in the thick of ruins, witnessing the horrific plight of survivors that the media refused to spotlight, while trying to heal an unsalvageable island, that was being punished for its outstanding debt to White America.

Images depicted the sunken silhouettes of displaced women and children, who were barely hanging on, as helpless locals tried in vain to figure out durable options for their families in the midst of a woefully fractured infrastructure.

The fundamental component in the pain and suffering of Puerto Ricans after enduring what has since been categorized as the 3rd deadliest storm in U.S. history, even surpassing Hurricane Katrina, has to be the remarkable feat of Trump’s endorsed nonchalance, coupled with his privileged penchant for maximizing other people’s misfortunes as the primer for announcing his White victimhood.

Perhaps the main reason why this president is able to boast about his ability to get away with murder, is attributed to the truthfulness of that bold declaration.

He has never hidden his prejudice, and in fact openly embraced his adherence to White nationalism during the 2018 mid-term elections, a striking move that garnered very little controversy, as Republicans promptly dismissed the gravity of his actions while Democrats weakly released acknowledgments.

Trump won the presidency because of his soiled bravado, and how he flawlessly sold the attractiveness of being a celebrated asshole, who spews out hate-filled rhetoric with the sassiness of a loud-mouthed bitch, who enjoys creating chaos and mayhem, mainly because of how he emerges unscathed from the gunk he rapidly deposits.

The only query in this tumultous equation concerns the current disposition of another woman of color, who has been weathering the foul-tongue of a president, who with the blessing of Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, is permitted to terrorize her, utilizing his signature move of converting the horrors of 9/11 as the weapon of choice for demonizing a Muslim-American Black woman.

Not too long ago, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was pummeled with back-to-back episodes of a nationalized hate-fest that was orchestrated by the very racist and xenophobic GOP, with a little help from cowardly House Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi.

Apparently, a White supremacist president can express his utter disdain for Mexicans, Muslims, and Black and Brown folks from “shithole” countries, without restraint, and with the full backing of his diseased party, but when a Muslim-American Black woman wants to exercise her right to speak on issues that are close to her heart, she not only has to be censored — but the wrath of Islamophobia is legally unleashed.

Why is Trump allowed to minimize the national tragedy that is Hurricane Maria by tweeting outlandish claims of how the still ailing island of Puerto Rico was given $91 billion for its troubles when in fact that is the estimated total of damages from the storm?

Why is Trump allowed to blatantly distort the truth about a natural disaster that took the lives of islanders, who died from the unforgivable act of violence at the hands of a treacherous administration, that followed the instructions of a rabid violator with too much power, who wickedly ordered FEMA to only release $11.2 billion from the $41 billion that was allocated for relief efforts?

Why aren’t the media, Democrats and humane members of Congress and the Senate, holding President Trump accountable for his gross misrepresentation of the facts as it pertains to a national crisis that’s still very much active, and like the terrorist attacks of 9/11, ended with the deaths of an unfathomable number of Americans?

Presidential hopefuls are also silent about Trump’s recent ploy to downplay the precariousness of Puerto Rico’s consequential status after being benched and forgotten for almost 2 years, without the mandated outcry from well-positioned lawmakers, who are complicit in this crime against a Brown population, that’s evidently not “American” enough for the dignified reaction to its calamity.

Somehow it was easier to join the festivities when it came to rallying against Ilhan Omar, whose comments about “some people doing something,” while discussing the ramifications of 9/11 that swiftly made Muslim-Americans acceptable victims of hate crimes in the country that blames them for that day of infamy — were righteously manipulated to encourage that exact narrative.

Trump is glaringly illustrating what he and a shit load of politicians and media types wrongfully accused Omar of doing, except the Congresswoman absolutely didn’t make a mockery of 9/11.

She was and continues to be unfairly scrutinized because of her background as a Somali refugee, who found refuge in a country that likes to pretend that it embraces “all Americans” when in actuality #MAGA really applies to White Americans of Anglo-Saxon heritage.

And so Trump once again escapes critique from the left and right, as he rides the wave of popularity that stems from his super powers of Whiteness, that never has to be apologetic about a damn thing.

Not even the minor error of lying about government assistance that was barely given to an island that has been sinking in the mudslide of gross negligence for 2 years.

We can also conclude that Trump is being handed a pass for his detrimental remarks about a highly-sensitive situation that destroyed the lives of an oppressed population, because of the normalization of White supremacy, thanks to strategically-placed enablers and the climate that plays host to unsightly shenanigans on a daily basis.

When White people wonder about the legitimacy of White privilege, I always wonder — WHY?

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